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Just before the events of "Corpse Party: Blood Covered"...

The fifth trip. That was all that Mako Shiumati could think about. Two years ago, Mako and his friends had attempted a "Sachiko's Charm" after their favorite teacher announced he was going back into the army. Him, and nine other friends had done the charm with their teacher. Of course, at the time, none of them believed in that kind of thing, it was more or less a promise that the teacher would not be forgotten. But... Things went wrong. Horribly wrong. The friends found themselves in the Heavenly Host Elementary school, where reality was cut off, and ghosts from the past roamed it's otherwise empty, forsaken halls. Mako had awoken in a strange, unknown room. His only company were his two siblings, his twin sister Asami, and his older brother Yoshida. A group of friendly ghosts managed to help them through their ordeal, although Yoshida's sanity drained the longer he was in the school. It got to the point he almost killed Asami, and would have if Mako had not had the strength to kill him. He still felt guilt over killing his older brother, but it was necessary to save Asami. Eventually, they had managed to find the rest of their friends through a bizarre set of circumstances, although what had originally been ten people ended at six. What's worse... When they returned home, none of the dead were remembered. A year ago, it came to Mako's attention that Heavenly Host was still claiming victims, never to be seen or heard from again. How could he just let that stand? He knew how to get them out of there, wasn't it his duty to help them? After discussing it with his sister, and the other five survivors, including his teacher, they agreed to go back into the school together, searching for and rescuing any victims they found. On their third visit, a few ghosts had even volunteered to help them by giving them the ability to fight against the ghosts that intended to harm them.

"Are you ready?" He heard from the side. Looking to his right, Mako sees Asami, her black hair tied back into a pony tail. His hair was the exact same color as hers, although he had hazel eyes rather than blue ones. Headstrong, determined, and more than ready to gain some vengeance for the last run. On their most recent run, the group had managed to save six elementary school students, but at the cost of one of their own. Asami's love interest, Ichiro. Ichiro was a good friend of Mako's, and he had been devastated when he watched the undead janitor stab and maim him. They had carried him, barely alive, to the real world so he would be remembered, and to die comfortably. Asami was grief stricken, and didn't even talk to Mako for over a week. When she did come around, she was still devastated, and hardly interacted with anyone other than him. It was now three months since then, and they were ready to make another trip.

"Born ready. That janitor won't know what hit him." Mako said as he whipped out a pocket knife, twirling it masterfully in his fingers. With that, he stopped the knife, clutching it's handle. Looking over to his sister once more, she gives a nod of approval, and the two siblings enter their teacher's home. Already standing there is Mr. Machuda, Yumi Asaki, and Hiroshi Yukumada. Mr. Machuda was a very serious man, who had been honorably discharged from the service after taking three shots. He had a short, graying beard that barely came down off of his chin, with a matching mustache. His hair still retained most of it's original brown, but there was a noticeable amount of silver in it. Yumi was a year younger than Asami and Mako, but she was just as dedicated to their cause. She had brown hair that dropped to her shoulders, with fiery orange eyes. On her shoulders was a black backpack, identical to the ones Mako and Asami had brought. Each backpack contained food, water, clothing, and medical supplies. You never knew what you could get into over there. Hiroshi was the same age as the Shiumati twins, and had the same black hair. However, similarities stopped there. As where the Shiumati twins were executioners, Hiroshi was the moral support. His loveable personality made him an instant friend to just about anyone he met, including victims trying to find a way home. He had even managed to comfort and convince Asami into getting on with her life a month after Ichiro's death.

"You two are late." Mr. Machuda said with a skeptical tone. He rose from his sitting position, setting his back pack on the floor. Mako nodded.

"Sorry about that Mr. Machuda. We got caught in traffic. Won't happen again." Mako said with a nod of his head. Mr. Machuda observed him for a moment, then gave a small smile. Despite being a hard, unforgiving man, Mr. Machuda was not above smiling and showing emotion. To those he cared about. He considered every single one of his students as equals to him, but the four students around him now were like family. Mako knew this, and felt the exact same way about his teacher.

"Let's go. Those victims won't save themselves." Asami said as she marched over to the center of the living room. Their teacher's house was a mix of white walls and blue carpeting, with a good amount of furnishing. A majority of it was older, from when he was younger, in his 20s. But some of it was relatively new, gifts from the students every time he went off into battle. Asami tossed her back pack onto the couch in the corner of the room, then opened the front pocket. Mako sighed. Even if she said she was over Ichiro, Mako still worried about his sister.

"Got it. Come in close everyone." Asami said as she pulled out a paper doll, ready to begin.

"Whoa, aren't we getting a little ahead of ourselves?" Hiroshi asked as he stepped forward, arms raised. Asami shot him a look, then sighed.

"Sorry..." She said as she rubbed the back of her head. Asami always began a bit too fast for the others. Hiroshi and Yima thought it was because she was ready to get started. But Mako knew the truth. Beneath all of her bravery, will, and sheer ferocity, was a frightened girl who wanted to get the ordeal over with as soon as possible. Mako could understand that, as he had hated being there the first few times as well. Fortunately, he had grown accustomed to the world. It was the people dying there that shook him. Maybe that was what got to Asami too.

