Okay, well, this is actually really fun to write. :) I never thought I'd have this much fun writing something like this...anyways, sorry if Magenta seems more mature than a normal 5 year old girl...originally she was going to be 9, but I changed it to make it seem more...erm...believable, that, and I'm not exactly sure how a normal 5 year old acts...

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Magenta was sitting in the middle of her room, quietly playing with her dolls. Tanja had left her an hour before so she could begin making lunch.

She still wondered when her brother was going to come home. After a few attempts at getting an answer from her mother, she'd finally given up. She'd decided to ask her father when he got home from work in a few hours.

"Genta! Lunch time!" Tanja called from the kitchen. Magenta jumped up and ran out of her room, leaving the dolls sitting in the middle of her room.

"What's for lunch?" she asked, sitting in her chair with a big smile on her face. Tanja looked at her sadly, faking a smile for her daughter.

"I was thinking grilled cheese would be good for today…" she said softly, setting a plate in front of Magenta. She sat down in the same seat she had been sitting in for breakfast and waited patiently for Magenta to start eating.

"Mommy…why does daddy work so much?" Magenta asked as she took a bite of the sandwich. "He's never home and when he's home he's just mad…"

"Honey, please just eat…we can watch a movie when you're done, okay?" Tanja said. Magenta nodded and continued eating in silence. Tanja glanced at the door nervously and looked back at Magenta.

"Magenta…sweetie…how about you go play with your dolls some more?"

"But…mommy…I'm not done eating…"

"Just please go to your room, Genta. Please," Tanja looked at the door and bit her lip. "Please, Genta."

Magenta hopped out of her seat and hurried to her room, obeying her mother. She sat back down in the middle of her room after quietly shutting the door and locking it, something she did for extra safety. She picked up two of her dolls, one with bright yellow hair and one with bright red hair. She pulled her dollhouse closer and started playing.

Riff Raff walked into the house, calling his younger sister's name. "Genta! Genta! Where are you, Genta?"

Magenta ran out her room, down the hall, and hugged him. "Riffy, I missed you!" she cried, smiling at her brother. "Why were you gone so long?"

"I'm sorry, Genta…I'm sorry I was gone so long…I had to help grandma and grandpa on their farm for a little while…I missed you," he said, kneeling down in front of Magenta and hugging her tightly. Magenta noticed that he was crying but she didn't say anything about it.

"Promise me you'll never leave again…promise me you'll always be here…please," she begged softly.

Riff Raff's voice was distant and soft. "I promise."

"Magenta!" Damian shouted, pulling Magenta out of her play world. "Magenta! Get out here!"

Magenta jumped up and ran to her door, unlocking it and running out into the living room. "Yes, daddy?" she asked.

"How was your day?" Damian asked cheerily. He flashed Magenta a big smile and Tanja squeaked softly from the corner of the room.

"It was great, daddy. Mommy and me played with my dolls after breakfast," Magenta answered. "How was your day?"

Damian glanced at Tanja and quickly returned his gaze to Magenta. "It was busy, no different than any other day. Though I can say, seeing your bright and happy face has made it that much better."

"Daddy, when is dinner?" Magenta asked.

"It is six…" Damian said, looking at Tanja. Magenta was slightly shocked to hear that it was six already. "When is dinner?"

"Um…I can…I can make dinner now, if you don't mind waiting for thirty minutes," Tanja mumbled, averting her gaze to the carpet. "Or we could go out and get something."

"Hurry up and make dinner, woman," Damian ordered. Tanja nodded and hurried out of the room, into the kitchen. He turned back to Magenta. "How about you go play with your dolls until dinner?"

"Okay," Magenta said. "I love you, daddy!" She hugged her father and ran back to her room to play for a little while.

The three sat at the table, eating in silence. Tanja and Damian avoided eye contact, Tanja keeping her gaze on her young daughter. Magenta ate with a smile on her face, completely oblivious to the tension in the room.

"Daddy," she said.


"When is Riffy going to come home?" Magenta asked. Tanja coughed, dropping her fork on her plate and quickly taking a drink of her water. Damian set his fork down on his plate and folded his hands, resting his chin on his folded hands.

He shot a death look at Tanja before looking at Magenta. "Magenta…why are you so eager for him to come home?"

"You guys said he was going to help grammy on her farm in Arkansas for a month…it's been nearly three months…I miss him," Magenta said, sighing softly. "I want him to come home."

"Tanja, we have to tell her," Damian said quickly.

"D…Damian, we can't! She's five."

Magenta listened to them argue for a few minutes about telling her something. Damian hit the table with his fists and stood up.

"Damn it, Tanja! I am going to fucking tell her whether you like it or not!" he shouted at Tanja. Tanja cringed. Damian looked at Magenta. "Magenta, Riff Raff isn't coming home. He's never coming home."

"Why not?" Magenta asked.

"Because…Grandma still needs him to help her…" Damian said, voice growing softer.

