Mako awoke slowly, shaking his head to clear himself. Even with all of his trips to and from the school, he never did get used to the first few moments. It wasn't frightening, it was just somewhat painful during his waking moments. Groaning, he pushed himself up to his feet, the wood floors beneath him creaking as he did. Looking around, he saw a number of damaged desks, as well a few chipped floorboards. The holes in the floor still carried the same eeriness that they had last time, adding to the effect of the ghost school. Among the wreckage of the school supplies, Mako could see thin traces of blood from a doorway, leading him to believe that victims were indeed in the same space that he was. Unfortunately, the blood was on the other side of the room, which was blocked off by the chairs and desks. Since they were seemingly stuck in the position that they were in, and unmovable Mako would have to take the long way around to get anywhere. Stepping forward, he casually removed his backpack, placing it on the ground in front of him. Opening it, he checked on his supplies, making sure that nothing had been broken or battered on the impact of the fall. Surely enough, everything had remained intact. Nodding to himself, he placed his backpack on his back and stood up. If memory served, the ghost that had agreed to help was a few classrooms down, possibly where the new victims were as well. Then again, he probably wasn't going to be THAT lucky.

Stepping outside of the classroom, Mako looked around the empty halls, seeing even more holes, a few buckets, chipped paint, and uprooted floorboards. The scent of blood and urine were imminent in the air, making Mako cringe his nose briefly. Despite his efforts, he was never really able to get used to the smell. Pressing on, Mako walked down the hall until he came to a board connecting two sides of a hallway. Mako rose an eyebrow, kneeling down as he observed the wood. Normally, he would just jump over the gap, since it was never covered by a walkway of sorts before this. The board didn't look particularly strong, and Mako wasn't sure if it would support his weight. Cautiously, he placed his hand on the plank of wood and pushed down, surprised that he didn't hear it creak. Standing up, he observed it for a little while longer, then placed his right foot on top of the plank. It gave a small creak, but otherwise supported him. After he crossed the gap, he looked forward, the halls in front of him making a right turn. Readjusting his backpack, he made his way down the turn, where a busted door stood, hanging from one of it's hinges. Mako smiled. This was the room. As he stepped inside the room, he looked around, seeing that the room was darker than the rest of the school so far. He was pretty sure that would change with time, but it was still the darkest for now.

"Mako..." He heard a soft, somewhat sad voice say from the side. Turning his head, he saw a small, controlled blue fire sprouting from a skeleton that lay sprawled across one of the corners of the room. Mako nodded his head at the spirit, calmly walking over to it.

"Yeah, it's me." He said as he came to a stop in front of the spirit. While Mako never did learn the names of the spirits, as they never gave them, he had bonded with them. They had become a part of his team, his friends, those he trusted. In exchange for assitance, the spirits would be relieved of their pain as long as they were with anyone in Mako's company, although possesion would restore their pain. This prevented them from trying to take their bodies over, although they didn't want to to beign with anyway. Mako smiled and kneeled down, observing the spirit as it flickered and sparked it's fire across the room.

"It's good to see you pal. You been okay?"

"As good as I can be..." Mako frowned, remembering their predicament. He still felt sorry that there was nothing he could do to get those that had already died back home to be remembered and end their pain, but there was only so much that he could do. Not everybody was savable like that. Regardless, he had a job to do.

"Well, come on buddy. We have lives to save." Mako said as he stood up. Reaching down to his side, he pulled out his pocket knife, twirling it momentarily before holding it out to the spirit. Slowly, it began to move in a small beam onto the knife, making it glow a light, easy blue color. The knife ignited into a series of small flames, from the tip to the middle of the blade. The flames steadily continued across the knife, covering it in it's aura. Once the spirit was completely on the knife, it began to slowly make it's way up Mako's fingers, giving him a slightly painful burning sensation. Mako grit his teeth and breathed steadily, making sure to keep calm and collected as the spirit moved into him. His will would keep it from doing it's own, but it was still not natural to be invaded by a spirit. The pain soon ended, leaving a soothing feeling behind. Mako's entire hand was now giving off small, controlled blue flames, as well as pulsing blue every few seconds. He never really could get entirely used to that. Looking over his hand, he twirled his knife in his fingers masterfully, as he heard the spirit sigh in satisfaction. The voice made it clear that it was a male.

"Did you see any victims run by? Maybe even just heard something?" Mako asked as he began to walk outside the door, once again entering the barren, nearly empty halls of Heavenly Host.

