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Beast Boy yelped, in a very ungraceful, undignified way. There was really no other word for it; though perhaps "squeal" would come close. He nearly took the infirmary bed's sheet with him and only the dumb luck of the consistently clumsy saved it in time. It did not, however, save BB and he went tumbling to the ground in a mess of gangly, green limbs. When he managed to right himself he peeked back over the edge of the bed. His curious gaze met Raven's tired- albeit amused- regard. "Are you alright?" she asked, a trace of real concern hidden behind the contradictory laugh that covered it.

"Y-yeah," he managed to get out as he stood. A moment of stiff silence passed between them before Beast Boy's hand suddenly moved in front of her face, his fingers wiggling frantically back and forth. Raven's purple eyes darted frantically after them as she spluttered out a question;

"What are you"- he cut her off before she could finish.

"You're really back," he said with a timid smile as he withdrew his hand. "I mean, awake."

"Of course I am," Raven replied indignantly in an attempt to mask her confusion at his odd behavior.

"It's just, after being in there," he made a brief frantic nod towards her forehead, "it's hard to tell and I just wanted to make sure because if I was still in there, if this wasn't real, and you hadn't woken up I don't know what I'd do," he blurted out, his voice dropping into a whisper as his cheeks colored that odd reddish-brown tone that meant he was blushing.

"So that was real? You were actually there?" she murmured, though the expression on her face made it clear that she was speaking to herself.

"Why, am I in your head a lot?" he asked cheekily before he could realize what he was saying and stop himself. This time it was her turn to blush. Beast Boy was about to say something, though he wasn't quite sure what (in his defense he's never quite sure what he's about to say), when Cyborg burst into the room, his eyes fixated on the scanner built into his arm. When he glanced up and met Raven's even, amethyst stare he skidded to a stop.

"It registered a change in your diagnostics, but I didn't think…"

"I'm awake," she murmured in answer to the question he hadn't voiced. A fierce look came over him and he paused for a moment, his human muscles straining and the gears whirring in protest, finally his will lost the battle over his emotions and he strode to her, enveloping the tiny girl in his arms. Beast Boy debated over whether to join in before choosing instead to press the call button on the wall. Robin and Starfire entered the room within moments.

"What's wrong?" Robin demanded, his eyes finding Beast Boy's. However, he found his answer immediately as Cyborg pulled away, revealing the very awake and still quite pink-cheeked witch. Soon Robin and Starfire's arms were both around Raven's neck and Cyborg was pulling Beast Boy in for a full group hug. Beast Boy's eyes met Raven's amidst the tangle of limbs both mechanical, human, and alien and he could see the questions storming inside of them, but chose to look away. For perhaps the first time in his life he realized that this was neither the time nor the place.

In fact, the time and place didn't happen until that evening long after dinner had ended and the rest of the team had finally allowed Raven a moment to herself, content in the knowledge that they had not lost her after all. Although, some of them had to be lured away with mustard and the promise of girl-time later. Beast Boy knew that Raven would be heading to the roof; after all, the sun was setting and she had missed quite a few meditation sessions while recovering. He watched her go, torn between the chance of getting answers to some of his own questions or making a bigger fool of himself than she already thought him to be. Finally he decided to follow, knowing that she deserved an apology since, not only had he gotten her hurt, but he had gone mucking about in her head again as well. He sighed, and straightened his shoulders, trying to feel taller and stronger than his slim, short build allowed, before stepping out onto the tower's rooftop. He found her easily, her small form silhouetted in the sun's dying orange-pink light.

"Hey Rae- I mean, Raven?" he called cautiously, wincing as his voice cracked on her name.

"No," she replied without bothering to open her eyes.

"Oh, sorry. I'll just… go," he muttered as he made a hasty retreat.

