It was the night before Christmas. Or rather, the night before the week leading up to Christmas. And Klaus was not happy.

"I received an interesting call from Rebekah today." He stated as Caroline unpacked the Christmas decorations she had insisted on buying to festoon the house.

She faltered, knowing what was going to come next, but continued to unravel the miles of white tinsel. "Yes?"

"Saying that you had invited her over for Christmas." Klaus continued. "Which I thought was odd, seeing as I hadn't heard anything about having family around for the holidays."

"I thought I would surprise you." The blonde said airily, not meeting his gaze as she busied herself by setting out the candles.

"You know I hate surprises. Especially where my family are concerned."

"Its our first Christmas since we got back from the trip." Caroline reasoned, finally meeting his eyes. "And I wanted to try and do a whole Christmas thing just like my family used to do."

Klaus took in her pleading pout and puppy eyes and knew he was not going to win this fight. Neither she nor his feelings for her would allow that. "The moment that Christmas is over, I want them out of here." He compromised.

"Yes, Mr Grinch." She beamed, flitting over and roping him in with tinsel for a kiss. "Thank you."

And so it was that the Mikaelsons gathered together for Christmas. They hadn't been in the same room like this since Klaus and Caroline had left to see the world together. The last Christmas they had celebrated together was in London.

Things were going to get interesting.

It was five days till Christmas Eve and the dinner that Caroline planned, and she had already begun to bake. Most of the dinner was to be cooked on the day, but she had wanted to have a good batch of gingerbread all done before the day.

Klaus came in to the kitchen to find his blonde angel with smudges of flour all over her arms and face. Her gaze wasn't focused on the chunk of gingerbread dough that she rolled out underneath her large wooden rolling pin, but on the small television screen she had set up on the counter. As he drew nearer to her, he realized that she was playing old children's Christmas programs.

"Sentimental, are we?" Klaus asked as he came closer.

Caroline tore her gaze away from the animated characters to flash a smile in his direction. "It's a Christmas tradition of mine. I've watched these every year since I was six."

Klaus studied the cartoons on the screen. "I don't understand it."

"I'm just letting you know, if you diss Winnie the Pooh or Piglet, I'm not going to be happy." She warned him, returning to the program as she flicked more flour onto the flat dough in front of her. "They taught me everything I know about friendship."

"Explains a lot." Klaus teased, dodging the flour she flicked in his direction and pressing a kiss to her cheek. "You smell like cinnamon."

"Blame it on the cooking." Her body tilted back to rest against his automatically, encouraging him to twine his arms around her waist.

He pressed his mouth against her skin where her shoulder connected with her neck. "You taste like it too." He murmured.

"Mmm." She agreed, her hands falling idle as she pressed against him.

Her apron was already unknotted from her waist and her shirt halfway up her torso before she clocked on to what he was doing – distracting her.

"Nik." She whined. "I've got to get these done."

"I'm sure you'll have plenty of time – "

"I barely have time." She retorted sharply, flashing out of his embrace and over to the other side of the counter.

Klaus regarded her with the barest hint of a pout as she smoothed down her shirt and wound her apron back around her waist. She sighed, knowing she was helpless to that puppy-dog look he pulled.

"Let me put this last batch on."


Four days till Christmas, and things had already started to unravel. And the cause of all the mischief was Kol.

"Did you mean to have all of this?" Klaus asked Caroline from where he stood gazing out the front window.

"All of what?" She frowned, coming to join his side. She gaped at the sight.

The front lawn was festooned with deliveries of multiple outdoor Christmas decorations.

"Its so tacky." Was all that she could manage to mutter.

Klaus took great pleasure in taking each of the decorations from the front garden out to the woods and destroying them.


The third day till Christmas Eve dawned brightly.

Caroline and Klaus woke up pleasantly enough, until they made their way down stairs to find a peculiar sight in the lounge room.

The whole floor was covered in what looked like white foam.

