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"I'm home." Sakurako stated as she entered home and took her shoes off, placing it on the floor. She headed to the kitchen only to find there wasn't anyone.

"Why people keep disappearing?" Sakurako stated. Again, talking alone was really getting addictive.

The blonde glanced nearby the kitchen heading to the fridge. Before she could even reach it, she noticed a paper lying on the table. She patiently took it on her hands and started reading.

'Dear Sakurako,

I went for shopping with Hanako, so we won't be home for now. It's your turn to cook.

Your sister Nadeshiko.'

"Curse you!" Sakurako shouted. She mentally slapped her self; she would have to hurry or she wouldn't be able to go to Himawari's house.

"It keeps getting on my way. Better hurry up." Sakurako said.

Knowing they would never let her go without doing it, she looked on the fridge for leftovers, but there wasn't anything. The blond was definitely going to need cooking something new. Sakurako sighed and went for washing her hands. Then, she looked for things she could use. The fridge was empty.

"Shoot! How I'm going to do this ever?" Sakurako shook her head annoyed.

'I'm hopeless.' Sakurako thought, letting her body fall on a nearby chair. She cupped her own head with her hands as she almost gave up.

'Please, my guardian angel, help me get out of this trouble!' Sakurako prayed. Seconds after it, nothing happened.

'I knew it.' Sakurako thought.

"Darn it, why they have to eat everything?" The blonde stated already angry. "I should tell Himawari I won't be able to go anymore." Sakurako stated. She placed a hand on her chest as a heavy pain hit her. To her mind came the image of her blue haired friend's bright smile.

After a good while of staring at nowhere, as her mind only could think about how beautiful Himawari's smile was, the girl closed her eyes, and clenched her fist.

"This is a challenge!" Sakurako stood up fast as energy came back to her fully.

She opened the fridge harshly and looked to a place her sisters wouldn't have noticed so easily.

"Ha! There it is. I'm going to make it." The blonde girl shot a smile of victory.


Sakurako stared at her creation proudly and smiled victorious. If for some miracle, she found tuna cans lying nearby. She then moved the food for a safe place and grabbed a piece of paper. She wrote the message as fast as she could and ran to her room to get her things.

Leaving her home, she crossed the street and rang the bell of Himawari's house. As quick as wind, Kaede came to see who was here.

"Hi!" Sakurako smiled to Kaede who replied her smile.

"We were waiting for you, Sakurako." Himawari appeared at Kaede's side also smiling warmly.

"Sorry for the waiting. My sisters were not in home, and it was my turn to cook." Sakurako replied scratching her head in embarrassment. Himawari cheeks were stained by a soft shade of scarlet.

'She is so cute…' Himawari thought still smiling to the blonde.

"Say no more. You may enter now." Himawari finished.

"Excuse me." Sakurako stated politely entering the house.


'Dear sisters of mine,

I found nothing on the fridge, except for a few cans of tuna and some leeks, so I made negitoro for dinner. I hope you like it, I tried my best. Also, I'm sleeping at Himawari's house, so I'll have dinner there.'

Nadeshiko stared at the white paper with Sakurako's lettering and smirked.

"Negitoro?" The older Oomuro said.

Hanako stared at the older blonde and sighed. "I hope it is good." Hanako stated.

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