A many-chaptered idea that I got while riding on an eight-hour train ride. But hey, J.K. Rowling came up with Harry Potter on a train soooo I'm going to just go with this :) Oh! and I'm so pumped because I just nerded out and bought a Teen Titans' coloring book :3 So HAPPY!

Oh and Enjoy!

"Friend Raven you have joined us", Starfire exclaimed from overtop a bowl of Tamerian who-knows-what.

"Morning sleepyhead", Beast Boy said with a goofy grin, "I made your favorite". He waved a plate of soy eggs and tofu bacon in front of her enticingly as he handed her a fork.

"Please tell me you aren't serious."

"Why can't I be?"

"Its fake meat", was all the girl said before she brushed past the green teen. She pulled her teapot from the cabinet wordlessly as she prepared herself for Beast Boy's inevitable argument. As if on cue he began to grumble.

"Just try it Rae", he pleaded. She turned to him with a sigh.

"I have told you before; if you don't have to eat meat I don't have to eat fake meat", in the background Raven's powers moved the teapot to the sink and filled it before moving it to the stove to boil.

"But Raaaaeee", Beast Boy whined, "meat is gross!"

"So is fake meat."

"Meat is murder!"

"I'm half-demon", she countered, an eyebrow raised as if daring him to contradict her logic.

"But… how can you even eat that?" he asked after a moment, his eyes pleading with her to understand him.

"Easy, like this", at her words she snatched a slice of bacon from Cyborg's plate before munching on the food, a victorious smirk spreading across her face. Beast Boy's eyes widened in shock and disgust;

"But Raaaaven..."

"Leave the girl alone BB, you lost", Cyborg told him with a smirk of his own. Beast Boy opened his mouth to argue with him but Starfire cut him off.

"Yes Beast Boy we do not wish to try your meat of tofu." Beast Boy looked to each of his three friends for help but no one was going to take his side. With a sigh and an unintelligible grumble he sat back down at the counter and finished his breakfast in silence. Raven made her tea and then walked to the door to escape to her room. However, her plans were thwarted when Robin strode into the kitchen.

"Already?" Cyborg asked when he saw the serious look on their leader's face.

"Can't it wait till after breakfast?" Beast Boy said with a groan as he gazed longingly at his half-eaten food.

"No it can't", Robin replied as he moved to the main computer. A map popped up on the screen to show a blinking dot over the docks.

"Boyfriend Robin which villain has done the interrupting of the breakfast?" Starfire asked as she floated to his side.

"It's Slade", he replied, his face grim. Raven's head shot to the screen, her eyes widening ever so slightly in fear. Even now, years later, Slade still brought up thoughts of Trigon. She knew her father couldn't come back - she knew that- but the fear was something she couldn't rid herself of so easily.

"What's he up to now?" Cyborg wondered aloud as he studied the screen.

"That's what we're going to find out", Robin muttered.

The warehouses were empty when the Teen Titans reached the docks. A few blocks away men worked on fishing boats. Some were preparing lines and rigging as others brought the freshly caught fish off of the boats. Merchants loitered about looking for deals and boisterous chatter filled the air. The distant sounds of it could still be heard from where the Titans stood. Robin pulled out his bo-staff and stalked to the warehouse door.

"Could be a trap", Cyborg warned as he armed his sonic cannon.

"We still have to check", Robin responded without looking back. Starfire's hands glowed as she gathered power for her star bolts before following Robin and Cyborg inside. Beast Boy tensed up into a fighting stance, ready to shift into any animal needed. Raven paused a moment before she went in, something felt wrong about this. Cyborg's warning echoed in her head. Beast Boy stopped at the entrance and looked back when he noticed she wasn't with them.

"You coming?" he whispered, afraid of alerting someone of their presence. The girl bit back a sigh and nodded before moving to his side. She gathered her powers, waiting until her hands were filled with her black energy before they both joined their teammates inside. The sight they were met with was not one of the best.

Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg stood in a line facing their other two teammates. A Slade bot stood behind each, a blade at every one of their throats. "Halt", the bots commanded in unison, their voices a perfect mimic of Slade's.

