"Is this meant to be impressive?"

Klaus looked up almost lazily from where he had Kol in a grip lock as simply as if he were reading a newspaper.

"Oddly enough, it might not be for your benefit, love."

"Oh, come on, Nik, listen to your lover. Or is it unrequited lover, or simply arm candy?" Despite his position, Kol still looked and sounded as cocky as ever.

Caroline clenched her jaw shut. "I take it back, go for it, he's a terror."

"Thank you."

"Come on, we're going shopping." Rebekah stated firmly, pulling Caroline past the brothers vicious antics.

Klaus watched avidly as Caroline's expression cleared to one of happiness.

"Really?" She said enthusiastically.

Rebekah's face mirrored hers, and Klaus pondered, not for the first time, just how well Caroline and his baby sister would get along were it not for the weight of Mystic Falls drama hanging over everyone's heads. "I know how deprived you've been of the finer things, especially if you've been travelling with my brother. His taste is nothing compared to mine."

"That's nothing. I've been travelling with literally this and another shirt." Caroline said in exasperation, gesturing to her jeans and t-shirt.

Rebekah's lip curled. "No. We'll have to replace that and find more for your travels. Bye Nik, bye Kol." She called as the two blondes whirled out of the suite, closing the door and leaving the brothers in their fight.

Klaus unlocked his arm from around Kol's neck, hoping his baby brother would continue the fight. He needed to take his frustration out on something, and it was very easy to blame his siblings for distracting Caroline away from him.

Kol coughed, before righting himself and shaking out his limbs.

"It's been a while since we've had one of these, brother. You sure you don't want to wait till Caroline get's back, so you can show off again?" He grinned.

Klaus smirked, pacing back and forth like a caged lion. "Come now, I'm only saving you more humiliation. You wouldn't like to be bested in front of your sister and the lovely Miss Forbes, would you?"

Klaus feigned a direct punch to Kol, knowing his brother would duck, and whipped around to slam his elbow into the younger Mikaelson's back. Kol landed on the floor, using Klaus' moment of amusement to kick his legs out from underneath him, sending the hybrid sprawling. He snarled in retaliation, clenching his hand around Kol's throat, lifting him off the ground as Klaus steadied himself on his feet again.

"You haven't improved much since the 19th century."

"And you're still far too cocky in a fight, brother." Kol wheezed.

Klaus threw him back to the floor in a crash, letting Kol pick himself up off the ground while he fetched the whiskey from the bar cabinet. He poured a large glass, leaving the bottle on the table for Kol.

"Ah, it's that time again. The moody Klaus is back." Kol quipped, pouring his own drink and settling on the couch opposite his brother.

Klaus ignored his remark, downing half of the burning amber liquid.

"Moody contemplative Niklaus. Wonder how darling Caroline's stuck around for this long." Kol got no rise from his brother, and he knew that Klaus must have been sinking into a very dark mood if he didn't even rise to Kol's taunts.

"Come on, Nik. What's going on in that funny head of yours."

"None of your damned business, Kol."

"Temper, temper." Kol tutted, tilting his head, his eyes not quite hiding the worry he felt for his brother. Nothing ever got beneath his skin, and the rare times it did, it had never been over a girl. He hadn't seen him this caught up since Tatia, and even then that had been all rages against Elijah and lustful encounters in the woods with the Petrova whore who came between the brothers. Klaus had transformed himself into the ultimate killer, never caring or feeling, the only leniency he showed was towards his siblings, and even then that could wane.

"What sort of magical being is this girl, Nik, to get under your skin. Even I can't do that, and I've been annoying you for centuries."

"If you don't shut your face, Kol, you may find that you don't have one anymore." Klaus threatened, but it lacked punch.

"Are you worried, brother?"


"Worried that she'll leave you?"

"Kol – "

"Or worried that she'll stay?"


"Worried that you'll change her for the worse."


"Worried that you'll kill her spirit like you always do."


"Worried that – "


Kol found himself pinned to the coffee table that buckled under the force of Klaus' foot pushing into Kol's chest.