"Why can't he come home to visit? Why can't we visit him?"

"Magenta, go to your room," Damian ordered, sitting back down. Magenta didn't move. Damian glared at her. "Go to your room."

"I miss Riffy…why can't he visit us?"

"He's going to visit us in a few days," Tanja said quickly before Damian could answer. "Now go to your room, sweetie."

"Okay, mommy," Magenta said, getting out of her chair and hurrying to her room.

"We're not letting that boy back in this house! He is disrespectful, he is bad, and he is a downright bastard! He will not set foot in this house again as long as I'm alive!" Damian shouted, waking Magenta.

"Just one day, please! For Magenta…she really misses him…I'm sure one day will keep her from asking for a few more years," Tanja said. Magenta pulled her blankets closer to her.

"That boy isn't allowed back here!" Damian shouted. There was a loud smack. "Don't you ever talk back to me, Tanja! What I say is final!"

"Just one day! That's all she wants!" Tanja shouted. "Why can't you just give her one thing, Damian? She's a good girl! She deserves this…Damian! Stop! No!"

There was a high-pitched shriek and the sound of hitting. Magenta curled up into a ball and tried to ignore the sounds, softly singing to herself.

A few days passed. Magenta spent the days waiting for Riff Raff to walk in, but he never did. Whenever her dad was home, Tanja wouldn't let her out of her room. So she spent quite a bit of time playing with her dolls.

It was around ten in the morning, Tanja was busy cleaning and Magenta was in her room playing with her dolls. The door opened, neither girl noticed someone had walked in until they spoke.

"Where's my sister?"

Magenta looked up from her dolls.

"Where's my sweet Genta?"

Magenta jumped up and ran out her room, nearly running into her mother, who was crying softly. She threw herself at the boy that was standing in the middle of the living room, tears streaming down her face.

"Riffy," she said. Riff Raff smiled and gently pushed her away so he could sit down. The second he was comfortable, Magenta hugged him again as tightly as she could, never wanting to let him go again. "Why were you gone so long?"

"Grammy needed quite a bit of help on her farm…I don't know why she doesn't just sell it and move closer to us…" Riff Raff joked. He looked at Tanja and frowned. He stood up, gently pushing Magenta away, and walked over to the woman that was still crying.

"Mom…your face…" he said. Tanja covered her face with her hands. Riff Raff moved her hands, staring at the bruises on her face. "Did he…I was gone…this is my fault…" he trailed off. "Damn it!"

"It's fine, Riff Raff…" Tanja said.

"No it's not! I promised to protect you two," Riff Raff said. He glanced at Magenta and his eyes grew big. "Did he touch Magenta? Did that bastard lay a finger on her?!"

"Who?" Magenta asked, walking over to Riff Raff.

"Sweetie, did daddy hurt you at all?" Riff Raff asked, gently setting his hands on Magenta's shoulders. Magenta hesitated at first, not sure whether she should be honest.

"Yes…but it…" Magenta didn't have time to finish. Riff Raff had turned back around, his hands becoming fists.

"Where is he? Where is that man?" he asked, glaring at Tanja. "You didn't stop him! You're the reason he sent me away! You're the reason he moved onto your own daughter!"

"It's not my fault…I tried to stop him…" Tanja whispered, cowering slightly as Riff Raff stepped closer to her.

"How hard did you actually try?! Obviously not hard enough, mom! That's fine! One of us is going to die tonight!" he shouted, turning back around. "Whenever he gets home, I am going to confront him and do what you should have done."

Magenta looked up at Riff Raff, remembering one of the reasons why she had wanted him to come home in the first place. "Riffy, do you wanna go play with my dolls?" she asked, gently tugging on his sleeve.

Riff Raff looked down at her and smiled. "Sure…let's go play with your dolls," he said, letting Magenta lead him to her room.

"Oh wow…you…redecorated…" Riff Raff muttered, staring at Magenta's room with a look of shock and awe on his face. "I remember when everything was either baby blue or light pink…"

Magenta ignored his commenting and dragged him to where her dolls were; in the middle of the room, almost exactly the same as always. She sat down and handed him the doll with yellow hair.

Riff Raff examined the doll for a moment, gently pulling at the hand-made clothes it wore. He looked at the doll in Magenta's hands, the one with red hair, and back at his doll.

"Genta…did you…make these dolls?" he asked. Magenta nodded. "And what do you call them?" He knew that she'd named the dolls; she always named everything she owned. Even her pillows had names.

"That one," Magenta said, pointing at the doll in Riff Raff's hands, "is named Riff Raff…after you." She looked at him with a big, proud smile. Riff Raff managed a slightly disturbed smile, still staring at the doll. "Mine is named Magenta."

"Uh huh…" Riff Raff nodded slowly, trying not to dwell on the fact that the Riff Raff doll seemed to be the most used out of the four dolls he could see.

Magenta picked up the other two dolls. "This one," she held up a doll with slightly red hair, "is mommy."