"Told you it was trap", Cyborg whispered to Robin.

"Not the time Cyborg", the boy wonder ground out from behind clenched teeth. As Raven's eyes adjusted to the darkness of the warehouse she noticed the forty other bots waiting in the gloom.

"Surrender", the army of robots commanded as they moved towards the two.

"I don't think so", Raven told them as she lifted her hands. With one motion the knives at her teammates' necks were ripped away from the robots' grasps. As if on cue Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg turned and attack each of their robots, destroying them quickly before moving on to the others. Beast Boy shifted into a gorilla and leaped into the fray. Raven joined him only moments later.

With a shout Cyborg blasted into the swarm of slade bots, reducing half of them to smoldering metal. But all too quickly the deadly power of his cannon dimmed before dying off completely.

"I'm out of juice", the metal man shouted to the others as his cannon turned back into an arm. The lack of power didn't stop Cy for long. With a pump of his arm his metal fist slammed into a slade bot sending it crashing to the ground.

Meanwhile Robin was dashing through the crowds of bots, his Bo staff swinging like lightning as he sent bots flying with each hit. Starfire was at his back blasting anything that got too close.

Raven turned to the first bot to come towards her and pulled its head off with a move of her hand. She glanced over her shoulder to catch sight of four bots ganging up on the green gorilla. Raven destroyed one of the robots attacking BB as she had the last one while Beast Boy ripped the others in half with two meaty gorilla fists. When he finished with those robots he transformed back into his human form and grinned at the dark sorceress.

"Thanks", he said with a nervous laugh.

"Don't worry about it", she told him as she turned to a new bot. Before she could do anything the green teen jumped in front of her.

"Wait I got this one Rae!" Beast boy shouted, a goofy grin stretching across his face before he shifted into a cheetah. With quick agile leaps he raced across the warehouse floor and pounced on the slade bot that was advancing on Raven. But those machines were fast and ruthless. With one metal hand the bot grabbed beast boy by the scruff of his neck and flung his body across the room. He slammed into one of the iron support beams and his body crumpled.

"Beast boy!" the girl shouted, her normally monotone voice laced with distress. His head slumped forward as his body seemed to wilt against the beam. Raven froze as every muscle in her body fought against the sight in front of her. This wasn't happening. This wasn't- he wasn't- he couldn't be dead. He couldn't be. The sorceress moved forward, so slowly it seemed as if some invisible foe must be holding her back. A slade bot tried to rush at the girl but with a wave of her hand it was ripped into parts. They clattered to the ground as she passed making a horribly dissonant melody. Raven didn't notice. Her heart was pounding in her ears, her veins rushing with blood. She hoped desperately that Beast Boy was listening to that same sound, could only wish that his heart was still beating. Another step closer as two brilliant, purple eyes swept over the unmoving form. One more step and a shaky breath from a girl that was desperately praying to a god she wasn't even sure was there. One more step and suddenly another shaky breath but not from the girl. Raven froze as she watched the green teen take another raspy breath.

"Ow", beast boy groaned as his green eyes blinked open. They searched wildly for a moment, trying to focus before they found Raven. "Rae?" he asked, his voice sounding young, filled with confusion and pain.

"It's okay now", she murmured as she moved to take another step. She watched him as his eyes widened and he tried to choke out another word.

"Watch out", he gasped. But it was too late. A sharp pain exploded under Raven's ribs. The girl looked down and her eyes were met with the sharp, menacing end of a blade. It stuck out from her stomach, coated in thick red blood. Now the girl noticed the feeling of the hilt against her back. She gasped and ended up coughing until blood speckled her lips. The knife was pulled back out as the robot moved around her. It was going towards Beast Boy. "No", she ground out as both hands flew up to take the bot apart. It fell to the ground, completely disassembled.

"Raven?" the boy whispered, half from his pain and half from fear. The girl managed a trembling half smile as she began to sway dangerously.

"Rae", she murmured. Then she began to fall. Her body collapsed, her legs crumpling beneath her. She heard a hoarse voice shouting for her and for help, for anything. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a green blur move jaggedly towards her before her vision blacked out completely.

"Stay with me Rae."

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