"Is that…snow?" Caroline mused softly as she tiptoed her way down the stairs.

Klaus padded through the mess that was ankle deep, and scowled. "It's Styrofoam."

Caroline ran her hand through the mess. It was nothing more than the material they put into bean bags. However, someone had clearly gone to the effort to dump a thousand bean-bags worth into the lounge room, making it look as if snow was all around them. The clean up would be horrendous.

"Who…?" She trailed off.

Klaus growled under his breath. "Kol."


Two days before Christmas brought about a very elaborate prank that Caroline simply had to admire for the effort it must have taken.

The bathroom plumbing had been altered so that the twin taps that curled into the sink ran red and green water.

Klaus had not been as amused.


One day before Christmas was the final straw. Klaus and Caroline were awoken at dawn to the sound of carolers outside on their front porch. Caroline had convinced Klaus that she could send them away far more politely than he could, but when she discovered that the poor carolers were compelled to stay for the entire day, it was all she could do to stop Klaus from draining all of them dry.

"Its not their fault." She hissed sharply, tugging his head around so his eyes met hers. "Remember the Christmas spirit. Take this out on Kol for all I care, but don't you dare ruin innocent people's Christmases."

Klaus found the most isolated, quiet part of the house to remain in for the rest of the day while Caroline kept the carolers warm and fed even as they sang for the whole day.


The morning of Christmas Eve dawned, and Caroline was in a flurry. Tinsel dripped down the banister of the stairs, mistletoe and holly adorned the doorways, stars didn't just hang, they trickled down from the light fittings, and a few angels watched over the occupants of the house from various mantelpieces.

The blonde angel herself was in the kitchen stressing over her grandma's cookbook when the first guest arrived.

Rebekah was grinning when the door was opened, but her smile shrank two teeth when she saw it was her brother.

"Where's Caroline?"

"Merry Christmas to you too, dear sister." Klaus said dryly. The blonde Original sashayed past him into the house, and he exhaled. "Yes, of course, come in, don't wait for an invitation."

"I didn't." She said.

"I know." He gritted.

"Caro?" Rebekah called.

"In here, Beks." Caroline's voice floated out from the kitchen, and Rebekah swiftly enveloped the girl in a hug.

"Merry Christmas!"

"Same to you!" Caroline beamed, wrapping one arm around the girl in return while juggling a turkey baster in her other hand.

Rebekah turned to where Klaus leaned against the doorframe. "Right, now its your turn, Nik. Merry Christmas."

"Second?" Klaus scoffed in surprise. "Am I no longer the alpha here?"

"Not when my sister-in-law is concerned." Rebekah replied.

"I was surprised when Nik told me you had got in contact with him." Caroline interjected, raising her eyebrow. "And aside from disregarding the tiny thing I had asked from you when I said 'don't mention it to Nik', I'm more curious as to what brought you to Christmas here alone."

Rebekah sat down at the kitchen bench contemptuously. "Its simple, really. I placed all my options on a dart board and let fate decide." She studied her perfectly buffed nails with a careful eye. "Clearly fate wants me to impale you all on a dart, but we'll see how dinner pans out first."

"Speaking of dinner, I've got a pot of potatoes that need to go on the boil." Caroline mentioned ever so casually, but the Original blonde didn't get her suggestion.

"What's the poison for tonight?" Rebekah asked her brother.

"Haven't selected anything particular." Klaus replied.

"Then allow me." She grinned, making her way to the cellar. Klaus was about to follow her – he couldn't simply hand over the selection for drinking without a good fight – but the doorbell cut off whatever he was about to say in protest.

He groaned. "Make sure that whatever you choose, there are at least three bottles of it." Klaus called after his sister as she disappeared down the stairs. "We're certainly going to need it."

"Let me guess," Caroline called after him as he stalked towards the front door. "Kol?"

"The one and only." The youngest Mikaelson brother responded as Klaus opened the door.

"With company." Eva added, before taking in Klaus' murderous expression. "Though whatever he did this time, I had no part in it."