"You would do well, brother, to remember your place. And remember mine. We are vampires, we do not care or love, and we certainly do not provoke brothers who are vastly more invincible than you."

"All this is proving that I am right, however." Kol said, disregarding the impending danger of his brother destroying him. "You truly care for this girl."

"She is merely a conquest."

"Really? Then why are you so worked up?"

"Because you would irritate the devil with your constant provoking!"

"Only if the devil had an infatuation with a certain baby vampire."

Klaus leaned down and gripped Kol's neck once more, hoping he could shut him up somehow.

"I do not have an infatuation. She is merely tempting and I will win her over and toss her aside like the many human girls from the past centuries."

"You are right, it's more than an infatuation. You've never put this much effort into anyone in the past, Nik. And you've never wooed a vampire." Kol choked as Klaus squeezed his throat, but he still forced his words out. "Just admit it. She's special."

Klaus snapped Kol's neck, sighing at the peace that followed.

"She's more than special, brother." He said to fill the silence, loosening his grip and shaking out his hand, turning to grab the bottle and skull it, ignoring his glass.

Kol woke up and knew not to revisit the topic of his little blonde baby vamp once he saw just how much liquor Klaus had consumed while he was out. He was still wondering how to plot his revenge for his brother killing him (for that really happened too often for Nik to get away so lightly – anger or no anger), when he heard the two blonde vampires return.

"Well, if it isn't our dear sister and guest." Kol crowed as the girls stumbled clumsily but daintily through the door. "Looks like Bekah got to her first, Nik." He called to Klaus as he entered the room again, resurfacing from his sketches.

"Caroline and I have had a little girl bonding time. I introduced her to the pleasures of Austrian liquor." Rebekah said proudly, disentangling herself from Caroline's smooth limbs and settling on the couch next to Kol. He offered her the bottle, and she wrinkled her nose in distaste, taking off her heeled boots.

"Kirschwasser's my new favorite." Caroline said with a slight stumble over the new German word.

Klaus watched as she tried Kol's scotch, holding back a chuckle as she shook her head in disgust at the taste. She caught sight of him again and made her way over with ever so slight trips of her feet. He stood his ground, even as a sudden voice told him to leave her alone, for she was too good for him and he would only corrupt her. He shut that voice up quickly with the fact that he only wanted to dominate her anyway, that it didn't matter about trivial things like feelings.

"Hello, love." He said lowly when she finally stopped in front of him with a sigh.

"Why aren't you drinking?" She said as if it were a crime.

It was so unprecedented that he couldn't help but chuckle. "I already had enough of that before." And it was all because of her. The thought sobered him fast. "You do realize that you and Rebekah have been out for at least 12 hours." Not like he was counting.

"Wow." She muttered, and Klaus was slightly pleased that she had spent time willingly with Rebekah without broken limbs. His baby sister meant a lot to him.

"Clearly you must have made an impression on her. Bekah's been known to get bored and just bring back her companions within an hour, snapped spine and all."

Caroline frowned. "Hey, don't sully her name. Your sister is a nice person." She said fiercely, surprising him when she poked his bicep to emphasize the last two words.

"I cannot believe I am hearing you defend my own sister." Klaus said, biting back laughter, his mood thoroughly improved.

"Yeah, well, she may be an evil blood s – girl – but that doesn't mean she isn't nice." Caroline said with a nod, and Klaus looked at her, wondering what on earth had made her change. He had half expected her to run, and yet here she was, without being chained to him or compelled.

She huffed a sigh at him, stunning him again as she pushed him back into the bedroom behind them.

"Our brother is finally getting some, Bek!" Kol exclaimed like the troublemaker he was, and the two Original siblings watched as Klaus flashed them the bird over Caroline's shoulder and shut the door.

Once in silence together, Caroline let her eyes reach his. He heard her breathing stutter before she turned away and paced over to the table, then the chair, avoiding the bed entirely.

"So…what did you and Kol get up to today?"