"Alright, does everyone remember the plan?" Mr. Machuda asked. Picking up his backpack and slinging it over his shoulder, the leader of the group watched as each member nodded or spoke their approval. With that, Asami pulled out the paper doll, closing her eyes. Mako closed his eyes as well, taking a deep breath. This was it, they would perform the chant incorrectly on purpose, that way they would return to that world.

"Ready?" Mr. Machuda asked with his stern, commanding voice. Mako nodded, but from across the way, he heard a faint squeak. Opening his eyes, he looks over to Yima, who is shaking.

"Yima, what's wrong?" He asked calmly. Looking over to him, Yima gazes at him with a slight hint of fear in her eyes, losing the look of determination that had filled it only moments before.

"I'm nervous... If things go as we think they will..." She began.

"We'll all be on our own this time. No one can help us." She said with a tremble in her voice. Asami stepped closer to her, giving her a smile and a reassuring look.

"We'll be reunited before we know it. Besides, you still have the spirits to help. They won't abandon you." She reassured. Yima nodded, and stared up, fierce determination reentering her face. Asami lost her smile as well, staring straight ahead.

"Alright, here we go." Mr. Machuda said, closing his eyes once more. Mako released another deep breath, and closed his eyes.

"Sachiko we beg of you..." Mr. Machuda began. His words were quickly followed by Hiroshi's... then Yima's... then Asami's... then finally... Mako's. Opening his eyes, he looked at his classmates and teacher, asking the unsung question he knew they were all thinking. Each of them nodded in response. With a deep breath, they all closed their eyes again, and repeated the words twice more. They had done it wrong, of course, but that was the point. Mako had done this enough times to know how this worked. Now the only thing to do was rip the doll. Asami held out the doll, watching as the others steadily took a piece of it.

"For Ichiro." She said. Looking up, facing the eyes of her brother, she silently asked for approval of her words. He smiled and nodded.

"For Ichiro." He repeated. Mr. Machuda smiled.

"It's like he's still with us." He said. For a moment, the entire group smiled in unison, all united by the thought of fighting for not just the victims, but a fallen friend. One who had given his life for their cause. Just as quickly as they came though, they vanished.

"One..." Mr. Machuda said. Mako eased his breathing.

"Two..." Mako dug his nails deeper into the doll, just as Mr. Machuda was about to say three, he paused.

"Everyone has their knives right? No one's unarmed?" He asked with concern in his voice. Mako chuckled. Even now, their teacher wanted to make sure everything was ready to go. No sense in not being too ready as he liked to say. The students all nodded, patting where they had hidden their knives. Mr. Machuda nodded, and stared back down at the doll.

"Three!" He shouted. With haste, Mako withdrew, pulling with all his might on the paper doll. A solid rip confirmed his efforts. The rest of the group also had their pieces, and observed them for a moment.

"Put them somewhere safe, we can't risk losing them like we did on our second time." Mr. Machuda said, quickly sliding his into a pocket on his shirt. Yima placed hers inside a hair clip she was wearing, keeping it snuggly attached to her cranium. Hiroshi placed his in his pocket in his pants, while Asami placed hers in her backpack. Mako placed his in his pants pocket, like Hiroshi did.

"Be careful okay Asami?" Mako said with care in his voice. Asami smiled.

"You too bud." She said. Mako nodded and looked over to Yima.

"I'll be okay." She said. The look in her eyes said otherwise, but he didn't argue. Hiroshi was still fine, smiling as he looked over to Mr. Machuda.

"Bet I find you before you find me." He said with a smirk. Their teacher smiled.

"You're on." He said. Just then, the group felt a subtle rumbling, which slowly began to increase in intensity. Within seconds, the entire house began shaking violently, as pictures and pieces of the ceiling began to drop to the floor in a dusty mess.

"This is it!" Mr. Machuda shouted over the sound of something breaking. Mako looked over to Asami one last time, and mouthed the words "I love you." Asami nodded and mouthed them back. The ground cracked and gave way to a black abyss, expanding ever so slowly as pieces of the carpet gave way, falling into the deep pit.

"Meet up when you can! Good luck!" Hiroshi shouted as he sprinted forward and leaped.

"GERONIMO!" He shouted, steadily growing quieter over the ferocious roar of the trembling house.

"Be careful you guys!" Yima shouted. With one final inhale, she leaped into the hole, screaming as she did. That just left Asami, Mako, and Mr. Machuda.

"Remember, don't read the notes!" Their teacher said as he leaped. He grunted in anger as her began to fall, arms above his shoulders. Looking over to his sister one final time, Mako gave her one final nod and smile, as if to say he would see her soon. She nodded and jumped into the hole, giving out a battle cry as she did. Mako breathed heavily for a few moments, as the debris of the house fell all around him. With a roar, he launched himself into the air, and began his descent into the hellish world...