"I don't doubt you." Klaus growled, his eyes fixed on Kol. "You, dear Evangeline, have enough common sense to not cross me."

"I, on the other hand, have taken a thousand years worth of pleasure from it." Kol grinned, aware of the retaliation that was about to come his way.

Klaus stepped aside to allow Eva across the threshold, and grabbed Kol by the throat as he proceeded to follow her.

Eva continued on, leaving Kol behind her. Whatever was happening, he deserved it, no doubt. She knew what a scoundrel he could be.

"Merry Christmas, Carolina." She called to the blonde whirlwind in the kitchen.

Caroline turned around brandishing a spatula and enveloped Eva in a hug. "Eva! I'm guessing Kol is here too?"

Eva nodded, and the sound of glass shattering echoed through the house.

Caroline shut her eyes and exhaled slowly through her nose. "Klaus is with him out the front, isn't he?"

Eva nodded again, and Caroline set her face in the most calm expression she could muster.

"That had better not be my front window, you pests." She shouted loud enough for the Mikaelson boys to hear her, before turning back to the stove.

"I see domestic bliss suits you well." Eva noted, leaning against the countertop.

"It does…" Caroline mused as she started chopping sweet potato. "When Klaus isn't acting all…Klaus-like."

"Which I gather is what is happening today." Eva sighed. "What did Kol do this time?"

"A bunch of Christmas pranks." Caroline scoffed. "Remind me to never again whinge to Kol about how much of a Christmas grouch Klaus is."

"I'll make sure of it." Eva chuckled, her smile widening as a blonde head popped up from the cellar.

"Caro, ask Nik if we're allowed to open the '37…" Rebekah caught sight of Eva and grinned. "Well, someone's a sight for sore eyes."

"Didn't know you could see yourself in a mirror." Eva retorted, walking over and kissing the blonde Original on the cheek. "I thought you would have been with one of your man-friends for the holidays."

"Too many to choose between." Rebekah smirked, handing numerous bottles to Eva before disappearing back down the stairs.

Eva read the labels. "Well, its certainly going to be a Merry Christmas, that's for sure."

The sound of splintering wood resonated in the front of the house, and Caroline sighed.

"So long as no one kills anyone."


Klaus hovered over Kol with one foot planted on his shoulder to keep him pinned to the ground.

"Is there any reason why you decided to continuously send Christmas decorations over to the house?" He growled at his younger brother.

Kol grinned back up at him. "I missed tussles like this. Its been a while."

Klaus dug his heel further into Kol's shoulder, and he gasped out a chuckle.

"Do you remember the last big fight in Vienna? Those were the days. Now it takes a good weeks worth of pranks to rile you up again." Kol tiled his head. "Its Caroline, isn't it? She bats her lashes and gets you to stop threatening to burn the world down to ashes."

"If there is one thing that is going to be burned to ashes these holidays," Klaus snarled, picking up his brother by the collar of his shirt and dangling him an inch above the ground. "It will be you."

Before Klaus could threaten any more, the door opened and Elijah walked in with a frown.

"I thought I heard your pleasant tones." He said to the pair of them, before catching Klaus' eye. "Niklaus. Would you mind setting down our brother and greeting me properly?"

"As a matter of fact, I would mind." Klaus replied snarkily, but he let Kol drop back to the floor before clasping Elijah in a swift brotherly hug. Out of all of his siblings, he could tolerate Elijah the longest.

"No companion this year?" Kol asked as he straightened the creases in his shirt.

"None." Elijah said with a flippant air. "Besides, Christmas is a time for family."

"Though I wish it weren't." Klaus turned a glare on Kol, who couldn't hold back his grin. He loved riling Klaus up. If there was anything better than a Christmas present, irritating his brother would certainly be top of the list.

"Where is the lovely Caroline?" Elijah asked Klaus.

"In her battle tower." He replied with a wave towards the kitchen. At that very moment, a shriek sounded along with the scent of something burning.