Ah. Kol's words echoed around his head, bringing with them his own thoughts from earlier that day. The ones he shouted to himself: that he wouldn't win her over, and the quieter ones he refused to admit: that maybe he was feeling something, but that she was far too good for him. That she might become a weakness. His personal weakness.

Klaus looked up to find Caroline had paused, studying him with her calculating eyes.

"Not much," He answered her question. "He kept going on with some irritating thought or another. I snapped his neck at one point." The other thought that she would run returned to him, and he had to stop himself from glaring at her. "I would have left, but I wasn't certain you would actually be returning at any point."

She returned his half-glare.

"I was out with your sister. Did you seriously think I would run?"

"Yes." He replied, and she fumed. He quietly noticed that she never looked so lovely as when she was aggravated with him.

"You're such a jerk. You can't keep me with a babysitter for every waking moment in the hopes that I won't run."

How little she knew him.

"You'll find that I can."

"Bastard." She shot at him, the colour rising to her cheeks.

"Tell me something I don't know, love."

It flipped her. She was suddenly right in front of him, the sudden rush bringing her scent sweeping over him, stunning him in a sunshine and lily haze.

"Stop calling me that!"

"Stop calling you what, sweetheart?" He grinned. If this was the way to provoke her nearer to him, then so be it.

"Stop calling me every single pet name in the book in an attempt to get me in your bed." Heat was coming off her in waves, and he realized it wasn't just from her anger, but another passionate emotion. Her entire body gave her away, the way her head was tilted, the way her eyes had darkened from sky blue to azure, the way her lips parted, the way her eyes would stare at his mouth. He breathed in through his mouth, and that was a big mistake. Her scent, her taste, washed over him, and he wanted to lean down to kiss her or drink her in, he didn't know which. She muddled his brain past a point of liquor and drunkenness, and he wanted to get drunk on her, get high on her presence.

"You talk such a big game, and you don't deliver." She murmured, her voice more of a rasp as they stood almost toe to toe, the inch of space between them a crying shame.

"Do you want me to deliver, then?" He teased, waiting and hoping for some sort of answer that he could manipulate around so he could finally kiss and conquer her.

"Never," Came the hissed reply, and he growled lowly, knowing there was absolutely no way around that.

He would have shifted backwards, but she started to lean in closer, and her eyelids fluttered. He could count the freckles on her nose, he could count her eyelashes, he could see every fleck of dark blue and subtle shades of green in her eyes. But he could also smell the subtle scent of the cherry liqueur on her elevated panting breaths, and he was brought back from a possible heaven with a crash.

"How much have you had to drink tonight, Caroline?" Klaus murmured, not wanting to have this happen in drunkenness. He wanted the pure essence that was Caroline, not a night that she would regret because of alcohol. No. If she were to regret it, it would have to be in the most evil way he could possibly obtain: her lust sweeping her away and her feeling miserable the next day because she couldn't blame it on anything but herself.

In truth, quietly, he wanted her to not feel any guilt or misery the next day. He secretly wanted her to never get enough of him, to never leave his side.

But he would much rather leave her side before she could leave him. He would prefer to inflict loneliness rather than feel it. He did not feel such trivial things.

Caroline pressed her lips to his, and it muddled up every evil thought. He did not think of how to maneuver her to the bed, he did not think of winning. He felt a wave of absolute and pure emotion. Joy. Happiness. Elation. Bliss. All things he could never associate with someone like himself, for he was damaged, he was not meant to feel such things.

And yet this bright angel was reassuring him without words. It felt as if she was saying that she would never leave him, sweetly telling him that she was there. She sucked in a breath, and he was brought slightly back from his stupor, pressing eagerly into the kiss, sucking on her bottom lip and reveling in the whimper it elicited. Caroline pressed against him, and he was trapped in this blissful moment. He puller her to him, needing to reassure himself that it wasn't a dream. The smooth skin of her back was there under his calloused fingers, and she shuddered against him, a small moan escaping from between her lips before her tongue was against his, tasting of cherries. He answered from the back of his throat, gasping in a breath.



