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"Okay this has to stop!" Aikawa yelled, storming into the room Nowaki and Akihiko shared. Since the two of them had arrived at the same time they got to room together.

"Neither of you have actually come out of this room unless we had dragged you out and you don't eat unless you are reminded!"

They stared emotionlessly at her and then went back to what they were doing. Akihiko continued to scribble stuff onto a sheet of paper then crumble it up and throw it away. There was a steadily growing mountain behind him.

Nowaki was laying on his bed, staring at the picture of Hiroki. The editor became even more upset and forcibly dragged them out of the room.

"Has she always been this strong?" Nowaki asked glancing over towards the author.

"Yes. How else would she be able to kick my door down and drag me off to work."

The giant let out a short laugh and was then silent. Aikawa dragged the two men to the cafeteria and sat them down. Miyagi put a plate of food in front of each of them and sat down with Shinobu. This had been the routine for the last seven days.

Go in, drag the two of them out, make them eat, leave them alone, repeat the next day. They, thank goodness, got in and out of the showers themselves.


Akihiko turned to see Misaki's sempai running up to him.

"I'm glad to see you," he said.

The writer stared at him for a second before turning away.

"Akihiko-san," Nowaki whispered, "Isn't it rude for you to ignore him like that?"

"Why would it?" he replied.

"I wouldn't try to dissuade him," Aikawa said, "once he decides he doesn't like someone, all he does is glare at them."

"Well he should have no reason not to like me," Sumi said leaning down and wrapping an arm around his shoulders, "After all I'm so much better than that weakling he had for a past lover."

Akihiko stiffened.

"I could have said anything to him and he would have believed me," Sumi bragged, a sly grin plastered on his face, "That helped greatly for my needs. You were just using him too, weren't you? Don't worry, you don't have to use him for your sexual desires anymore. I'm here and I am quite willing to be yours."

The man was visibly shaking in rage, his hand was clenched around his fork.

"Sumi-san I suggest you leave," Miyagi stepped in.

He didn't want Akihiko to explode because of this guy. It wasn't worth the trouble that he would get into.

"Or what?" Sumi glanced up at him, "You and shorty over there are going to stop me? Kamijou the Devil isn't here any more. To be frank, I'm glad he's gone. He was annoying and possibly the worst teacher I have ever had. He was useless and didn't treat us nicely. I thank the stars that he is gone."

Miyagi glanced over at Hiroki's lover. The kid was staring down at the ground, trying to stay calm.

"I really think that it is time for you to leave," Shinobu stood up, "If you continue to talk badly like this there is no telling what they may do."

"Listen up brat! I can say what I want without a high school toddler like you telling me what to do."

"Excuse me?" Shinobu cried indignantly, " High school toddler?! I'll have you know that I am no longer in high school!"

"Shinobu calm down," Miyagi said laying a hand on the boy's shoulder.

"Yeah little boy, you should listen to your pedophilic baby sitter. I bet that if you're a good little boy you'll get a big reward," Sumi sneered.

Shinobu was burning mad. How dare that man mock his relationship with Miyagi? Just because he didn't have someone he was destined to be with was no reason for that man to criticize him!

"Listen here you stupid son of a-!" Shinobu had started to walk towards him but Miyagi had grabbed his arm and started to drag him away.

Aikawa looked on with a sigh. She knew that if she didn't get the other two out of there that they would end up doing something regretful. The editor stood up to do just that when there was a shout.


Akihiko looked up with hopeful eyes only to have disappointment come crashing down on him. Takahiro was running up to him with worried eyes. He dragged Manami behind him.

"Usagi-san!" he finally made it over, "Have you seen Misaki?"

Akihiko stared at him for a moment before shaking his head. The man obviously hadn't seen the wall.

"Who's this?" Sumi asked wrapping the author's arm in a hug.

"This," Akihiko said yanking his arm out of Sumi's hold, "is Takahashi Takahiro. Misaki's brother."

"Doesn't look a thing like him," Sumi snorted, "The brat lived with this guy all his life? No wonder he's so weak."

That did it, Usami Akihiko finally snapped. Aikawa grabbed onto the silver haired man's wrist, trying to get him to release his hold on Sumi whose feet were a good bit off the ground.

"Usagi-san!" Takahiro grabbed the other arm which was prepared to hit him, "You need to calm down!"

"Hey!" armed guards rushed around them, "What's going on here?!"

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