"Yes, actually. Not to long ago two teenage girls spoke to me about this place, I didn't see which way they won't though. I'm sorry." The spirit said as Mako turned left, only to find a gap too large for even him to jump. Shaking his head, he turned the other way, where a passage way opened up to a flight of stairs, which could possibly be the direction the girls had headed. Exhaling, Mako shifted his backpack and made his way up the stairs, leading to more and more hallways...


Mako placed his hand to his chin in thought, attempting to figure out where the victims could have gone. Small puddles of blood were present in many of the rooms he was visiting, with most of them being no smaller than a drop or two. Shaking his head, he rested his arm on his knee, rubbing his chin as his mind processed the possibilities. He had seen blood on both floors, making it somewhat difficult to guess where the victims were as they could have been anywhere. A few doors were affixed to the wall. There wasn't a chance they could enter those, so that slightly lowered the possible areas. Still, it wasn't as easy as following a map.

"I'm stuck... I can't figure this out with all I'm getting." Mako said as he stood up and adjusted his backpack.

"Don't worry my friend. We can figure this out. Let's think for a moment. Where is the most recent blood?" The spirit said from within. Mako looked out one of the windows, though he already knew he wouldn't be able to see anything. Lowering his head slightly, Mako considered the blood he had seen. He wasn't an expert on it, but he could tell when blood was fresh and when it had been somewhere for sometime. If he remembered correctly, the blood he had seen when he first arrived was starting to dry, along with most of the blood on the first floor. Deducing that the first floor was most likely not where they were headed, Mako looked for the nearest stairs. Upon doing this, he came upon a large blood splat on the ground, much bigger than the ones that had come before. The blood seemed to be somewhat darker than the other traces of it, leading Mako to believe that it was from some other closed space.

"Poor sap... They're either dead or in serious pain judging from the size of that thing..." He said as he knelt beside the blood, examining it very carefully.

"It's not from this space. It shouldn't be of our concern." The spirit said calmly. Mako nodded, and stood from his position. He soon found some stairs, and slowly climbed up them in order to get to the next floor. It didn't contain much, just a hallway that led to some old bathrooms. As he began to search around, he heard what sounded like some muffled screaming, as though coming from the other end of the school. Raising his eyebrow, he slowed his breathing, curious as to what he had heard. Holding his breath and closing his eyes, he focused on the sound, hoping to hear more so he could figure out where it was coming from. Instead of screaming, however, he heard a desperate cry;

"Naomi! Please don't do this!" Mako's eyes shot open, instantly aware of what was happening. Wasting no time at all, he shot down the hallway, praying that he wasn't too late to stop anything from happening. He came to the entrance of two doorways, one reading boys, and the other one reading girls. Looking to each one, he tried to determine which one would have the victims, before he heard another scream coming from the girls room. Running inside, he saw what looked like a possesed girl forcing a noose around another one, who seemed to be too frightened to fight back. Growling, Mako launched himself at the one girl, knocking her to the ground. Turning back to face the trapped one, he saw long hair that was begining to come undone, as well as brown eyes that were full of fear.

"Don't worry, you're gonna get out of this!" He shouted as he began to cut away at the rope around her neck. As he cut, the other girl, who had short hair, and another set of brown eyes, growled in anger and tried to punch Mako. Though he was able to catch the punch, she followed up with her other fist into his left jaw. Mako stumbled back as pain erupted in his jaw. Covering it with a hand, Mako caught another punch and shoved the girl away, knowing that she wouldn't be this aggressive unless being possesed. Before he could react, the girl ran him into the wall, briefly knocking the wind out of him. She tried to take his knife, but Mako managed to knee her in the gut, making her rear back in pain. Rushing over to the other girl, Mako quickly cut more of the rope, before another attack forced him to halt. The knife fell from his hands, landing besided the girl who was in teh noose. The possessed girl quickly launched another punch at Mako, though he was able to catch her fist and run her against the wall. He held her there, making her thrash and shout angrily.

"Naomi! Please! Come back to me!" Mako heard the other girl shout in a tearful voice. At this, the possesed girl stopped thrasing, as Mako could feel the spirit leaving him and enter the girl. At this, a red fire formed at the side of the girl, and the spirit reentered Mako. As the girl slumped to the ground, Mako breathed heavily, and walked back over to the other girl, who was tearing up while staring at Mako in fear.

"Easy... I'll explain as soon as you're free..."