The Suspicious Phone Call

Jackie smiled as she watched her two children playing on the living room floor. Jasmine was combing her doll's hair and Houston was playing what seemed to him to be a fun game called look mommy, the laundry basket is on my head. A few seconds later Houston let out a wail. He couldn't get the laundry basket off of his head. Suddenly his fun new game wasn't so fun anymore. Jackie laughed and went over and freed him. He then left the laundry basket alone and crawled over to where Jasmine sat on the floor. He tried to yank her doll out of her hand.

"No Houden." Jasmine scolded as she yanked the doll back towards her so he couldn't get it.

He then started to cry. Jackie shook her head and went and got a few of his toys from the other side of the room and brought them over to him.

"Here bud, play with these." Jackie said.

He happily grabbed one of his rattles.

"Aah." He said as he raised it at Jackie.

"Yeah, play with that." Jackie said with a smile.

As soon as she sat back down the phone started ringing. She got up off the couch after much effort. Because of her seven month pregnant belly doing most things took great effort.

"Hello." She said after she picked up the phone.

"Hi, may I speak to Nick please?" A woman's voice answered. "He's not in right now, may I take a message?" Jackie asked.

"Yes, could you tell him his girlfriend Traci called please?"

To Be Continued….