"I meant no to my name. I told you not to call me Raven." At this one eye cracked open and she offered him a hesitant smile. He froze, unsure of how to respond. She puffed out a sigh and landed gently on the ground below. "Come here." He did so, hesitantly, sure until the moment that he sat down beside her that she was going to send him away. After a moment she said nothing and he allowed himself to relax. Another minute of silence went by and he found himself grow nervous again as he finally dared to look at her. She was watching him, her purple eyes squinted slightly as if trying to read a very difficult spell book.

"Rae what are you"-

"Why did you do it?" she asked suddenly, her lips slapping shut after as if shocked that she had let the words escape.


"Why did you go in after me?" she asked, slower this time.

"I don't"-

"Why did you go to Nevermore?" Beast Boy froze for just a moment before his words rushed out.

"I'm sorry, I thought it was the only way. You weren't waking up and I felt awful. Cyborg said you were fine, but your mind wasn't working right and I thought…"

"So it was guilt?" Raven asked bitterly.


"You felt awful so you tried to fix it so you wouldn't feel so guilty," she muttered darkly as she turned away from him.

"No!" His hand was around her shoulder pulling her back to him before he even realized what he was doing. When he did he recoiled, his body tensing as he waited for Raven to berate him for touching her. Instead it was quiet. Then, softly;

"So then why?" He wasn't sure what emotion he saw in her expression this time, but he knew it was somehow important.

"I couldn't imagine the team without you and… I didn't want to try," he murmured. Her eyes widened as she also tried to recede into the depths of her cloak. She hesitated, her mouth barely open, words hanging on her lips. Then, with a shake of her head she dismissed them. Instead, she darted forward, her mouth brushing against his for just a moment before she darted back, pale fingers pulling her cloak closer about her. Beast Boy simply stopped. For a moment his breath stopped, his mind stopped, and he would swear that his heart had stopped too. As the silence stretched on Raven's face darkened.

"Right, sorry, I forgot that you don't feel that way," she said as dashed to her feet.

"Wait, what?" Beast Boy asked as he scrambled to his feet after.

"I'm so stupid," she muttered, her pace quickening. Beast Boy leapt forward, catching her arm and pulling her to a halt.

"Wait. What don't I feel?" he demanded.

"Things. For me," she explained as she jerked her arm away.

"Who told you that?"

"You did, when I kissed you. I mean, when Love kissed you."

"I never said I didn't like you," he protested.

"She- I mean I- told you I loved you and you ran away. That's obvious enough, even for me." Then her form turned black and she began to sink through the roof in a desperate attempt to escape.

"Wait. Stop," she grabbed for her arm, but his hand passed through in a way that would have been eerie and ghost-like with anyone else. "I do love you!"

She froze. Then, slowly, like ink pooling from a pen tip, she drifted back up and color rushed back into her skin. "This better not be a joke," she warned him. Beast Boy tried to think of a response, of something to convince her, but luckily thinking was not one of his strongest suits. Instead he grasped her by her thin shoulders and kissed her, his mouth perhaps just a tad too hard against hers. A surprised, high-pitched sort of gasp shot from her lips before they were pressed to his. When he pulled away a moment later a faint smile played across her face, though her eyes were etched with confusion and doubt. "Then why, back in Nevermore?"

"I thought that maybe that was just that emotion. That maybe she would have done the same thing if Robin or Cyborg or Speedy wandered in. I didn't want you getting mad at me for taking advantage of that and I didn't want to get my hopes up." He explained this all in one breath.

"You idiot," she whispered affectionately. "The only reason she was there at all was because of you."

"Oh." That was the only word he could think of to describe exactly what he was thinking at that time. So instead he simply leaned forward and kissed her again. Luckily, Raven didn't need anymore words and luckily she enjoyed his clumsiness and his stupidity, and luckily she had stepped in front of that attack or those two idiots might still be tripping about each other, too wrapped up in their own fear and doubt to take that risk and say the things that only a persona in Raven's mind had the sense to simply just say. Luckily they loved each other and had quite enough time to figure out all the stupid things they both did.

And so it has been done. *Solemn Asian music in background as gentle wind blows across mountaintop*