But the air brought clarity, and he was reminded that the very thing she tasted of was what had brought her to kiss him. Alcohol. Not his skills or his efforts or his presence. She didn't want him.

He pulled away.

"You've had too much to drink."

The happy smile slipped off her face like it should have been accompanied by a sound affect. Thunk.

"Excuse me?"

Klaus stepped back, needing distance. No one should get that close, no one should get under his skin. And yet she had sweetly invaded his senses, opened his lips…

"You're not in your right mind." He said, in part to him as well as her.

"You can't be serious." She tried to laugh, but it faded away quickly. "Really? My god! So what, after everything, I cant kiss you because I want to? I kiss you, therefore I must be drunk because you didn't have to compel me or throw expensive jewellery or seductive phrases my way? How damaged do you have to be to think that I couldn't just kiss you because I am attracted to you, Klaus?"

She was attracted to him? In his wildest dreams, he couldn't, wouldn't, never would have thought that she would admit to it. He could have easily seen her succumbing to lust in a heat of passion, but never actually considered attraction, actual admitted attraction.

Nor could he consider a correct way for her to see how this affected him.

So he blanked it entirely. "I think you should just get some sleep, love."

Her determined face was back. "No, I think I should do something else." She said softly, walking towards him with a sway in his hips. He folded his arms across his chest, determined not to succumb to the tricks she was now using on him. He immediately wished that he hadn't when hurt clouded over her perfect blue eyes and he realized that her hurt was more painful to him than his own. It was like a knife in his back that he just couldn't reach to pull out. And it hurt.

"You don't think that maybe I want this too right now? Or are you just so broken that you have to lead me on in this sick game of yours to make me just as screwed up as you are? It hurts me too. It's humiliating. It's painful."

Her every word was like raining bullets, hitting precisely where she knew it would hurt him. Before she could see the impact she had on him, she had whirled around and stormed out, stomping down the hall and slamming a door behind her.

Rebekah glared at him like he had just delivered a personal grievance.

Kol looked at him with a mixture of pity and distaste – clearly he liked Caroline and cared for her feelings more than he'd ever admit.

"Really, brother. I thought you had more class than that."

Or maybe Kol was just ashamed at his brother's current lack of charm.

"Shut it, Kol."

"No, he's right. You're an ass." Rebekah reiterated sourly.

"Excuse me?"

"An ass. Its what's on your backside, Nik. And also is your face. And your whole person."
"Oh, shut it, Kol."

"I was only trying to help, Rebekah."

"Niklaus." Rebekah brought back Klaus' attention before he completely lost it. "Caroline didn't even mention not wanting to be here with you today. She wants to be here. And she's the first friend I've had in decades. Don't ruin everything."

Clearly his siblings were just in it for their own amusement and gain. But then again, when were they not?

"None of this is to plan. She is the one ruining everything." Klaus muttered, pacing.

"Do you hear yourself? Stop acting like such a child and go in and apologize." Rebekah said edgily.

"No." Klaus snarled, storming out of the suite. He needed a drink. Of both kinds.

This late into the night it was difficult to find someone without some form of drugs or alcohol in his system, but he had been doing this for centuries. He went to a international bank, compelling his way up to the floor that did relations with Boston. It was far too easy, the only person left at that time was a woman in her late twenties. A red head, so he wouldn't have to be reminded of Caroline.

She was startled when she finally noticed him there, and he compelled her straight away. He wasn't in the mood to play games. Games were what had started this whole mess.

"You wont scream, you wont fight," After a moments hesitation, he added more commands. "You wont feel pain." That damned girl was getting to him. He hadn't felt anything close to compassion or humanity in centuries. He had been very comfortable in that till she had come along and screwed with his very being.

"Follow me."

Klaus led her to the coat room, oddly the only place those stupid humans hadn't thought to place a security camera, and bit into her neck.

It didn't sate him anywhere near where it used to.