The three Mikaelson brothers came down the hall to the kitchen where Caroline was scraping the few burnt bits of crackling off of an otherwise perfectly cooked section of roast pork belly.

Eva and Rebekah chose that moment to pop up out of the cellar with bottles of wine.

"Elijah!" Rebekah gasped with a happy smile, jumping into his arms and very nearly crashing the bottles together, were it not for Klaus' careful intervention as he grabbed the wine from her hands.

"Rebekah," Elijah grinned genuinely at his sister, holding her close before moving to greet Eva. "Merry Christmas."

"Same to you." She replied politely, tapping her cheek against his informally for a kiss.

"And Merry Christmas, Caroline." Elijah greeted Caroline politely as she attempted to juggle two roasting pans. "Thank you for inviting us all into your home."

Caroline beamed genuinely at him, grateful for the small bit of praise.

Klaus scoffed. "When you say 'invited', it implies that others also had a say in the matter."

Caroline rolled her eyes at Klaus before returning her smiling face back to Elijah. "Don't mind him. He's just annoyed that Kol found some inventive ways to prank him."

"I'm guessing this explains the tussle in the front room?" Elijah asked, turning back to his brothers.

"Yes." Kol confirmed proudly.

"I'm running short of time – " Caroline mentioned as she chopped the cucumber at a hectic speed.

"For the record, Kol is not the only annoyance." Klaus shrugged, pouring wine into all six glasses regardless of his words. "I was against the whole thing."

"Against this whole gathering?" Eva asked with a frown.

"He's against anything Caroline organizes without telling him." Rebekah elaborated, accepting the wine glass before Klaus could rescind his offer, smirking over the top of the red liquid that was a mixture of grapes and blood.

"If someone could pass that bowl," Caroline indicated towards a white salad bowl, before grabbing it herself.

"That isn't true." Kol pointed out in objection to Rebekah's words. "He's all for most things that Caroline does. All she needs to do is bat those big blue eyes and he'll lop off his own bal – "

"Hey!" Caroline objected, but Klaus cut across any other words.

"Kol, it is Christmas, so I'm going to give you one chance." He growled, his eyes shimmering a slight gold shade. "Shut your mouth, or I will shut it for you when I stick a White Oak Dagger through your heart."

"Dagger threats? This early?" Kol grinned. "It really is Christmas."

"If the dagger disagrees with you, I've always got a lovely indestructible White Oak Stake that I'm itching to place in your chest." Klaus snarled with a nasty smile.

"HEY!" Caroline snapped again, and all five heads whirled around to face her where she stood in the middle of the kitchen. Her hair was in wisps around her face, her apron dashed with different streaks of flour and oil, and her hands were on her hips.

"I have been working my butt off since seven this morning. I have been cooking and cleaning and organizing everything so this day would be perfect, because Christmas is a time for family. Yes, family can suck, family can be annoying, but that's what families do. You know what else families do? Say thank you. And you know what else families do? They help each other. Don't get me wrong, I love cooking everything to make today a wonderful family Christmas time, but that doesn't mean I have to do it all alone. And I've been doing eve-ry-thing. So since all of you are at least a billion times older than me, stop acting like children and start acting like a real family."

Silence reigned after Caroline's outburst. Klaus was the first to break the silence.

"Sweetheart – "

"Don't you 'sweetheart' me." Caroline growled, turning to face him alone. "You have been the worst, acting like nothing can touch you, like family isn't important to you. But it is. You know it, and so do I. I'm in love with you, and I know that you're in love me. Your family loves you, and you love them. And I know that you think Christmas is some stupid tradition that's been manufactured into this whole holiday to produce money, but can we just for one moment celebrate it for what it really is – bringing people together out of love?"

Klaus let her finish, and the last bit of irrational, angry energy gust out of her with that final breath. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath in, and out. When she raised her eyes to Klaus' face again, his own were warm and fond.

