Episode 0

Setting Up and the Lone


Last time on Dragon Ball Z… Or maybe instead; last time on Dragon Ball GT… Hmmm, that can't be right either? In any case, this is a story of man who long ago fought for the sake of our planet. This is the tale of a man named Son Goku.

We begin where it all left off - some hundreds of years ago - Goku left with the Eternal Dragon Shenron as the wish-granting dragon balls needed a very long time to rest after such a constant time of being used. Goku had taken this chance to train, as he had been reverted back to his childhood form, leaving behind his loved ones and handing protection of the earth to his rival Vegeta and the other Z warriors. The dragon, with his all mighty power, soon departed with his ward from this world and into a world where dragons, of all kinds, thrived.

Here, in the Dragon World, both were meet with great respect and admiration as the Eternal Dragon had turned out to be the king of all dragons. As for Goku, he had been widely acclaimed by the king for his kind heart, strength in battle, loyalty towards his friends, respect for his opponents, and well everything that made Goku who he was. The dragons were honored to have such a warrior in their presence as Goku was honored to meet them. The dragons held a mighty feast for the return of their king as well as for their honored guest where much merry making and good times were had. Especially with the dragons', Shenron included, newfound discovery of Goku's insane appetite that rivaled even their own.

And with the festivities over, the now young Goku began his training as he had set out to do in the beginning. It was rigorous and challenging, especially thanks to his new dragon friends that had agreed to help the Saiyan, and he soon became more powerful than he had been at the same age. By the time he regained his adulthood, he had far surpassed many of the older dragons that lived in the Dragon World.

It was at the time where Goku defeated his closet friend and rival, a fire dragon named Igneel, that Goku had made a request to the Eternal Dragon. He wished to return to Earth. He had only visited once since he began his training, and it was for a kid that looked strangely like him wanting to make a wish for his ill grandmother, who was his granddaughter making him this kid's great-great grandfather. He gave the kid some good advice and then left as that was all the time the Dragon King could allow for this occasion. This time, however, Shenron was happy enough to accept Goku's wish with only a warning that once he leaves he can only enter by having a dragon allow him permission to enter.

Goku accepted the terms and he, along with his dragon friends, visited Earth for the first in what seemed like years to him, but the first for his dragon friends. At this time, Goku had stumbled upon the 64th World Martial Arts Tournament where he watched the same boy from that time fight against a Vegeta look-alike. Of course, he couldn't stay long as he soon spotted his aging granddaughter - who had somewhat noticed Goku - and quickly disappeared before she could reach him. While he didn't like avoiding his granddaughter, he knew that he was no longer part of humanity as he once was. The time spent in the Dragon World had given him the one thing almost every villain he ever faced wanted; immortality, or at least the ability to stop aging completely. This realization had saddened him, but with his dragon friends, who had long-lived lives, he knew he wasn't alone as he believed.

Of course, there was still Kami's Lookout. Much like him, Mister Popo and Dende would also live as long as they could. With introducing his scaly friends, Goku and friends often visited Earth's guardian and assistant where Dende explained what had occurred since his departure. It wasn't soon after that Goku meet someone much like him, yet predates everyone and everything.

Najimi Ajimu. The girl, looking much like a high school student, had decided to meet Goku after having watched his exploits for some time, and then became bored. Despite her innocent appearance, her very presence, despite how impressive the warrior and creatures that were there, was even more intimidating then even Goku. However, she had made herself very clear, she had no intentions of fighting such 'fearsome' opponents especially Goku. Instead, she had only wanted to extend her hand in friendship and to offer any services her Not Equal abilities could offer. While everyone seemed very distrusting of Ajimu, Goku was happy to make a new friend that could live longer than even him. Meanwhile the Earth had begun to move in a unique way; one that was first started by cataclysm.

During the time Goku last appeared, civilization had become advance over the decades, so much so that robots were created. Unfortunately, the robots would revolt and led by a robot named Braiking Boss would become dominant. For some time, Braiking Boss would rule with an iron fist and three powerful cyborgs. The humans tried to resist summoning a being named Luna, who granted immortality to humans and then took it back. With this single act, even the robots began worshipping her until Boss had her killed by his cyborg Casshern. However, this would comeback in a most horrible way, thus the beginning of Earth's Ruin. Eventually some hundred years later, that same cyborg that had killed Luna, having lost its memories and now wanting to correct what was wronged, would work with Goku as they discovered Luna's survival and selfishness. The two went to correct her behavior towards life and did though at a terrible cost. All robot life would eventually disappear, with only Casshern to walk the Earth reminding all that death still existed.

With modern day civilization gone, humans were left defenseless, helpless and weaken do to the major losses. Even Earth's guardians, Dende having used much of his power to protect what little humans remained, were helpless to stop what had come about. Even with the deity Luna gone, humans survived they began to repopulate and along the way new abilities began to appear ones that had never been seen before in Goku's time.

