Ch 4

Declan watched in awe as the man in front of him changed into a dark brown wolf.

"Mom, I'm going to be able to do that?" Kerrie nodded and watched as Declan examined the wolf. "This is so cool."

"Dec, I want you to remember that just because you can change doesn't mean you need to tell everyone. Even though weres are out now I'd rather you wait till your older before you let people know." Declan nodded as the wolf changed back into a man.

"Why did you leave when I was a baby?" Declan asked as the man pulled on his pants.

"I-well there is no good reason. I thought my father would leave you two alone but that wasn't the case. I should have been a good father to you since I didn't have a good one but I let you and your mom down." A brunette walked into the room with her hand on her large belly.

"Just another few days." She said with a sigh.

"So I'll have a little brother or sister?" Jimbo nodded.

"I know your mother doesn't trust me, she has her reasons but I'm here if either of you two need me. I want to help you through the change and be an example for you."

"I don't trust you either." Declan said looking into his father's face. "When I was little all I wanted was a daddy to be like everyone else but you were gone. Nana said that mom has trouble trusting men because of you and that's why we don't live with Sam Merlotte."

"Declan, Sam is a good man. He would have been a good daddy to you-"

"Jimbo, this isn't really your place." Kerrie said getting mad, her face was flushed.

"Kerrie, your a good woman. You should-"

"Don't you try and give me advice. I put my life on hold to have Declan. I gave up my full scholarship, I lost friends, and I almost lost my family. You ran away with your tail between your legs and your father came after me. He was planning on doing whatever necessary to get Declan." Kerrie said taking Declan's hand to leave.

"He-he was supposed to leave you two alone if I left that was the deal." Jimbo said as Kerrie froze then turned to face him.

"He had you leave and you listened to him. He tried to kill me when I was pregnant then he tried to kidnap Dec several times. I tried the law but when that didn't work I had to take it into my own hands." She paused seeing Jimbo's shocked face. "I was 19 years old and I was scared. You look down your nose at Eric and my friends but they are the people that were there for me and made sure the two of us made it through." Declan looked up his mother and smiled.

"Mom, I love you." He said hugging her. Jimbo looked at the red head and his son.

"I'm sorry. Your right I did run away, even though I was scared to I should have been there to protect you from my father. I was the one who exposed you to the pack and I left you two there exposed to my father's plans."

"Dec, come on. I want to pick up somethings for dinner before we go to Jerry and Becca's." Declan looked at the man who was his biological father.

"I don't think I'll need your help when I change. Why don't you try and take care of your baby?" Kerrie bit her lip as Declan headed out the door. Kerrie gave Declan another hug.

"I'm proud of you little man. I wanted you to be able to meet him and decide for yourself."

"Mom, thank you for taking care of me." He said hugging her tighter. Kerrie smiled as tears ran down her cheeks.

"Your my precious little boy and I'm so glad to have you." Declan got into the car as Kerrie drove to the food store.

She picked up some pasta and ingredients to make sauce before heading to Jerry and Becca's. Kerrie made dinner then sure Declan was settled before picking up the things she needed from the hotel. She arrived at Eric's house to see Sookie's car outside. Kerrie took a deep breath and headed in. The spell went as planned and when Eric called Freyda the signature of Appius Livius Ocella was gone from the document making the contract void. Kerrie let out a sigh and smiled.

"At least that worked out. I'm happy for you two." Kerrie said standing up getting ready to leave.

"You should talk to Sam." Sookie said as Eric frowned.

"He's with what's her name-the crazy were."

"Not anymore. Right after you and Dec left Jannalynn stormed off saying it was over." Kerrie's face lit up as Eric scowled.

"He didn't believe you before and he broke your heart. You can do a lot better than that shifter."

"Eric, don't. I've had a long day. Dec said he didn't want anything to do with Jimmy and I helped solve this issue so I want to end the day on a high note. I need to meet with Alcide tomorrow since Jimmy mentioned that he would like to meet Declan incase he wanted to join the pack."

"So your really thinking of moving down here?" Sookie said grinning.

"Dec wants to move here. I was all for San Diego or staying in Ireland but I should listen to Dec, he deserves to have an input."