Just a random idea I had.

My name is Ruby Kaitlin West. I'm 14 years old, and I'm a freshman at Hollywood Arts High School. Here's some things you should know about me:

Yes, Jade West is my sister.

We're nothing alike, but we're best friends.

OKay, so maybe we're somewhat alike.

I like to sing, dance, and act, just like her.

My parents got a divorce when I was 5.

My mom married my step-dad, John, when I was 8.

They had Jade and my half-brother Caleb when I was 10.

When I was 12 mom, John, and Caleb were killed in a car accident while my sister and I were at school.

John was more of a father to us then our real dad would ever be.

I hate my dad.

He hits me.

Sometimes he hits Jade too.

He's drunk a lot.

One day, Jade had had enough; she got us out of there.

This is that story.

So idk if the updates will be regualr on this story, but i think you guys will enjoy it!