The girl was not a screamer, but she did moan in pleasure, and he rolled his eyes at the sound. Pathetic. Nothing compared to that sound that Caroline had made when he had tugged at her lip and teased her –

Klaus drew back in disgust. No. This was definitely not what he was craving. And it had nothing to do with the woman's blood type, or even what she had been eating. Everything was right.

It was just him who wasn't right.

He was absolutely pathetic.

Klaus tried once more, drawing on the wound, but no, nothing, no cravings were satisfied. He sighed, nipping his wrist and feeding the red head his blood so she would heal.

"You won't remember anything. You are to go back to your desk and do your work."

She nodded, the wound on her neck already closing, and blinked.

Why was she alone in the cloak room? She must have needed something from the pocket of her coat. The woman shook her head, rubbed the side of her neck gently, and walked back to her desk.

Klaus walked across the city, not knowing what else to do. Drinking alcohol didn't appeal to him right now, not after the be all end all cure of blood had failed him.

What did he really want right now?


Well he could have had her before and he didn't, so who was to blame?


And why hadn't he?

She was drunk. It wouldn't be winning the game if she was drunk.

Was it really about winning the challenge he had set for himself? He fancied the girl, did it mean that he had to settle with one fuck and then leave?

What if he wanted more?

His incessant footsteps paused momentarily before resuming.

More sex, that was. What if he wanted more than one fuck? He supposed he could continue till he inevitably tired of her.


What if he never tired of her?

Could he imagine tiring of her? Tiring of her bright bubbly vivacity and her sunshine fresh scent and her constant eye rolling and her soft lips –


He didn't know if that was the answer to the question his mind created or if it was simply his soul claiming that it had had enough of being searched for the night. He had to settle with two things. Him fancying Caroline, and him not being tired of her.

At least not yet.

But that didn't mean that he couldn't continue trying to win her over.

Klaus found himself at the hotel, and decided that enough was enough for the night.

He had only made it up to the suite when he sensed that something just wasn't right. He could hear Caroline's whimpers of fear, and he immediately jumped to insane conclusions. Someone had found them, and Kol and Rebekah were already slain or had made a run for it, and they were torturing Caroline. Or worse, his siblings were torturing Caroline.

But no, he could hear Kol's snores, and Bekah's gentle exhales, they were both asleep.

Was someone only attacking Caroline?

No. He shook his head at his thoughts. Her nightmare.

That didn't make it any less of a worry.

Klaus made it over to Caroline's room, scoffing softly at the locked door which he jimmied open easily. Who said that just because he was a vampire he had to break through doors? He padded over to her bed, but it wasn't as if he needed to be quiet. She was trapped in the dream just as surely as she was entangled in her bed sheets, which had twisted into a knot around her legs. She struggled blindly against them while panting great sobbing breaths.

Klaus forgot about everything he had just spent so much time analyzing and pondering over, encircling his arms around her and trying to bring her comfort in her terror.

Caroline continued to fight against his arms, but he held her steady.

"Caroline, Caroline, Caroline." He murmured in her ear, stroking her hair away from her temple, and suddenly her eyes flashed open and she was awake, but unseeing.

She burrowed unexpectedly into his chest, whimpering so softly that it was muffled in the cotton of his shirt and he had to strain to hear her.

"Why did I sleep – I shouldn't have – not without – so stupid – don't know why – " She babbled, and he was perplexed.

"Its okay now, you're safe." He murmured, and the way she looked at him made him feel like the hero in disguise, but she recognised him, and she knew him. She knew him.

"Why – " Caroline started, then broke off, curling into him as if he were the last anchor to the Earth, and she never wanted to let go. He mattered to her. She had been hurt, and he hadn't been there.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry," He whispered. He never said sorry. He was never sorry. But he felt something akin to it now, and he wanted to express it to her, to the bright angel that he was corrupting, the angel who stayed even when she shouldn't, the angel that he, the devil, comforted in this backwards world they were creating.