"Caroline," He murmured, drawing out her name in that special way of his that she loved it the most, Ca-ro-line. His calloused palms came up to cup her cheeks ever so tenderly. "You're right. As you often are."

"Often?" She interjected, and he placed a thumb across her rosebud lips.

"I let you talk." Klaus raised his brows. "Now let me."

Caroline frowned slightly, but nodded.

"You're right, love. Family is important to me. But as always, it has got the better of me by triggering my worst emotions – anger, spitefulness, loneliness. Family brings out the worst in us, and the best too. I'm just lucky to have found an angel who reminds me to be at my best rather than my worst." He stroked his fingers carefully down her neck, as if she were made of the most delicate glass.

She rocked up on her toes to press her lips against his, not wanting any more words. There had been far too many speeches already, and it was Christmas; a time for toasts, for laughter, for long-winded tales, for sharing words. But just for now, all she wanted to share was the emotions between them: the remains of their previous aggravation, the new feeling of forgiveness and the everlasting reverence they both kept for each other.

When Caroline opened her eyes and smiled at Klaus, he grinned a far too pleased grin. She frowned, knowing that smile. It was one that told her she was about to find out something.


"Turn around, sweetheart."

Caroline turned to find the kitchen in order, the food she had just finished cooking presented neatly in their correct dishes, and the four remaining Mikaelsons gathered around the table waiting for them patiently. The family had worked as one to get Christmas in order, and everything was beautiful.

Caroline tilted her head onto Klaus' shoulder. "See? What did I tell you? Family."


It had been a while since the family had caught up, since for the first time in centuries, they were spread out happily across the globe.

Klaus and Caroline had visited a great many sights on the planet. The pair recalled moments from their travels: a night on a boat in Venice, mountain climbing in Peru, and returning to India for the festival of color.

"I still don't understand how you managed to get Nik to participate in the Holi festival not once, but twice." Rebekah shook her head. "How…wait, do I want to know?"

"Probably not." Caroline replied, beaming at Klaus. He returned her smile, brushing a sweet kiss across her palm. They had repeated the entire moment from the year previously where he had finally told her that he loved her, complete down to the red and blue powders they had chosen before. They had also visited the same field where they had lounged together languid in the long grass, only this time it had rained, leaving drops of water that they had kissed off each others bare skin.

"Yes, you're right, we don't want to know." Kol chimed in, pouring everyone another helping of wine before they could protest. "Anything that puts those love struck expressions on their faces should not be shared with family members."

"You are such a romantic." Eva said with a roll of her eyes.

"Why would I need romance when I'm already irresistible?" Kol smirked at her, planting a kiss just under her jawbone.

"And you called them love struck." Rebekah scoffed into her wine.

Elijah had returned to New Orleans to check Marcel was keeping the supernatural beings of the French Quarter in line. He had stayed to sort out an uprising of the witches that was upsetting the balance of nature, and had gained the trust and support of the community there.

"That's not all, though." Rebekah prompted as Elijah finalized what he had been up to.

"What are you neglecting to mention?" Klaus questioned with a smirk that made Caroline think that he already knew what Elijah was trying to skim over.

Elijah shrugged elegantly, sipping his wine. "I have spoken of everything worth mentioning."

"That's true." Rebekah said. "That Petrova girl is hardly worth much."

"Rebekah," Elijah snapped, his tone telling everyone present that he did not want to talk about this issue in particular.

No one said another word about it, though Caroline raised her eyebrows at Rebekah. She would find out the real story once Elijah was out of earshot.

"Would you like to tell the family about your own antics?" Elijah continued, and Rebekah scowled at him.

"Only cause you can't stand the heat." She grumbled.

Rebekah had divided her time in certain cities and towns, from Mystic Falls to New Orleans and beyond. And it appeared that in her travels, she had acquired a dalliance at each place.

"Marcel sends his regards, by the way." Rebekah smirked at Klaus, who frowned slightly, but otherwise said nothing.

