To Quill a Song

A Quill Fanfiction

By: StoryLover1995

Summary: The marquee makes a friend, a new Patient and her name is Sophie. Takes place after the theater is shut down.

Outside at the gate of Chargrin Sanitariums.

As The carriage pulled to a stop inside the Chargrin home for the insane I could only think of how terrible I would live, but it could not have been any worse than with Monsieur Vanstatten. Maybe I was insane after all I could not even satisfy my own father isn't that what a daughter is supposed to do? My mother disappeared when I was nine years of age. After that I became silent. I never spoke to my father though he knew I could very well speak afterall All I did when he took me at night was cry out to my mother hoping that somehow she would find me and it would be over. As Monsieur Vanstatten or Father got out of the carriage and held out his hand to me I did not take it but I knew that if did not take his hand I would be severely punished, so I took it with a solemn look of despair and sorrow. He did not let go of my arm, even as the abbe came and welcomed me.

"Welcome to Chargrin, mademoiselle"

I only nodded.

"She does not speak on her own free will, nor does she eat" my so called father had said.

"well monsieur, we can take very good care of her here."

"What is your name mademoiselle?"

"Sophia Rennette Vanstatten"

"Very well I will show you to your room."

My father did not even say goodbye nor did he even go to my room with me. I was alone when all I needed was a friend, but alas this place is not a place of friends it is a place of sadness and depression where all rights are taken. I was so busy with my thoughts before I realized that we had arrived the door was open and we had entered. It was not as bad as I had thought It was larger than my own room at my estate, or my fathers estate, I had a proper bed and desk, with could it be paints! And a Piano! And a Harp. A rocking chair sat in the corner.

"is this my room? I asked the abbe.

"yes, but I must tell you if you break any rules I will have to take them away, do you understand?"

"yes. Abbe?"


Is there a chapel that I can attend?

Of course there is it is always open but you need to askme before you go. Another thing before I leave, Your father told me you like to paint?"

Yes, abbe.

You may paint the roomj any way you wish it.

"Oh thank-you abbe!"

Your quite welcome, I must take my leave but do as you wish with the paints I will try to give some canvases by the end of the week.

With that the abbe left and I was alone. But I was happier than Ive ever been. As I proceeded to the paints I decided to paint the whole room as if I wer in a lush meadow with flowers and trers and it were night time. As soon as I started to paint I heard someone. I turned toward the voice and there in the wall was a whole big enough for one to see and speak through As I walked closer I saw a man as I watched he looked at me and bowed.

"Welcome to our humble Mad house Mademoiselle"