Klaus waited till her breath had stopped hiccupping, before moving to place her back on the pillows and leave. He never stayed, she didn't want him to. And last night on the train…well…she had come to him, but that had been something unrepeatable.

Caroline grabbed at his shoulder, her grip gentle, but it touched his undead soul.

"Don't…" She swallowed, inhaled, looked up at him with those large blue eyes that he fell into. "Stay?"

How could he possibly refuse? Yet she looked at him like he would, like her very world depended on his answer.

"Alright." Klaus answered. He had never voluntarily stayed. Ever. He had never been asked, and the women who he had bedded who had lingered were disposed of one way or another. But he never slept next to anyone. For many good reasons.

And yet with one plea from the baby vampire, he was crumbling, eagerly taking her in his arms and settling down to rest like he would actually rest for any portion of the night, sleeping or awake. Klaus was not one for resting.

But he stayed.

And he awoke to the most wonderful thing.

Caroline was watching him, face soft as her eyes skimmed over his features along with her fingers.

His first thought was that it was a trick. He had been alone for a thousand years and hunted for just as long, of course he immediately thought that it wasn't something pleasant. But then his senses returned to him, and he unlocked his limbs.

It certainly helped that her fingers had the most soothing touch he had ever felt. Klaus closed his eyes, savoring the feeling. He doubted for every single second that he would feel it again. Despite the lack of alcohol in this situation, he couldn't imagine Caroline doing any loving thing towards him without prompting. Passionate, yes, but with some slight prompting. But caring, loving, like the beautiful way her lips now graced the sharp line of his jaw? Without a single word from him? Never.

"Thank you staying." Caroline whispered against his stubble, and he nodded, opening his eyes to look at her. Her eyes flickered down to his lips, and then back up, a teasing lilt to her eyes.

Klaus took a chance, brushing a lock of hair behind her ear and cupping her cheek and neck, feeling her elevated pulse and the way she leaned gently towards his touch, like a cat.

He leaned up slowly to kiss her, imaging the whole time that she would pull away or push him off.

She didn't.

How Klaus had left her lips last night he would have no idea. He just knew that unless he was forcibly removed, he wouldn't plan on leaving them again anytime soon. The day in Vienna seeing museums and concerts swiftly left his head, and all he was left with were those damned feelings again. He was aware of feelings.

How his heart leapt as her hand threaded and curled around the hair at the base of his neck.

How he wanted to hear the little sigh she made on constant repeat as his lips roved over hers.

How he felt a warmth growing in his chest of all places, right between his lungs, expanding and glowing like a miniature sun.

Caroline rolled over so she was ontop of him, and he was suddenly completely unaware of everything. She tugged on his lip with her teeth, and he retaliated by showering her neck with opened mouthed kisses, finding her pulse point and sucking.

Her breathing hitched and she snarled, delighting him.

"Bite me."

Klaus couldn't believe his ears alone, and he lifted his head to study her face. She looked put out that he had left her neck, but nodded.

"Do it."

He had always assumed that she had not had a good experience when she was turned. He knew plenty of vampires who had been used before being created into the creatures of darkness they were now. It was something he had always kept separate. And he had never known what circumstances had lead to the sublime fate that had rendered Caroline immortal.

But here she was, the girl who refused to use humans, stating that yes, please, would Klaus bite her?

He allowed her to watch his face transform, not wanting to surprise her, to show her what she had signed up for. Caroline watched with heavy lidded eyes, her breathing accelerating and her eyes darkening.

And then he was biting into her neck, and finally the rush he had been expecting when he had fed earlier was flooding through him. Caroline was the most exquisite thing he had beheld, and the most glorious thing he had tasted.

Klaus cradled her head, directing her towards his own neck. No one had ever fed from him there. He had disliked even the thought of being that connected and vulnerable, had always kept the distance. But after Caroline had shed all pretence, he felt it was fair, necessary, right that she should have the same from him.

She bit into him ever so gently, but it sent a powerful feeling coursing through them both.

He was hers.

She was his.

They brought their lips back together, high on the feeling of bloodlust mixing with pure lust.

