Misfortune Telling in Oz.

An Oz Series fan fiction.

By Count Mallet.

On a summer day, people from all four countries of Oz converged on the Emerald City. Today was the anniversary of Ozma's coronation. One particular year, the Wizard organized a small party to recognize the day. Over time, it slowly grew into a day-long festival. The humble Ozma initially balked at the event. However, she came to appreciate having her subjects gather to thank her or wish her continued health and wisdom as their ruler.

This year, it appeared that everyone enjoyed the carnival-like atmosphere. Both children and adults enjoyed games of skill or chance. Others were content to sit, relax, and watch everyone else.

Dorothy took periodic bites from half a jackdaw wing. As Ozma walked alongside of her, she sipped from a small cup of emerald-ade. As they continued their casual stroll through the bustling festival, a familiar voice drew their attention.

"Tell your fortunes, ladies?" the Wizard asked them.

"That's okay, this festival is for my loyal subjects, not me," Ozma replied modestly.

"Nonsense, my dear," the Wizard admonished his ruler. "You're as welcome as anyone to do this. Even Dorothy has her fortune told every year. Right?"

Dorthy nodded. "It's my favorite part of the festival. You really should do it. It's fun – and funny too," she replied.

Ozma thought for a moment before she answered, "I'll do it. But only if you do it first, Dorothy. I want to see what it's like."

"Deal!" Dorothy exclaimed proudly. The Wizard looked pleased to see his persuasion worked.

Dorothy and the Wizard sat across from each other. The Wizard briefly held one of Dorothy's hands while using his other hand to make slow, mystical gestures across a white pearl. After he released her hand, he looked intently into the gem as if he was in a trance.

"I see peace, tranquility, and adventure," the Wizard said slowly.

"What kind of adventure?" Dorothy asked.

"I see new and familiar people all in blue."


The Wizard briefly nodded. "I also see travel and adventure beyond the sands," he added. His eyes quickly opened and he fell out of his trance. He then looked up at Dorothy.

"Well, my dear, that's all the mystics have revealed about you for now," he said.

Dorothy smiled. "It sounds like I might have a fun year," she replied. She then stood up and walked over to Ozma's side again.

"Alright, Ozma, you're next," the Wizard said.

Ozma nodded and sat down. Dorothy's fortune seemed interesting enough. Would hers be similar? She wasn't sure what to expect; this was her first time letting the Wizard tell her fortune. Still, she didn't expect to see him pull out a small chain with a medal attached at one end.

"Here, hold on to this. Since this is your first time, it's important the mystics learn what they can about you," the Wizard told her. He flashed a quick smile over to Dorothy.

"What happens now?" Ozma asked nervously.

"Close your eyes," the Wizard told her. After she did that, he ran his fingers across the chain and made an inaudible incantation that seemed to be in an unknown language.

"Okay, open your eyes now," the Wizard stated.

Ozma opened her eyes. She heard the chanting and felt his fingers tugging the chain, but what did it all mean?

The Wizard gestured over his pearl, as he did with Dorothy. At once, his jaw dropped.

"Oh my! This is unexpected!" the Wizard exclaimed.

"What is it?" Ozma asked nervously.

"Shh. Don't speak, or the mystics will leave us," the Wizard told her. He looked into his pearl again. His shocked look returned.

"I see pure evil. Metal beasts from the sky with more of them inside. I see hardship and struggles."

By now, even Dorothy was a bit scared. This was the firs time she heard the Wizard give a fortune like this. Before she could think about what she just heard, he spoke again.

"Wait. I see brave warriors driving the evil away. Although it takes time, peace eventually returns," he stated. He suddenly jerked forward and opened his eyes. "That's all. The mystics have left."

Ozma got up from her chair quickly. Her fortune truly scared her. She walked away as quickly as she could without running. Dorothy left just as quickly to remain at Ozma's side.

"Will you come back next year?" the Wizard called out to them. However, they were already out of earshot.

Later that night, Dorothy and Ozma sat silently in their throne room. Dorothy stopped reading her book and looked over at Ozma. She still looked shaken over what happened earlier.

"Are you still scared?" Dorothy asked.

Ozma gave a reluctant nod. "Has he ever said anything like that to anyone before?" she asked in reply.

"No. Even I found it terribly dreadful."

"Does it mean anything?"

Dorothy looked at Ozma with surprise. "Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but in Kansas, fortune tellers usually make up silly stuff. He probably wanted to scare you a little since this was your first fortune," she suggested.

"I hope so," Ozma replied. "I don't like the thought of any evil presence attacking us again," she said before sighing.

"We'll be fine," Dorothy assured Ozma.

They then went to the Royal Library to find new books to read before bedtime. ▄

Disclaimers: The characters were portrayed as they were in L. Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz books. Therefore, these Oz characters & concepts are in the public domain.

Commentary: I've always been a fan of The Wizard of Oz and thought I'd try my hand a short Oz one-shot. I can picture the Wizard being in his element in a carnival.

The jackdaw wing is the Oz equivalent of the elephant ear served at many carnivals. I got the idea from the mention of jackdaws in The Land of Oz. Emerald-ade is the Oz version of green lemonade or limeade.