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"Bat Country"

"We may get some solutions but most just pass us by,

Don't want your absolution cause I can't make it right.

I'll make a beast out of myself, gets rid of all the pain of being a man."

Epilogue—"No Church in the Wild"

"I live by you, desire

I stand by you; walk through the fire

Your love is my scripture

Let me into your encryption…"

The day ends quicker than Maka anticipates, and nothing makes her happier. She rushes out of class as swiftly as she can, not caring if Soul and her other friends aren't keeping up with her.

She can't bear to have Stein ask her to stay behind. She can't bear to even look at him, as much as she makes herself do so to keep up the illusion that there is nothing wrong with their relationship as strictly teacher and student.

"Maka? Maka!" That's Soul calling out to her. Maka just looks down and gets out of school as fast as she can.

It's been a few weeks since the incident at Stein's. He has obviously seen better days, but she notes, by looking into his soul when her mind wanders, that he is doing much better.

She still refuses to see him again at his house. It's poison. And she needs to drain herself of desire through withdrawal. It's the only way.

It's harder than she thinks.

Everything in Maka's body tells her to go back, but she needs to know better than that. She can't have something so dangerous and destructive in her life anymore. Not when she really knows the risks.

She sits at the top of the stairs, looking out at the city. Her fists clench in her lap, and her brows furrow in thought.

She tries not to think about Stein.

He is all she can think about.

Damn it.

She sighs, feeling defeated again.

Soul and her friends approach her a few minutes later.

"Hey," he says, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "Let's get your mind off this."

He hasn't asked what has happened since the incident. He doesn't know anything about her affair with Stein. Maka is grateful for this.

Soul just knows when something is wrong with her, and no matter what it is, he'll make sure she gets better.

Slowly she looks up at everyone and gives them a weak smile. "That sounds nice," she replies.

Soul lends her his hand and she takes it.

She's never been more grateful for him and all her other friends.

Stein doesn't stay too late in his office. For the most part, he is trying to get his mind off of what he has done to Maka. He can't begin to explain how horrid he feels for making her fear him.

For making her hate him.

For making her stay away.

Even still, he misses her spirit and brilliance, and how she has made him feel controlled.

She doesn't want to see him anymore, he knows.

He reads her soul, though, when she is not aware, during class when she is focused on another task.

Stein can tell that Maka still has the same conflicted feelings as he does. She wants to stay away, but she does not realize how hard that is.

Neither does he.

It's been so difficult, keeping away from her. He wants to grovel and apologize, wants to kiss her feet and tell her just how sorry he is for ever causing her harm.

In that way, perhaps, he does love her.

But then again, he can't and doesn't.

Stein sighs and rubs his temples a moment. He twists the knob in his head a few times. He smokes a cigarette indoors though he knows he shouldn't.

He doesn't know what he can do to fix this.

He can't talk to anyone about it except Maka. Anyone else and he's fired, rejected and shunned, or faced with a father's wrath.

But she doesn't want to talk to him, he knows.

He's on his own here.

There are so many ways to apologize, to say that he made a mistake and he will never repeat it.

But to prevent it from happening again?

Not possible.

The dissecting dreams are getting worse, and much more vivid. At this point he's afraid he'll kidnap her just to see her again and actually get the job done.

At this point, neither of them can win. He can't stay away from her.

And with his luck, neither can she.

This is the first time in a long time that Maka has felt truly happy. Anything with her friends makes her feel better.

Dinner and karaoke have worked to make her forget about her problems. At least, just for a moment. Even still, anyone who can make Maka ignore all the troubles in her life is definitely a good person. She really couldn't ask for better people in her life.

She smiles over at Soul from her place on the couch, feeling more relaxed than she has in a long time.

It's getting a bit hot in here. She needs some fresh air.

At least, that's what her brain says.

It also says she'll stay close by.

Her feet tell her something else.

As if she's on autopilot, Maka stands slowly and grabs a jacket. She puts it on with unshaking hands. Her breathing is steady and her mind shuts down any protest.

"Where are you going?" Soul asks. It's the first time he's concerned about where she is going.

"I need some air," she replies immediately, stepping out quickly with a short slam of the door.

Soul isn't going to follow her.

He knows when he needs to back off and give Maka her space.

That, and he's too comfortable and lazy to move.

It's like her feet know where she needs to go.

Not where she wants to go, that's for sure.

She hates how her body is always right; it knows just what to do when she gives it enough space to think for itself.

She can't control it.

She's gone on these walks so many times and she can't help but notice each time she gets closer and closer to Stein's house.

She doesn't want to.

She isn't sure if she needs to, though.

Maka's feet keep moving, one in front of the other, against her own will. She knows where she is going and she can't stop herself.

This time, she's at his door.

Even in the happiest of moments, she needs this chaos.

He watches the smoke swirl above his head. Stein's arm supports his head as he looks up at the smoke to calm himself down.

He feels emptiness within him and even though he can explain the cause of it, he chooses not to accept it.

He doesn't know how long he's laid here after class has ended. He has but one face on his mind, one image of perfection.

Stein wants Maka again. But the last thing she wants is to come crawling back to him, he knows.

He closes his eyes, letting his eyes focus on a body he knows he will never see again.

But he can imagine.

A hand sneaks down his pants, that image burned into his mind. This feels so wrong, even more wrong than what he'd been doing with her before.

Nothing feels right about this.

The doorbell rings.


Stein scrambles to his feet and tucks himself away, then stubs out his cigarette.

It's probably Marie.

He quickly opens the door, wanting to get back to his previous activities. He wants to be alone with his thoughts because that is the closest he will ever get to Maka again.

At least, that's what he thinks before he sees her standing right before him at his doorstep again.

Maka shakes as she pushes the doorbell. She shakes as she waits for any response.

Please be out, please…

But she feels his wavelength and knows it's just wishful thinking.


When he opens the door her heart skips a beat and she catches her breath. Why is it that these feelings haunt her so? Why is it that he has some power over her, just as she has power over him?

Why is it they both know they can never win?

I will pay the price later. For now I am bound to lust and endless madness.

Stein invites her in and she accepts. He is just as conflicted and hesitant.

As soon as they are behind closed doors, she goes in for the kill.

She has never kissed him first before now. She wraps herself around him, despite their significant height difference.

Nothing has ever felt so right or so wrong before.

Wordlessly Stein lifts her and carries her to the couch, not breaking the heated kiss. She moans as she tastes his freshly stubbed cigarette in his mouth and closes her eyes, letting her feelings guide her.

He places her gently on the couch with all the tenderness he can and kisses her jaw and neck. He then sits up and licks his lips. Her legs are still wrapped around his waist.

"You just couldn't stay away…" He shifts her legs so they rest on his shoulders. Slowly he takes off her boots and tosses them aside.

His lips glide up her leg, using the softest of caresses.

"Neither could you," Maka whispers in return, shuddering at the feeling of his lips like licks of fire against her pale skin.

"You know what's at stake," he murmurs against her inner thigh, and Maka's toes curl in pleasure.

"As do you." She gives out a small moan. "Yet here we are."

We will not get caught, she vows. He's so close…

"Here we are…" Stein repeats, his thumbs hooking around the waistband of her panties, tossing them aside like her boots. Maka's breath hitches and she arches her back. She needs this just as much as he does.

"Beautiful," he compliments, then Stein leans in and laps at her very essence, making Maka moan loudly as she gives herself completely to him.

Welcome to bat country….

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