Benji was laughing his head off.

"Ethan," he asked between gasps, "Do you see this?"

"Mhm," muttered Ethan Hunt, completely oblivious to his surroundings. "Sounds like fun." William Brandt just rolled his eyes.

"Only you would laugh at that, Benji," he said. Benji and Brandt were sitting in armchairs, watching the Avengers on their TV while Ethan and Jane were trying to figure something out for their latest mission.

"What? The Hulk just completely smashed Loki! Now, what is not funny about that?" Brandt had no response. Benji sighed as the screen cut to another scene.

"You know what," he said thoughtfully, "that Hawkeye sort of looks like you."

"Yea right."

"No, seriously!"

"That's it!" All three team members jumped as Ethan yelled his words of exclamation. "I know what Mr. W meant when he said in his message!" Brandt immediately jumped up and ran over to the table where Ethan had spread out what seemed like millions of articles, followed by Benji.

A few days ago, the team had gotten a mysterious phone call from a man who called himself "Mr. W". Mr. W. had given them the message, which he classified as important, that said, "When you leave Island Street, stop at the end of the rainbow. There, you will find the documents." They needed those documents before Burnhart found them. Burnhart was also after the documents. If he received them, he would have access to photos of every agent of the face of the earth, and their personal information including their family.

"So, what is it?" Jane asked stiffly.

"If you reverse Island Street, what do you get?" he asked.

"Street Island." Street Island. That name sounded so familiar, it just sounded like one piece of the puzzle was missing.

"Rhode Island," Benji said realization in his eyes. Of course! Another name for street was road!

"So," asked Brandt, "we need to leave Rhode Island?"

"I've been looking that up, too," murmured Ethan, half to himself. "I found that there's a street called Exit Street in Southwest Rhode Island. At least that's a start."

"Which passports are we going to use this time?" asked Jane with a grin.

Next think he knew, Brandt was on a plane to Rhode Island, sitting next to Benji.

"What do you think the end of the rainbow means?" asked Brandt, trying to form a conversation. He had been on this plane for two and a half hours now and he was bored out of his mind.

"I dunno, maybe we'll see a rainbow," muttered Benji, staring off into the clouds outside the window. Brandt went back to wishing the flight was over.

"What in the world is that?" asked Benji, startling Brandt from his thoughts. When Brandt looked out the window, he saw a dark shape whirling toward the plane. Before he even had time to process what he was seeing, everything disappeared into a flash of red. Brandt could hear people screaming when he regained vision. He realized he had hit his head on the seat in front of him. It was only a matter of seconds before the plane started plummeting downward.

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