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It was a calm day, while Sakurako was in Himawari's house. Like always, Sakurako just came in without any advice. She used to come by so much that it was very usual. Himawari still get annoyed, though.

"So let's go out to somewhere." Sakurako said trying to look annoyed at Himawari.

"Why this all of a sudden? It's pretty warm outside." Himawari replied.

"Just let's go. I'm not having fun at all in here." Sakurako stated.

Himawari glared at her enemy-friend and sighed.

"It looks like I have no choice. Let's go." Himawari said, grabbing her pouch and heading up to the door, followed by Sakurako.

Already out of Himawari's house, Sakurako was grinning happily.

'Great, we got out.' Sakurako thought while maintaining her look to the front. She did not want Himawari to see her smiling.

However, Himawari was staring intensely at the girl and noticed the change of the mood.

'Is she tricking me into some kind of trap?' Himawari asked herself.

'Best to ask her where were going.' Himawari took her decision.

"Do you have any idea of where we're going?" Himawari asked.

"Were just going out to somewhere fun." Sakurako replied, still smiling.

"You should better not be tricking me." Himawari warned.


After a lot of time walking through the city, Sakurako stopped. The chestnut haired girl wasn't tired; her potent ears noticed Himawari's stomach growling.

"So you're hungry." Sakurako teased.

"How couldn't I be? We walked randomly through the city to reach nowhere for hours!" Himawari stated visibly irritated.

"So sorry. Then, take this." Sakurako blushed and handed a rice ball to Himawari.

"Rice ball? Did you do it yourself?" Himawari shot a double question.

"Of course I did." Sakurako answered looking away still blushing.

'Ok, Sakurako, keep cool.' Sakurako told herself as she felt the heat on her cheeks.

Himawari's eyes sparked up as she gazed happily at the well made rice ball. It looked perfect, until she gave it a bite.

Himawari's face was of disbelief.

"It's salty." Himawari stated.

"What?" Sakurako had been put out of her thoughts by the blue haired girl's affirmation.

"Why did you put that much of salt in it?" Himawari asked taking some left over rice of her mouth.

"It isn't salty. You're just saying random stuff…" Sakurako glared annoyed at the girl and gave a bite on the rice ball.

One bite was enough to her to notice that she should have been lighter with salt amount.

"See, I told you it was salty." Himawari raised an eyebrow at the girl less annoyed.

"There's enough salt here to repair what a marathoner loses running for a week. It's a festival of salt." Sakurako stated, gazing at the salty rice ball.

"You should prove things before you give then to people, Sakurako." Himawari stated smiling.


Yay! First chapter is out. I'm doing this based on my interpretations of this couple. Himawari really fits for Sakurako as do Sakurako fit for Himawari. One of my favorite couples. Chapter two will come soon, if I'm encouraged to continue this.

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