Summary: What was Indiana Jones like when he was young?

There it was! The crystal skull of Tawanaky! Just sitting on the altar, ready to be plucked.

I carefully entered the room of a distant past for I didn't want to trigger any traps. It wouldn't be a good thing to come this far to just perish to a trap.

I looked around at the various treasures around the room. The spear of Ashir, how I longed to feel the raw power of a hundred men; the ritual knife of Priest Kabasha, I shuddered to think of how many men lost their lives in sacrifice; and the long sword of the barbarian Browbeat were all here. But if I even tried to grasp them and bring them with me the goddess and the god would be warned and I would be banished to "The Room" where untold horrors await.

No, if I was careful, the only thing missing would be the skull and hopefully they wouldn't miss that. It was always best to keep the goddess and the god happy when able to.

I crept quietly towards the altar, careful not to make any unnecessary noise.

When I reached the altar, I looked around trying to see if there were any traps around the skull. I didn't see any but that didn't mean that there weren't any. If I did this fast then everything would be fine.

I took out a rock from my pouch that looked to be around the same size as the skull.

Now for the hard part. I had to be careful, quiet and quick if I wanted to succeed in making the switch.

As I made the switch, I felt as if someone was looking at me but this was such a delicate procedure that I had to ignore the feeling. Then… I had the skull! But I was still in danger, the celebration would have to wait.

I turned to leave the room and… almost dropped the skull in surprise and fear.

"Son. What are you doing with my paper weight?"

The god had awoken from his slumber.