The first to show was an ability known as alchemy, and it was discovered rather abruptly. When an entire civilization disappeared, Dende had asked Goku to check what had happened and did so finding only one person. A man with golden hair, beard, and golden eyes named Van Hohenheim explained what had happened speaking with a great amount self-loathing taking full responsibility having essentially killing his friends and country. However, Goku could see that the man had a good heart, and asked what had occurred. He learned of a man with similar traits as Hohenheim, who was once a black cloud with a single eye in a flask known as 'Dwarf in the Flask', going by the name Homunculus. He had tricked his king into making a thing called a transmutation circle and, through the use of alchemy, to sacrifice all the people in the country to give him and Hohenheim immortality. Goku was appalled at Homunculus trickery and as he wished to punish this 'being', Hohenheim had warned him that he would be very powerful. Of course, with a quick demonstration by Goku, the immortal man now believed he wouldn't have much problem defeating Homunculus. The two became fast friends and allies, and both set out to defeat Homunculus.

The two departed with Hohenheim heading east and Goku west in search of Homunculus, however, he did not find him. Instead, roughly a hundred years later, he ran into another man with a unique ability different from what Van Hohenheim had shown him. The man was known as the Sage of the Six Paths and he, much like Goku, had harnessed the power of chi-now known as chakra-and taught its purposes to the people in the area. Goku and Sage would soon join together to defeat a ten-tailed demon and seal it into the Sage. With the battle over, both had come to respect each other and became friends and rivals. With a word of warning about Homunculus, Goku left to continue his search for the immortal while the Sage lived his own life with the warning kept in his mind

However, Goku soon found himself in a predicament that he never expected to be caught up in. Goku had reached the coast, with no sign or clue of Homunculus, had been caught up in some kind of war that stretched over several series of islands throughout the world. By the time he was asked to aid, the war was already near its end. With the defeat of a weapon known as Pluton, the civilization that had been losing was defeated and a government formed by twenty kings from different islands called the World Government. Honestly, he wasn't sure what he had done, but was worried for a friend he had made during this struggle: Joy Boy. Unable to learn of what happened to him, Goku left the area known as the Grand Line and continued his search for Homunculus.

Unfortunately, he would never be able to find him. He spent many more decades searching, but never found any evidence of him anywhere. After a while, he checked a place known as Amestris, which had appeared over the last few decades, where many of the people spoke of a sage from the east teaching them alchemy. He had no luck, and presumed that it may have been Van Hohenheim's doing.

While he still kept a vigilante watch for Homunculus, he soon met someone he hadn't seen in hundreds of years; Death. Of course, they were always on friendly terms, though Goku questioned why he had become materialized in the world of the living. Death explained that such people like witches had been becoming a problem in a certain area of the world. Right now, he was hunting a witch by the name of Arachne that had been creating demon weapons, a fusing of a human soul with a witch soul to create a living weapon, and had attempted to kill him. Goku decided to help, and they were able to kill the witch, as they believed. Some decades later, Goku would later help Death in the defeat of Asura and sealing him within the mountain where Goku once lived. Here Death used his soul to keep Asura sealed and asked Goku to aid him, which he happily obliged.

Having now become rooted back home, Goku had helped Death build a school to create death scythes and train their meisters to aid Death in preventing anyone from becoming a Kishin. From here, this area began developing in a way most unique. All around, from the school out, a city began to be built dragging in all kinds of individuals from all across the world. Skills like ninjutsu, alchemy, and abnormals along with skilled fighters, meisters, demon weapons, swordsmen, pirates, and normal people began creating a unique city. Even people with abilities in magic having been taught by dragons and creatures like Yōkai began appearing in the city. This movement shocked all those that had known of such things, and would be referred to as "The Great Abnormality Convergence".

Of course, others took advantage of such a unique opportunity. Ajimu, having been bored, made a school of her own for the purpose of creating the 'perfect human'. Goku was rather confused at what she meant by that, but didn't question further as she had told him it was nothing he should be concerned about. And so, the Hakoniwa Academy was formed to create the 'perfect human'.

As the city grew, it was soon enveloped in outside forces. The World Government had annexed the south and south-west coast along with some of the inland making it, at first, a marine base then later developed into a section of the city. A hundred years later, Amestris had also begun annexing the city from the north-east, and placed its own military, as well as state alchemists in place, only for it to also develop into its own section within the city. It wasn't long after - another hundred years - before the nations to the west, recognized as the Shinobi Clan Area had requested an area designated for the various clans that wish to do business with the city. They, along with the Magic Council that had been formed by various magic guilds, had soon formed their own section of the city, taking the north-west and south-east respectively.

Goku and many of the other so called immortals were amazed by such a development, though the development was far from productive. Despite sharing a single city and area, these sections constantly fought each other for control. The middle, left to no one but the people, had become a major battlefield for all kinds of fighting whether it was by the governments or not. Since this was Goku's home, he tried his best to establish peace between the sections, however, due to extreme differences nothing could ever be accomplished. It was made even more difficult when groups of Benders, those that could bend the elements water, earth, fire, and air, had traveled from the far west beyond the Shinobi Clan Area. However, with the help of a unique bender named as the Avatar, a bender able to bend all four elements, and the Air Nomads, Goku was able to keep the violence down. It would take a miracle to unite these sections into the original city it was once.

