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She had never seen a place so packed before. The crowd surged behind her, pushing her forwards. Somewhere along the way, she had been ripped away from Vanitas. Being as short as he was, the second they were apart it became nearly impossible to find him. Her vision was filled with a wall of arms and indistinguishable faces. She pushed through them, fighting to get somewhere that she would be able to stay in one place.

She ended up being dumped into a side street. There was still no sign of Vanitas, and she figured there was little chance she would find him. If anything, he would find her.

She turned and walked down the road, the voices growing dimmer behind her. Leaves skittered across the ground, gathering at the feet of another person who had just entered the street as well.

"Aqua, is that you?"

The voice was soft and cautious, yet it sparked alarm within her. Quickly, nervously, she turned around and met the blue eyes of Ventus. He stared at her, eyes fixed on her face. Her heart fluttered in fear. He wasn't holding a weapon this time, but Vanitas had told her that Ventus was fast, very fast. She couldn't afford to let her guard down.

"Where's Vanitas?"

She stiffened. "Around," she said evasively. She inched away, expecting him to lunge at her. "He'll be here soon."

"Wait!" Ventus held his empty hands up, showing that he meant no harm. "Can we talk?"

The agreement almost leapt out of her. She knew she shouldn't stay here, not alone with him, but she couldn't bring herself to move away. It was just talking, right? Talking couldn't do any harm.

"Okay," she said, "we can talk."

Ven nodded. "Aqua, just tell me why you're doing this."

The begging was apparent in his tone, and pressure built up in the back of her head. "I don't understand," she said.

"Aqua . . ." He stepped closer, too close. Shivers ran up her spine, but she didn't move away. She wasn't sure if she could.

"Aqua, remember what our Master told us? Nothing good comes from darkness; no matter what Vanitas is promising, it won't come true. Please," he sniffled, eyes shiny with tears, "come back to us."

The back of her eyes were burning with her own tears. Why did it hurt so much to listen to him?

"Aqua, please!"

It hurt. She backed away like a wounded animal, shaking her head frantically. The pain was visible on her face and Ventus took notice.

He grabbed her shoulders. "Aqua, what's wrong."

She choked, unable to answer.

Their faces were almost touching as he said, "What did he do to you?"

She tore away from him, a hand over her throbbing heart. "I have to go," she mumbled.

Ventus tried to stop her, but she was stronger. She pushed past, and lost him in the crowd. Once she found herself alone, she sat down against a wall and cried.