Riff Raff took the other doll, the one with dark black hair. "This one must be dad…" he mumbled to himself.

"Let's play!" Magenta said, dropping the doll of Tanja and pulling the dollhouse a bit closer to her and her brother. Riff Raff reluctantly put down the doll of Damian. He tried to focus on what Magenta wanted to do.

"I'm home!" Damian shouted, sounding slightly angered. "Where the hell are you, Tanja?!"

"In the kitchen!" Tanja shouted back at him. "Just finishing up dinner!"

Riff Raff walked out of Magenta's room, despite the young girl's protests and pleading to stay and keep playing. He tried to get Magenta to stay in her room, but she refused to. She promised to keep a distance from Riff Raff.

"Hey, dad," Riff Raff said, stopping and standing in front of his dad. "How have you been these couple years? I've been fine…working to help grammy…"

Damian stared at his son with obvious disdain. "Hello, Riff Raff. Why are you back home?"

"I came back to visit Genta, like a good brother would. How have you been?"

"Fine. Get out, you've seen her, now go," Damian ordered. Magenta cocked her head slightly, not sure why her father was telling her brother to go.

"No," Riff Raff stated. "I'm not leaving. Not this time."

Damian grimaced. "Get out of my house!"

"You think it's fun to hurt my sister?! You think it's okay to ruin her life like you did mine?!" Riff Raff screamed, not able to act civil anymore. "Why don't you pick on someone your own size, huh?"

"Get out now!"

Riff Raff shoved Damian. "Pick on someone your own size now!"

Tanja was standing in the doorway of the kitchen, watching the two with tears in her eyes.

Damian shoved Riff Raff back, hoping to knock him down. Riff Raff just shrugged. Damian pulled back his fist, getting ready to hit Riff Raff. Tanja hurriedly lead Magenta back to her room, telling her to lock the door and not to come out until she said so.

It didn't keep Magenta from listening to the two fight.

"Get the hell out of my house before I hurt you!" Damian shouted.

"I'd die before I walked away! I can't leave her here with you!"

Magenta wasn't told she could come out of her room until the front door had been slammed four times. Tanja then gently knocked on the door and whispered Magenta's name. Magenta could hear loud snoring, something that she often heard and knew who it was. She dropped her dolls and walked over to her door, unlocking it and almost running into Tanja.

"Dinner time, sweetie…sorry you had to wait so long…" Tanja said apologetically. "I wanted your father to go to sleep before I let you come out…he was sort of angry."

Magenta nodded and followed Tanja into the kitchen, not noticing the blood on the carpet. She climbed into her seat and started eating as soon as Tanja set the plate of food in front of her. Tanja sat down beside her, watching her eat with a small smile on her face.

"Mommy…where's Riffy?" Magenta asked. "Did daddy make him leave?"

"Yes…your father made him go stay somewhere else for the night…" Tanja answered. There was a long silence as Magenta ate. A short time after she'd finished, the snoring stopped. Tanja's eyes brightened and her smile grew bigger, until she heard the footsteps.

"What the hell are you two still doing awake?" Damian shouted, standing in the open doorway. "Both of you need to go to bed now!"

Tanja sighed. "Can Magenta finish eating first?"

"No. Go to bed, both of you."

Tanja stood up and turned to Damian. "Damian, she needs to eat. No matter how much you think she can go without eating, she needs to eat. Let her eat until she's done and then she'll go to bed."

Magenta blinked, looked down at her clean plate, and back up at her mother. She was finished…

Damian stepped closer to Tanja. "Woman, you'll listen to me or you'll end up just like that boy you call a son!"

"I don't care! I won't let you take your anger out on Magenta anymore!" Tanja shouted. Magenta hadn't heard her mother raise her voice in a while. She was, quite honestly, scared.

Damian glared at Tanja. He looked at Magenta. "Magenta! Go to bed!"

"I'm still hungry," Magenta mumbled innocently. Damian walked over to Magenta and grabbed her arm.

"You're going to bed!" he shouted, roughly pulling her out of her chair and dragging her to her room. Magenta started screaming as loud as she could. Tanja stood there, frozen with fear and shock. Damian picked Magenta up and held her close to his face. "Listen to me and listen to me well. If you don't stop disobeying me, your life will become a living hell."

"D…daddy," Magenta whimpered. Damian tossed her in her room and slammed the door shut, not caring if Magenta had been hurt. Magenta sat up and held her arm, crying loudly.

"Go to bed!" Damian shouted. There was a loud smack and a shriek. "I said go to bed!" There was another smack, shuffling, and the sound of a slamming door.

Magenta sniffled, gently squeezing her arm. She stood up and changed into her pajamas, with some difficulty, and climbed into bed. She sang herself a quick lullaby and tried her best to go to sleep.

I am trying to keep this realistic, but I'm not exactly sure how this would go soooo...yeah...sorry. By the way, yay for Riff Raff and Tanja! :D Kinda Tanja...

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