"As do Stefan and Matt." She turned to Caroline, who forced herself to swallow her wine rather than spit it out all over the finely laid table.

"Stefan and Matt?" She asked Rebekah. "And Marcel?"

"And a few others not worth mentioning." The Original Blonde shrugged.

Caroline glanced towards Eva for confirmation, but she merely smiled as if it were a regular occurrence.

"And they all know about each other?"

"Of course." Rebekah said, affronted. "What do you take me for?"

"What can we say?" Kol grinned. "Beks is famous for her strumpet behavior. And us Mikaelson's are hot commodities. Myself especially."

"Oh please." Eva scoffed. "You couldn't get a bear to chase you if you were the only edible thing for miles."

"You're never going to let that go." Kol sighed. "It was one time, and you dared me to."

"And you accepted it!" She laughed.

Kol and Eva had been 'hanging out', in their own words. Neither of them wanted to commit it to any other term.

"How about 'you couldn't get a bounty hunter to chase you if you were an heiress'."

"But that's only half true."

"Which half? You were, nay, are an heiress, and you did have a bounty hunter after you. That is until you fed on him."

"Still. My bear comment was better."

"Not a chance, darling."

Caroline rolled her head in an exasperated sigh. "God, get married already, you two."

"What?!" Kol and Eva chorused in unison.

"She's right." Klaus said, his fingers stroking soothing patterns along the back of Caroline's neck the way one might pet a cat. "You act like you've been married for a century at least."

"We do not!" Kol spluttered.

"I've already been married!" Eva protested. "We act nothing like that!"

"Because you love each other." Elijah said with the patience of an adult explaining simple math to a child.

"You both love each other and can't stand each other at the same time." Rebekah smirked, finishing the last mouthful of her red wine.

"That is what true love is." Caroline nodded, smiling slyly at Klaus, the entire history of their relationship passing between them with just one knowing, loving glance.

The table was silent for a moment, before Eva got to her feet restlessly.

"So. Clean up?"

Elijah mirrored her movement on the other side of the table, and the pair started to stack dishes. Kol graciously took the plates from Eva to put in the sink. Klaus gathered the platters, dropping a kiss to the top of Caroline's head as he passed her.

Rebekah eyed Caroline as the young blonde vampire sat back in her chair, exhausted.

"Don't even think about saying it, Beks." Caroline smiled wearily. "I just pulled off the greatest dinner of all time, considering that it could have ended in a food fight." She laughed. "Does it look like I'm about to do the dishes?"

"Touché." Rebekah sighed, before getting to her feet and collecting the empty glasses.


Caroline sighed, draping herself across the bed once everyone had retired for the night. It had been a success. It had been a challenge, but a success. Sometimes she wondered if she had been brought into this family because she was the only one who could possibly handle the drama that the Mikaelson's threw around.

A weight either side of her head reminded her of the real reason she was now part of the Original family, and she opened her eyes to find Klaus gazing at her, upside down from the position she lay in.

"You should be thankful." She told him. "That's two Christmases without bloodshed thanks to me."

"I'm always thankful that I'm with such an incredible woman." Klaus replied, brushing a tender kiss across her lips.

Caroline's hand wound through his hair, deepening the kiss. She wondered if this feeling would ever fade, whether she would ever stop loving him this fiercely and desiring every touch and craving every kiss and always wanting more, never tiring of the feelings he stirred inside her. He could kiss her this lovingly forever and every time it would feel like a pulse of pleasure that was entirely new and familiar all at once.

Klaus pulled back despite her grasp, and stroked his fingertips down her smooth cheek before altering his position so he lay beside where she stretched across the bed.

"Are we sleeping a new way tonight, love?" He asked, gesturing to where the pillows lay unused at the head of the bed.

"If that's your way of saying 'lets pull out the Karma Sutra book', you need to work on your lines." Caroline teased, tucking herself into his side.

"Well, if that's you suggesting that we try..." He trailed off, and she kissed the stubbled line of his jaw.

