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Hello once again audience! I got this random idea while doing nothing. Also, this is AU (Alternate Universe) and everyone is the same year of age in this story. Enjoy~!



You're probably wondering who wrote this.

I just want you to know something…

I love you. I love your long, flowing green hair and soft, leaf green eyes. I love your melodic voice and beautiful laugh.

No wonder every boy liked you.

But… You fell… for him.

That boy with the brown hair and blue eyes. The annoying preppy kid who loved wearing white.


Why? Why did you fall for him? What was wrong with me?

Do you know me?

I'm the class clown and secret bully. The boy with black hair and dark skin. The one who always wore dark colors.


Don't worry, pretty Palutena, you don't need to worry about me anymore. You don't need to worry about me messing with your relantionship with that boy.

Because by the time you read this, I'm gone. Dead.

You never loved me, right? I was just some boy with a sense of humor to you, correct?

But, why did you fall for him instead of me?

I thought you'd love me back. I thought we would live happily together forever.

But, my dream was crushed. Destroyed.

But, not by you. You're perfect, Palutena!

You're beautiful, kind, wonderful, and just perfect! Perfect doesn't even to begin to describe you!

I hope you're happier without me in your life.

Please, don't grieve, though I highly doubt you will. You have that boy with you.

Just remember that you should've been MINE!

Sincerely, Hades, your one-sided lover.

P.S. I love you!


Eh, not my best work. But, it's something, right?

Until next time!