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Iggys POV

He left; MY Fang left. Hes not coming back not now not ever. He wont be here later tonight or when I wake up tomorrow.

Our cover was blown thanks to Gazzy; the Whitecoats knew where we are so we ran... again.

It was late and my turn to keep watch. All I could think about was Fang. His onxy eyes, the rare smiles he said he would only give to me, the way his coal black hair would fall in his eyes, how he would only cry in front of me. Sometimes I wonder if it was just because I'm blind.

"Fang where the hell are you,"I whispered in to the darkness.

Now I was crying, me the great Iggy, the guy who hasn't cried since I found out my parents just wanted me for money, was in tears. I loved Fang, but I never had the courage to tell him; now it's to late.

He's said he wouldn't be back for 20 some years IF hes still alive!

'Snap!' I heard the sound of a branch breaking then a hand around my middle and mouth. I tired to scream but the hand muffled the noise.

"Iggy, shut up it's me, Fang," He took his hand from my mouth.

"Fang," I bearly whispered.

"Yeah. Now lets get away from the flock. We need to talk," he said in a low voice.

I nodded in flew about two miles away from the flock until we thought we were out of ear-shot. You know, with the better then most, humans hearing and seeing thing we had to be pretty far. When we finally landed on a tree branch I went off on him.

"Fang you ass-hole! Where have you been?! How could you just leave me like that? Do you realize the pain I have been in for these past YEARS! Max wouldnt eat, Nudge would only cry, Angel bathed in self pitty because she thought it was her fault for saying you would be the first to die, Gazzy just sat there in a daze, I haven't slept since you left! What did you go off and make a new flock of mutant freaks! Huh did you? GOD I HATE YOU!" I was screaming at the top of my lungs.

We sat in quiet for many moments. When he finally answered I could tell he was crying, hard.

"Iggy, I'm so sorry but with what A-Angel said I-i wanted to keep you safe. If I was going to die I didn't want you dying, too. Iggy I love you and I couldn't let the love of my life die so I-i-i'm sorry" He sobbed burring his head in my chest hands grasping my shirt.

I lifted his chin up and kissed him. With out a second thought Fang kissed back, I slid my toung in to the taller boys mouth, getting a small gasp then a moan from Fang.

Normal POV

The next morning Angel, flew up to where Iggy should be, but there was a note in his Flock, Angel you were right I do love Fang! He loves me, too! So we went off together don't fret though, we will call! We love you all (not Dylan though). Anyway bye. Love, Iggy and Fang.

Angel just smiled to her self and brought the note to the now waking flock.

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