Hey gals and guys! I know I said I was going to put up that sequel of Revenge Is so underrated but…. I kind of have writers block on it. And I might just start this story then finish it, then start the sequel. It depends but I will tell you when I'm starting the sequel okay? BTW, this is a Danny AND Sam romance story! Okay then on with the first chapter!

Sam's p.o.v

"Daddy stop please stop" you could hear my cries from next door, but nobody really cared. The police came over once or twice but now they seemed to disappeared, figures when I need help they just leave. Probably got a couple of 100,000 thousand dollars to leave this part of the neighborhood alone, I was rich after all. He continued to beat me I was black and blue all over. No amount of makeup was going to fix this. "Sam I told you, the more you cry the longer you get beat" I took a few shaky breaths in and stopped crying and he slapped, "I told you to stop crying!" He yelled. His eyes held the furry of customer who didn't get the product they were looking for. You see, my father never wanted a child, and because of this I am constant reminder of why he was tied down. My father pointed to the door and I gladly took the hint and walked out in the icy cold wind. I shivered from the cold, and looked around for awhile trying to find a secretive place to sleep for tonight, it was snowing slightly and I managed to find a dark alley to call home for the night. I wasn't allowed to sleep in the house, I was an animal and animals had to sleep outside. But why would I want to sleep in there anyway? So I could get beaten in my sleep? No thanks I'll sleep outside any day, I looked up and down the alleyway looking carefully to see if I would be visible from strangers walking by. After deciding to move the trash can a little to the right I leaned against it careful not to tip it over. My eyelid fluttered and before I knew it I was fast asleep.

Danny's p.o.v

"Okay mom I'll be back!" I called out to my mother in the lab I heard her muffle an "Okay honey!" and I shut the door behind me. Gesh, moms can be so annoying sometimes I thought to myself. I quickly crossed the street avoiding cars that waited anxiously for the light to turn green. I quickly passed an alley but I heard a strange noise. Walking quickly I heard a faint echoing sound coming from the alleyway. Maybe I'm going crazy! I thought to myself and decided to quench my curiosity by having a look around. Good thing I did look because I found a girl. She appeared to be sleeping; she was in a protective ball burying her head knees. By the way she looked I was willing to bet that she was being abused. She suffered a lot with all the bruises and scars she had on her body. Wanting to help her I kneeled down and picked the small and light girl up.

Sam's p.o.v

I feel myself being lifted up and reacted instantly. I jumped backed away from this stranger with black hair and blue eyes. "Whoa, calm down I'm here to help…" He said trying to make a few steps towards me. "I get hurt enough just let me be" I said and ran off in the opposite direction, I ended up in the park, out of breath, out of a goodnights rest, and out of luck. I soon as I turned around he was there "Look I just want to help you!' He claimed "Sure just like my so called friends you only want to hurt me!" I yelled and ran until I fell less then inch away from him. He sighed and held out his hand for me take "You have to trust me on this…" He started "Or you can go back to your old life, it's all up to you"

He was right I was better off with a stranger then my family,

"I don't really have a choice, do I?" I asked

"You always have a choice" He said smiling and I believed him