Ch 3

Kerrie laid in bed the next morning. Declan was in the bathroom showering, he wanted to go to Merlotte's for lunch to see Sam. When Declan finished in the bathroom Kerrie reluctantly got up to get ready. Declan kept busy trying out his new games on his DS then got on his computer to write an e-mail to Danny. Kerrie took her time getting ready trying to limit the amount of time they needed to be at Merlotte's. Since it was chilly Kerrie tossed on a long sleeved tunic top and leggings and a pair of Uggs. She blow-dried her hair then straightened it. Declan was sitting patiently when she was finally ready.

"Mom, you look nice."

"Dec, tonight your going to stay with Gerry and Becca for about 2 or 3 hours while I work on something for Eric and Sookie."

"The wedding?"

"Dec, it's going to be a surprise. Don't mention the wedding to Sookie, Eric has to."

"With an engagement ring. Remember Uncle Danny let me help him find one for Kelly?"

"Yes." Kerrie got Declan settled in the car and drove towards Bon Temps. Her heart was thudding in chest by the time she pulled into the parking lot. Declan was jumping up and down waiting for Kerrie to get out of the car. The lot looked a lot more busy then the day before. Kerrie followed Declan in as he made a beeline to Sookie's section.

"Sookie, we're here." He said waving.

"Hi Declan, Hey Kerrie." Sookie came over to get their drink orders. "Sam's in back want to come see him?" Sookie asked as Declan jumped up.

"Yes, please." Sookie lead him to the back as Kerrie remained at the table.

"Sam, you have a guest." Sookie said knocking on the door before opening it. Sam was sitting at his desk with the brunette sitting at the chair across from him.

"Hey Sam." Declan said shyly.

"Hi Declan, come over and give me a hug. Sookie told me I just missed you yesterday." Declan walked around the desk and hugged Sam.

"Mom, told me I'm a were." The girl made a face.

"Declan, this is Jannalynn."

"Your Sam's girlfriend, right?"

"I am, I'm a were too."

"Did your mother tell you about me?"

"Yes, she said you were a shifter and could turn into anything. Mom told me I'm special since only my dad was a were and she's just a human."

"You are special, I don't know anyone else like you."

"Mom and Sean broke up. He was going to give her a ring but mom did not want to marry him. Sean said that he didn't want another baby and mom did." Sookie's eyes widened as she hurried out the door to get Kerrie.

"Declan is spilling all the news."

"Damn it." Kerrie muttered getting up and walking to Sam's office. Declan smiled at his mother as the Jannalynn looked at the door. "Dec, why don't you let Sam get back to work?"

"Mom, this is Sam's girlfriend. She's a were like me." Kerrie forced a smile.

"You know his father then... Jimbo." She nodded. "He's not involved but he offered to help Declan when it comes time for him to change."

"Mom said I can meet him today, that's where we're going after. He isn't my dad just my birth father." Declan said proudly remembering what his mother said. Declan joined Kerrie at the door as they returned to their table. Kerrie took a deep breath and sighed. When she looked at Sam was motioning her over to the hallway. Kerrie reluctantly got up telling Declan to stay at the table.

"Hi Sam." She said quietly not really looking at him.

"He's grown so much."

"I sent Christmas cards and school pictures, did you get them?"

"Yes, they're in my office. How did he take the news?"

"Ok, he wasn't surprised or anything. Jimbo offered to help."

"Declan said you and Sean broke up."

"About 6 months ago. Didn't work out. We're actually moving back to the States, maybe California."

"Wow, that will be a change. I figured you would go back to Boston."

"My parents moved, Danny moved so nothing is really there. Dec wants to move here or Shreveport."

"I-I missed you two." He said suddenly. As Kerrie finally looked at his face. He was smiling and he had that look in his eyes, the lusty look he always had for her.

"You have a girlfriend." Kerrie said softly. Jannalynn appeared in the doorway scowling.

"This is the one that messed you up, Sam." She said crossing her arms and all but growling at Kerrie.

"We should go or we'll be late." Kerrie hurried off taking Declan's hand and all but dragged him out of the bar. When Kerrie got to the car she was taking deep breathes and was surprised to see Sam coming after her. "Dec, get in the car." Declan knew by the tone she was serious and got in the car and buckled in.


"Please don't. I just can't even talk about it." Sam took her hand and put it to his chest.

"This is what happens every time your around. It hasn't changed even though I haven't seen you in two years." Kerrie did the same with Sam's hand and he smiled.

"You have a girlfriend and I know how you feel about me helping Eric."

"Eric explained it all after you left. He was so pissed. I know you tried to explain it but I assumed the worst that you two were having sex and I knew deep down inside that you weren't. Eric told me the reason why he trusts you is that you look like his human wife and Declan his son. He told me that he was sent to watch you like Bill was sent to watch Sookie and you figured him out and called him on it."

"Eric never meant anything special to me. He's a friend now, a good friend but that is it. Even when we had a physical relationship it was just out of connivence." Sam nodded. "We're leaving in the morning but we'll be back for Thanksgiving. I'm making a late lunch over at Gerry and Becca's I invited Sookie, if you'd like to come."

"That sounds nice. Maybe we can talk then." Kerrie nodded as Sam smiled.

"It was nice to see you again. Sookie told me what your doing for her and Eric. I think they are lucky to have you as a friend."

"They would help me if I was in the same position. Bye Sam." Sam watched her drive away as Jannalynn appeared at his side.

"You want to be with her don't you?" She asked coldly.