"You created something phenomenal today." Klaus reminded her after a lull.

"I know." Caroline sighed with a content smile.

"Though I won't ever understand what your attachment to this holiday is." He continued.

She paused for a moment, and he wondered if he had hit a nerve.

"Its just old family traditions, I suppose." She finally said. "It reminds me of stuff I did when I was human. Sometimes I forget." She murmured into the crook of his neck. "Sometimes I forget what it was like for me to be human. Sometimes I forget about different parts of my humanity, and how they used to be connected to small things like the time of the year. And sometimes I forget just how much humanity you had lost before I really knew you, and how much more you gained somehow through me – with these silly traditions that anchor me to the girl that I used to be."

"And I'm glad for it." He assured her, his warm breath whispering through the curls at the crown of her head.

"That girl was so small town, though." Caroline half-laughed. "Such a superficial, neurotic teenager. Why would you be glad? Why would you want to know her?"

"I want to know every inch of you, inside and out, from here to the edge of eternity." Klaus said, his fingers smoothing down her arm leisurely, leaving goose bumps in their wake. "Because that superficial, neurotic girl grew to be the woman you are today. And true, in some moments, you still are that girl. But without those nuances, you wouldn't be you. And I love all those fragments that make up you."

Caroline lifted her face to his, and he captured her lips in a kiss so slowly intense and fierce that it curled her toes. They savored that night, taking in each others skin slowly as if memorizing it like it would be the last time.


Christmas morning dawned, and the family gathered beneath the tree as they had done back at the last Christmas in London.

Rebekah had appreciated the gesture of Caroline getting her all ten seasons of Friends, despite her sneer of how she 'didn't waste her time on such superficial, meaningless drivel, regardless of its comic value'.

Elijah's face bore a genuine smile when he unwrapped the duelling swords Klaus had given him. He even went as far as promising to test them in a duel with Klaus later that day.

Kol was amused by the '101 practical jokes' book that Klaus had wrapped for him, especially when he found out its pages were filled with more gruesome variations on 'practical jokes' that vampires such as the Originals might find entertaining.

Eva was quite attached to the simple blue ribbon that Kol had given her. Caroline later learnt from Klaus that it had been what a bride and groom would tie around themselves at their wedding back in the day, giving the origins of the tradition of 'something blue'. On the blue ribbon was a thin iron band that looked as if it could fit Eva's finger.

Klaus received a crown from Caroline. He had puzzled over it as she smirked, before she admitted what it symbolized.

"It's a reminder." She said softly. "That you're always going to be king in my life. No one else. No competition."

Klaus returned the gesture in a way that thrilled Caroline's heart. For after all the presents were opened, after every stocking was emptied, he brought another box into the room, one that was heavy and moving slightly. And if Caroline concentrated, she could hear a heartbeat.

She tilted her head in wordless question to Klaus, and he shook his head in response.

"Open it."

It was a beautiful husky puppy, with piercing blue eyes that seemed to glow like the embers of a dying fire. The little thing bumbled out of the box Klaus had placed him momentarily in, and Caroline had been lost for words. When the puppy butted its head against her hand before licking it with its tiny pink tongue, nuzzling its way into her arms, she had looked up at Klaus again.

"Because there wasn't enough drama having one beast-man in your life." He smirked.

The puppy found itself in a warm embrace between Klaus and Caroline, and the miniature family of three came to be.

Merry Christmas!

I couldn't resist. I had to do a Mikaelson family Christmas part two.

I'll apologise also and say that I've been very lazy in terms of getting the Dappled Sunlight chapters in order. Rest assured that they are in my head and hopefully will end up in the computer and on your screens soon. However, I can certainly say that with the addition of this husky puppy to Klaus and Caroline's lives, you will see a few drabbles up and running. I'll be making a separate story to house all of these, and in keeping in theme with the light idea from 'Starlight' and 'Sunlight', it will be labelled 'Sunset'.

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