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A/N: Femslash

Triplets find their way to Storybrooke Maine. They are an awkward batch: Ginger Adella Thyme, the oldest, loves pink. Sage Patience Thyme, the middle, loves to wear black, and Lavender Chylde Thyme, the youngest, wears anything but pink and looks a little like a child. How does Lavender know Emma? Why is the Mayor acting a little weird around her too? A Quintuplet? Where is the fourth?

Chapter 1-

I stare at Sage from the passenger seat, her dark eyeliner frames her eyes. She was the oldest of the remaining 3 of our quintuplet. She sighs, closing her eyes for a split second. My stare doesn't falter.

"Lavender." She states, giving me a small look before returning to the road. "I can't have a starring contest with you while I am driving." I just stare.

I didn't want to move, but Sage said a change in scenery was overdue, she was lying, I know. With my Ex-girlfriend going off somewhere (not leaving anything behind) about a rough 5 months ago, and the fact that I had gotten raped a little over 2 weeks ago, she thought a small town would keep me sane. Then again, She was right; of course, I didn't go outside at night anymore, I have irrational fears, and I was eventually forced to quit my job - I worked at a local bar, at night – and so now I am mooching off of both my sister's income, adding a bit of money when I sell my paintings, and drawings, but it isn't enough to live by myself.

I stopped starring and looked out of the window. I had to admit, I loved the woods around the town. I watched my older (not oldest) sister, Ginger, in her red 2002 mini cooper S, I never like the car. Sage's car was better, it being an 1998 Black Ford F150 XLT, but i don't like it black. My baby was the 2009 Black Yamaha FJR 1300A. It was tied to a platform, which was hitched to Sage's truck. It was about a month since I rode the bike for over a mile.

"When Can I ride?" I asked, looking at sage, planting my best puppy dog face on. She laughs and shakes her head, giving me glances from the corner of her eyes.

"The next gas stop, we are almost there" She told me. I gave a small cheer and began to stare at my bike, smiling, maybe this wasn't such a bad Idea after all.

We stop at a gas station, and I shoot out the door, rushing towards my bike. I sigh with happiness.

"So she finally gave in?" Adella asked. She was parked behind us, also getting gas.

"Yes!" I laugh, rushing to get my bike off the platform. I ride around and get behind Adella's car and grab my helmet. I rush over to Adella and stand with her, keeping her company while she watches the pump's numbers.

We must look odd, all three of us. Adella, the over-happy, pink-loving nurse; Sage, the depressed, Black-wearing Lawyer; and then there is me: Lavender, the dark (but not black), childish,and antisocial bartender. I sigh as she puts the pump back in and messes up my hair. I smile, I am happy.

Sage started her car and I run to my bike, starting it and fallowing. My waist-length hair whips in the fast-running wind. I smile to myself. This cantt be as bad as I thought it would be.

We pass a Sign stating we are in Storybrooke. Just a few more minutes and we are in a small town. I smile to myself as we stop and Sage goes into a building so we can get the keys for our house.

I look to my right, recognizing a yellow bug. She couldn't be here, right? I look around for a quick bit, realizing that sage has gotten back into her car. Emma Swan never liked small towns, did she?

My first story :) I am just Introducing my characters :) I love her bike!