Three months. It's been exactly three months since Randy and Kelly started dating. Three months of making out, three months of constant love making, three months of fights, and three months of every feeling the couple felt and shared. He admitted to her that he loved her, but everyday he was more afraid than ever. Having to protect the girl he loved, not letting one guy even touch her, and letting her express and pour out all her emotions to him. It was all new to Randy. He's never felt so wanted. He stopped with the girls once he met Kelly, and occasionally gets into fights. But Kelly understood he was working on his anger issues. He never imagined being with Kelly. Not once. Here she was cuddled beside him, sound asleep. The most beautiful girl, and no matter how many times he fucked up she was patient with him. That's how he knew how much she wanted him, just as much as he did. They shared hotel rooms, but that was it. He hasn't asked her to move in with him just yet. It takes more to that.

Kelly cuddled closer to Randy, and after several minutes she slowly opened her eyes and looked at him, "Why aren't you sleeping?" she asked in a raspy voice.

He stayed silent for a few seconds just staring at her. This girl was beautiful. He never got tired of her, no matter what. "I was thinking about a round two," he said sending her a wink. She gasped then shook her head as all her blood rushed to her face. It was incredible how he could still make her blush after several months of hearing the same thing.

"Is someone horny?" she asked playfully, tracing his abs.

He nodded, "Baby… you have that effect on me" he said wrapping his arm around her exposed waist. She giggled before she moved in more closer to him taking in the warmth of his body. They laid like that for several minutes, both awake, both having things on their mind, until a loud knock on the door made them jerk up. Randy sighed and laid back, and Kelly walked towards the door tying her hair up. It was like this all the time. Kelly's friends would enter in at the wrong time, and Randy's friends would enter in at anytime.

Kelly opened the door and smiled, "Ted…" she trailed off looking at him.

"Rise and shine! It's time to kick butt!" he yelled in her face making her wince. "Oh and um…" he cleared his throat and looked down at his feet.

"What is it Ted?" she asked curiously.

"You guys should know, Zack and I are next to you…" he trailed off again. She kept staring at him clueless as to what he was saying. He met her eyes and understood she had no idea what he was hinting. "Well-"

"He wants us to stop having loud sex," Randy said, as he stepped behind Kelly wrapping his arms around her.

Her mouth dropped and her face turned bright red as she looked away. "I'm so sorry" she said softly. Randy smiled widely at her innocence. She was cute when she was embarrassed.

Ted stood by the doorway awkwardly. "Um okay, I guess I should leave now, huh?" he asked. Randy nodded his head and shut the door in Ted's face before turning Kelly around in his arms. She looked down, not wanting to meet his eyes. He chuckled a bit before kissing the top of her head.

"That was so embarrassing" she shrieked. She loosened in the grip of his arms and grabbed her towel and toothbrush before heading to the washroom. Randy smiled and walked back to the bed. He sat on the edge of it playing with the ring on his thumb. He had lots on his mind. Should he ask Kelly to move in with him? It was a big jump, and he wasn't quite ready for it. She'd be surprised if she knew he does fights in a basement in his hometown for money. Not like he needed the money. He had more money than anyone. He did it because he liked too. Somehow fighting people made him ease up, and of course Kelly did too. The only girl who could calm him. If Kelly found out, he didn't know what could happen between them. He sighed and laid back on the bed.

"Then I was like 'Dude don't be a dickhead' and he punched me! He fucking punched me!" Zack yelled. Eve paid little attention to him. Zack talks a lot of bullshit, he probably deserved it anyways. She looked around trying to spot the one particular person she wanted to see since her return from her break. "Well anyways, I'm glad you're back Eve. A month without you sucked, especially for Kel. She made me go to the mall with her when her boyfriend refused to. Does she think I'm gay or something?" Zack frowned. She smiled at him before her eyes started wandering off again. "What are you looking for!" he yelled.

Eve sighed. "I'm sorry Zack, but have you see John by any chance?" she asked.

"You know you could've just asked me that earlier instead of having me ramble" he said before pointing in the direction John was. Eve patted him and walked away. It's been a little over three months since they broke up and she wanted closure between them. Everything she felt for him was real but the fact she kept thinking about him bugged her.

"Well it's interesting how Kelly and you are still together" John said throwing on his t-shirt. Randy stopped what he was doing and glared at him. Immediately John put his hands up in defense. "Don't take it personally man, but you know this is impressive" he said again.

"Cena, you're quite annoying. Did you know that?" Randy asked.

John laughed and went to open the locker room door. Once he did he spotted Eve making her way there.

"What is it that you wanted to talk about?" John asked.

"I know we're completely done and over, I just wanted to see if we were on the same page" Eve said softly. John thought for a moment and narrowed his eyes at her.

"And what page would that be?" he asked.

"That we remain as friends and have no awkwardness between us," she said without meeting his eyes.

John nodded his head. "I'm cool with that," he said. "I'm seeing someone at the moment anyways" he shrugged.

Eve shot her head up and raised her eyebrows. She didn't know John would move on so fast, "What?" she asked.

He shrugged again, "I'm seeing someone" he said.

She shook her head, "Forget it, forget whatever I asked you," she said before turning on her heels. She could hear John calling after her but she made her way down the back of the arena to the parking space. He didn't bother to chase after her because he truly got over her. He doesn't love her anymore. He doesn't feel guilty. He feels nothing. She walked and bumped herself into someone causing the person to fall back and yelp.

"What the hell Eve! Watch where you're going" Layla yelled. Kelly laughed and helped Layla up before she brought her attention back to Eve who looked furious.

"First day back and you look mad, what's up Hun?" Kelly asked.

"Tell you later" Eve mumbled before she pushed past them. Layla shrugged her shoulders at Kelly and walked in front of her with her trailing behind.

I'm so excited! I promise, you guys will love this. I thought this through! Okay, first off, I'm trying to get John out of this story asap, because, well because he's clearly not going to be in the regular 'cast' & was replaced by Alex. So hence why Eve is trying to have closure with John. Hopefully we won't see him around. We got first glimpse of everyone except Cody & Alex, but they'll come around :) SO, tell me who your fav character is? what you'd like to see in the future. How cute Relly is. How HOT its going to get soon. And tmrw, more Randy and Kelly action... IF YOU GUYS REVIEW!