Or another major catastrophe. Some years after the Benders had made their home between the Shinobi section and the Amestris section, a string of terrible beings descended upon this city. The arrival of Acnologia, the Black Dragon that even the dragons fear, the appearance of Oars, a giant that stands above regular giants hailing from the sea, the corrupted Alucard, a monster beyond all monsters with the blood of a powerful vampire named Shinso, and finally a small contingent of Gillian Hollows led by a single Adjucha Hollow had all come together at a single point having made destruction and chaos across the world until meeting at the city yet to be named.

These chaotic elements raged destruction and battled across the city destroying all the sections and killing many. With the aid of Goku, many stood to stop these destructive beings and eventually succeeded. The Hollows destroyed, Oars defeated, Alucard sealed much like Asura, and Acnologia captured then returned to the Dragon World by Goku. Though many lives were destroyed and taken away, one thing good had come from the whole incident; the city had united.

With much of the world in ruin, everyone began heading towards the city yet to be named and the city was expanding once again. Many important leaders began to converge on the city and begun setting up for a new government to take place in the city. Along with this, a much needed remodel of the city also came expanding its borders in every direction. While the sections still remained, they were no longer separate due to power or government; instead, they were all part of the city as districts. Each district had a ruling body that would convene at the oldest section of the city to discuss matters of city wide importance.

In all, five districts had been formed around the center sixth district each controlled by one of the Five Kages formed by the shinobi class, a two members of the Magic Council, and to round off the numbers with two of Three Dark Lords that sealed and fought off Alucard. The former country of Amestris settled for the center and became the standing representative government of Republic City. Offering their assistance, the World Government placed the marines as the standing police force and navy of the coast while the Amestris had their army inland.

After some time, the city grew and finally became a hub for all those with or without unique abilities and named Republic City. Having been proud of achieving one of his goals, Goku retreated back to his home back up his mountain soon after named Legends' Peak where Goku's name would fall into myth and legend as he wished. From there, many interesting events would occur that would shape the city into what it will become in the last hundred years or so; the formation of Hidden Villages that would become sub-districts, creation of magic schools, the rise of the dark wizard Zeref, the battle between the First Hokage, also the representative of the Fire District at the time, and Madara Uchiha, the Three Great Shinobi Disputes, various bloody disputes at strategic points (hint, hint), the creation of the Complete Hakoniwa Academy, the attack by the Nine-Tails in the Fire District, Sub-District Konoha, execution of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger, and many more notable occurrences.

All of this Goku watched, keeping a watchful eye over the city he helped create while meeting and influencing certain people along the way. Soon, Goku realized that he couldn't protect the city forever. While Goku remained either at his home, Kami's Lookout or the Dragon World and never involved himself with the city; he would soon find other means to protect this city. An act he hadn't done since before the wish on the Black Star Dragon balls; he would train a new generation of Z Fighters to protect the city in his stead. Now we begin the story!

Z Fighters: A New Generation

Part One: Beginnings, Friendships, and Family

Author's Note

A: Yo! Welcome to my new story, quite a tale wasn't it and yet it had only just begun!

Ajimu: Hmm, it's certainly interesting.

A: Huh? How did you?

Ajimu: Are you really that surprised that I'm here.

A: ….No

Ajimu: I thought so.

A: Anyway, I hope I have caught your interest with the wide variety this prologue had introduced.

Mister Popo: Yes, there's quite a number of animes within the prologue.

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Mister Popo: Yes, and I'll be taking on the duty of listing what anime and their characters have revealed in each chapter, with the exception of the main cast of course.

A: Okay, then you probably should start now!

Mister Popo: Right. This chapter's animes and/or characters are as follows.

Dragon Ball series: Son Goku, Shenron, Dende, myself-Mister Popo, Pan, Vegeta, Goku Jr.

Fairy Tail: Igneel, Acnologia, Zeref

Medeka Box: Najimi Ajimu

-Ajimu: Hello. (Waves to readers)

Casshern Sins: Braiking Boss, Luna, Casshern

Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood: Van Hohenheim, Father/Homunculus

Naruto/Shippuuden: Sage of the Six Paths, Ten-Tailed Beast, Kurama/Nine-Tailed Fox, Uchiha Madara,

One Piece: Joy Boy, Oars, Gol D. Roger

Soul Eater: Death, Arachne, Asura

Rosario + Vampire: Alucard, the Three Dark Lords


Avatar series

And that is all for now.

A: Thank you, Mister Popo. I would also like to remind people that this not the main set for this story. They are merely the most prominent; as there will be many other animes and characters to be added as they story progresses. In fact, many background characters will probably anime characters you know. Some will move up to secondary character status, while others may just appear from time to time.

Ajimu: Like me.

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Ajimu: Am I now.

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