Title: Limelight, After Armageddon

Author: Pinkcat4569

Rating: T

Description: In 'After Armageddon,' Becker's heroic moves make him an internet sensation. These are small scenes about life in the limelight (if you aren't familiar with that phrase, it just meets life in the public eye: fame) once the ARC's mission is out in the open. Though After Armageddon was dark and tense, these are mostly light and humorous.

Disclaimer: I don't own Primeval. These are just for fun.

839 Words

Author's Note: This is sort of a sequel, but not really. I'm not sure where this is headed, but for now, I'm probably going to put each member in a video or TV spot promoting the ARC. We'll see where this goes.

Chapter One: Limelight

Jess called them all into Ops. "What's the emergency?" asked Matt.

Jess giggled. "Watch the screen."

They were expecting another news report on the anomalies and incursions. That's not exactly what they got.

Becker's face flashed across the monitors. Alanis Morrisette's "Guardian' played as Action Man burst across the screen, firing boldly at future predators.

"It's a Soldier Boy video," said Connor.

More shots of Becker in action played: swatting a giant mosquito, leading his men into a room of raptors, kicking a large crocodilian in the snout.

"You're so heroic, baby," said Jess.

Becker smiled at her, but his face was red. Jess knew he didn't like all the attention.

"It looks professional," said Connor, "not one of the usual fan girl vids."

Jess bopped her head to the sweeping rock music. "It's so you," she said, singing along, "I'll be your guardian for lifeā€¦"

The others laughed.

"Why are they focusing on me still?" asked Becker, watching the video with annoyance.

"You're kidding, right?" asked Abby. "You've got it all: drop dead good looks, big guns, and plenty of testosterone."

"The guns are technically mine," said Matt.

"And my parents get the credit for my looks," said Becker.

"And the extra testosterone?" asked Connor.

Becker shrugged. "The military?"

"Sh! I'm watching my baby save the world. Set to music," said Jess. She smiled while she danced in her chair. "I love this! I swear, if I wasn't already in love with you, this would do it!"

"You do look hot," said Abby. Connor raised an eyebrow while she laughed.

"What is the purpose of this film?"

"Exactly, Emily. It doesn't have one," said Becker. "In fact, it mucks up the truth. According to this, I'm a one-man army."

The team all laughed.

"What?" he asked.

"You are, mate," said Matt.

Abby and Connor nodded.

"You're all I need," said Jess.

"Ew," said Connor.

The music swelled as Becker did a double flip onto the back of an allosaur, firing directly into it before jumping off and landing on both feet.

"They don't even have to add special effects," said Connor, with a grin.

"This is embarrassing," muttered Becker.

"How? These clips are all you," said Abby. "Nothing is made up or manipulated. "

Matt smirked. "You really act like this on a daily basis."

"Mmm, you are quite heroic," said Emily, watching Becker squash a giant centipede with his truck.

"I act this way in battle," said Becker, not amused. "This minimizes the danger. I'm set to music for God's sake!"

Jess giggled. "I'm sorry, Becker, but I like it. A lot."

"Oh, God," whined Becker. "You didn't record it, did you?"

She looked at him with a grin. "What do you think?"

He groaned.

"Actually, I didn't even need to," she said. "It's all over the web and telly."

"Great. Wait until Lester hears. He'll be raving."

"Not at all, Captain. It's positive publicity," said Lester, joining the group. "Now that our secret is out, the ARC needs as much favorable PR as possible. I am a little perturbed that I was not notified in advance."

"Can't you make them take it off?"

"Captain, why would I do that? No, in fact I've pitched my superiors a little idea. We should have more promos for the ARC, using real staff. As the main team, you will be the featured stars."

"No bloody way!"

"Don't we have enough to do?"

"Cool! I want mine all sci-fi maybe with a super hero kick to it!"

"Count me out. I only deal with creatures."

"I do not understand. Why would we do our jobs set to a musical score?"

"Yay! Do we get special outfits?"

"Patience people! The details are still being worked out."

"This is so exciting!" cried Jess, running into Becker's arms. "I can't wait! I get to be in the video right? I mean, I'm not in the field, but I am an important member of the team."

"You can have my spot," said Abby.

"You will all be included and expected to cooperate, and you, Becker," said Lester, "you will be especially featured."

"No, please," begged Becker even as his girlfriend jumped up and down excitedly.

"Sorry but it seems you've become the ARC poster boy."

The captain moaned.

"Ooh! My baby's a star!"

Becker turned green. "I don't want to do it."

"Of course you don't," said Lester. "You're a man of skill and integrity: two things far removed from the world of public media. I'm sorry. It's an order and not only from me."

Becker growled.

"He'll be fine. I'll work on him," said Jess.

"Good. Jess, I'm appointing you his media aide and consultant. Turn him into someone lovable and approachable will you?"

Becker raised his eyebrow. "You didn't hire me to be approachable and lovable."

"Rest assured, Captain that after this farce is all over, I expect you to revert to your normal self: blowing things up and shooting at will.

Becker smiled. "That's a relief."

Jess giggled.

Author's note: Did you notice that I gave each character a line after Lester informs them they'll be in videos? Can you pick them out?