Klaus flipped them over so she was beneath him, and she let out a small throaty laugh at his need for control. He pressed into her, letting her see just what she did to him, just how much control she had over him.

Her breath left her in a whoosh, and he smirked as she pressed against him in response.

"Niklaus…" He heard her murmur, and he kissed her as she leaned up towards him, but pulled back to study her face. Did she know what she had just said? Did she know what it meant to him?

"Say that again, love." Klaus growled hoarsely, biting with blunt teeth at her now healed neck, and Caroline clutched at him.

"Nik…" She moaned, and her legs slithered around his waist, ensuring that he wouldn't leave. As if he ever would.

He pressed a searing kiss to her lips, and another, and another, feeling her heartbeat flutter underneath him –

"Do you two mind? It is six in the morning, why can't you just sleep rather than have sex."

He was going to murder Kol. He was going to bring back his mother from the charming spot in hell that she resided in, just to find another way to destroy his brother so Klaus would never have to deal with him again.


"Kol, I hope you're ready for breakfast, because I'm about to tear out your intestine and feed it to you." Caroline called from between his arms, a look of pure fire alight on her face.

He was so happy he had found a treat like her. She was superb.

"Caroline, I hope you're ready to stop making out with my brother, because I have big plans for us today."

Klaus would let hell freeze over before his siblings would steal Caroline away from him today.

"God, is this a bloody zoo?" His face was livid as he opened the door to his siblings. It was the face of death and terror, fangs and wolverine features out, and he noted with pleasure how Kol and Rebekah flinched away. Clearly this was the new face he would use against his enemies.

"The pair of you should be kind to remember that Caroline is here as my guest. That means that I will be showing her the city, and you may join, but by no means will you dictate what happens. Need I remind you that you are also both here under my name? By all means, feel free to leave at any time."

"Nik." Came a soft, chastising voice behind him, and it took him a second to realize that Caroline had called him that. Caroline. She blushed under the look that he and his siblings gave her. "Klaus." She amended, and directed her gaze towards the two Originals. "Sorry for the noise. We'll see you two later. Please don't complain anymore than necessary."

Rebekah nodded, sneaking a sly look between Klaus and Caroline as she walked off. Kol had the audacity to waggle his eyebrows and wink before leaving. Klaus shut the door with a huff, turning slowly to face Caroline again.

She looked so tempting, in the bed they had slept in, wrapped in those sheets, hair rumpled from his hands, lips swollen from his kisses. Looking at him with just as much desire as he felt.

She shook her head with a smile, breaking the seductive mood that had settled over them again.

"Breakfast?" She said brightly, hopping out of bed and stretching.

Klaus admired her long legs, the sliver of her hipbone and stomach that was revealed with her movements, the way she jutted her chest out and the slope of her elegant neck.

He returned to her eyes, knowing he had been caught staring, and she smiled rather than scoffed. He almost smiled in return.

"Of course. Shall we dine on each other, or did you have something else in mind."

Caroline rolled her eyes, but her smile was soft.

"How about treating me to Vienna? Just like you planned."

"Well, you've managed to change my goals ever so slightly now, love. My mind is a little hazy on exactly what I had planned that was outside this room right now."

She giggled, and he hesitantly walked over to her, expecting her to vanish into a puff of smoke, or shy away from him. She didn't seem real, here laughing with him in the light that streamed in through the window, and he was waiting to wake up and find himself in Mystic Falls without her.

Caroline helped him by meeting him halfway, meeting his hesitant hands with hers and meeting his hesitant lips with her quick kiss. Naturally, it turned into more than just a quick kiss, but this time she broke away.

"Breakfast. Or I'll snack on you."

"I truly wouldn't mind that, sweetheart."

"Breakfast. As in, food, coffee, toast, whatever they have here." She said sternly, but the impish smile never left her face, and for once he let a true smile grace his lips in return. She pressed a kiss to one of those dimples, before pushing him out the door.

"Go get changed. We'll go for a walk in five minutes and get breakfast."

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