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There's blood everywhere… There are dead people everywhere… I'm running somewhere, but where?… I come into a room… I see a man with golden-blond hair, facing another man with black hair… There is a small boy with raven-black hair…he's on the ground…bleeding…the blond man has a sword with…blood?…

That is all I remember before my memory all went black.

My name is Yuutsu Omoide and I am an illegal contractor. My chain is the Big Bad Wolf. He found when that horrible thing was my only memory. I knew nothing about chains but he convinced me to become his contractor by telling me that he could make my only memory stop haunting me, and change the past and save them all. I instantly said yes. He looked at my with sorrow that I haven't seen since then. After I became his contractor, he could change into a human form.

We became very good friends and we would do anything to help each other out. We trained a lot to be able to protect each other. We went everywhere together. He hasn't told me how to change what happened, but I guess that's okay, now that we have each other and that made the nightmares stop. I still have them every once in a while but it's okay because he comforts me in any way he can.

As we usually do, wolf and I were training to become better fighters. "Too slow," he said as he ran away from me. I tried catching up, careful not to hit any trees. I sighed frustrated since I couldn't catch up to him. I started running as fast as I could, turning at last-minute if I was about to hit trees. I could finally see him ahead of me. I ran faster than ever and caught up to him. "Got you," I said. I got a little ahead of him and tackled him. We kept rolling until we stopped. We laid down on the grass staring at the sky, until Wolf sensed something.

"Let me use my powers," He told me. I nodded and allowed his powers to come out of my body. "Get up and run when I tell you to," he said in a whisper as he got up in front of me. I was really confused until I saw a black rabbit. Wolf changed into his Big Bad Wolf form. "Go," he told me. I wasn't going to leave him there! Who was going to protect him!

"Alice!" said a voice. I was even more confused than before. I saw a blond boy with green eyes. He looked like…Him.


Standing there was a man with golden blond hair…he had a sword…with blood…

~~Flashback over~~

When I came to my senses the rabbit wasn't there anymore, but there stood a girl, about 13 years old. I released Wolf's power a bit to long and I felt a pain surge through me. The seal. It hurt so much. Wolf looked at me. My legs felt very weak. Wolf turned back to his human form and came running to me. "Yuutsu!" he said as he caught me. The pain started going away. "Are you okay?" asked the blond boy. I got the energy to sit up and Wolf looked relieved. He stood up from his kneeling position and faced the boy and the girl.

"What are you here for?" he asked. "You're a chain right?" asked the girl. "Yes ,I am, now answer my question." he sounded different, like if these people would hurt me. "We were hunting chains of course!" said the girl. I was now lost completely. Why would any chain need to hunted? Wolf hasn't done anything bad. "Does your chain kill people?" asked the boy in a serious voice. "No. He would never do anything like that." I answered. The girl and the boy looked really surprised. "Are you sure?" asked the girl. I nodded. "That's great! I wouldn't like to hurt such a cute girl." he said. I felt a light blush on my face, he was like four years younger than me and was flirting with me! Wolf then yelled at the boy "Were you going to try to hurt Ecila?!" Ecila? Where did that come from? "We aren't anymore so please don't get mad." said the boy panicking. "Wolf. It's okay. I'm fine and that's all that matters." I said getting up and walking up next to him. Wolf started, "But Yuutsu-" "I'm fine okay." I cut him off looking at him in the eyes.

"How did you turn into a human form?" asked the girl. "The same way you did." answered Wolf. "Good enough for me," said the girl. "I'm Alice" said the girl who now I knew was named Alice. "And this is Oz, my manservant," said Alice. "I am Yuutsu and this is Wolf," I said in the most polite way possible. Wolf just glared at me for giving these people who we just met some of our information. "I hope we can become friends!" said Oz. "As if," said Wolf. I quickly glared at him. "What? you really trust people who were going to hurt you?" he asked. "Well they didn't hurt me now did they?" I asked facing Wolf. I walked to Oz and said, "I hope we can become friends also. And please don't mind wolf, He's just being a little overprotective." I could feel wolf glaring at my back.

"I want to introduce you to someone, if I may," said Oz. "Okay," I answered. "Alice! Let's take them to Gil!" he called to Alice. "Let's go to seaweed head then! Follow me!" said Alice.

Wolf and I walked behind Alice and Oz. Wolf looked really worried. "Are you okay?" I asked in a whisper. "I'm fine but I just don't trust them." I then remembered about when he called me Ecila. So I asked, "Hey, earlier when you called me Ecila, what did you mean by that?" He stared at me for a while, as if he was thinking what to say, before he finally started. "You used t-" "Gil!" said Oz cutting off Wolf. In front of us stood a carriage with a man with raven black hair and golden eyes standing in front of it. My head started hurting so I clutched it, hoping it would go away. Then I saw another memory. This time it was a new one.


The boy on the ground... he said something… it was almost inaudible… "Mas…ter"…

~~flashback over~~

My eyes widened after I saw this. Could he be the boy?…

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