Daily Lives and Residents: Part 2

They just looked at their plates. They didn't talk to each other. They didn't talk to anyone. Helga couldn't take it anymore.

"Dad, how's the cell phone business going?" Helga asked.

"Oh, um, fine." Bob stated. He then looked back down at his plate, finding his cut ham very interesting.

"Okay, um, Arnold." Helga addressed her husband.

"Yeah?" Arnold stated.

"How was school today?" Helga asked.

"Oh, um, fine." Arnold looked back down at his plate, finding his green beans very intriguing.

"What's going on?" Brigetta whispered to her brother.

"Dad doesn't like Grandpa because didn't get along with him when he was a kid, and Grandpa doesn't like Dad, because he married Mom." Sylvester explained.

"OH! Huh? All that stuff happened like three hundred years ago, can't they just put it behind them?" She asked.

"I guess not." Sylvester stated.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because they're adults." Sylvester plainly explained.

Arnold heard their little conversation, and decided that he could put it behind him. Well, some of it. Arnold was Helga's boyfriend since the sixth grade, and been a good friend way before that. He knew the kind of damage Big Bob left on Helga, and he just couldn't forgive him for that.

Big Bob on the other hand also heard Sylvester and Brigetta's conversation. He could forgive Arnold for the stuff he did when he was a kid, but could not forgive him for what he did to Helga. Big Bob caught them in a, well, less than great position, and blamed Arnold, but he did respect Arnold for taking the blame for it, and trying to protect Helga. He just couldn't get over it though. He saw his little baby with him, and he couldn't let that go. Miriam tried to remind him of the time they were caught, but Bob would always tell her that they were adults, and already committed to each other. Arnold and Helga weren't.

Arnold couldn't stand the silence anymore, and started conversation with everyone else at the table. Big Bob didn't. He just sat there in silence. Suddenly Brigetta broke him from his isolation.

"Grandpa?" She asked him.

"Yeah, what?" Big Bob asked.

"Are you alright?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine why?" He asked.

"You're just very quiet. I just wanted to make sure you were alright." Brigetta told him.

"Yeah, I'm fine. I just, don't have much to say." Big Bob stated.

"Well, whenever you came over before, you'd always tell me a story. Why don't you tell me one?" Brigetta smiled at him.

Bob looked down at her. He saw a lot of Arnold in her, and he loved her very much.

"Alright, come here." He put her on his lap. "Oh, you've gotten so big. Much bigger than when I first saw you. I was in the hospital the night you were born. Oh, you should've seen your father, so nervous. I was to, to be honest. Even though your brother was born before you, we all felt just as nervous as we did then. When the nurse came in, and told us you were a healthy little girl, we were so happy. We went in, and your mom was holding you, and your Dad was lying in the bed with your mom looking at you. It was a sweet moment. A very sweet moment."

Brigetta smiled, "Thanks Grandpa."

Bob smiled back, "Thank you."

He put her down, and she sat back down with her brother.

Bob looked at Arnold, and Arnold looked at Bob. Bob raised a glass to him and smiled. Arnold looked at him for a second, then raised his glass and smiled at him.

'It was a long time ago.' They both thought.

Sorry this took so long, but I've been very busy! I hoped you enjoyed it!

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