Kat Morgan POV

One can be amazed at my school sometimes.

"wonders never seize to exist" I muttered to myself, twisting the sword that hung on the wall, slipping inside. In about ten minutes, the year would start. Mom had to drop me off early. She went to Korea to disarm nuclear missiles and such. No big deal. I pushed through a mass of cobwebs, coating them in my brown hair. At least I didn't stain my- never mind. I sighed; I already used up 5 tide stain sticks last year. I'm not sure I could sneak out and buy one until at least a month more. I fingered the small scar on my palm as the floor creaked with each step.

"AHHHHH!" A voice said that I quickly ran to. There, lying on the floor was my cat-like, tuna-eating friend Ava Williams.

"Ava! You're here! And you came through the roof…" she grinned

"I know. They say cats always land on their feet! A skill I have yet to master." she muttered. I laughed then helped her up and she brushed off the dust that came from falling through five stories. Just then she paused.

"They're hereeee." she said in a sing-song voice."Gotta go!" she jumped and started to climb up. I sighed and continued. I wasn't looking where I was going and *SMACK!* I slammed right into a window.

"Ow!" I cried rubbing my cheek. I can kill a man in seven different ways and still can't seem to prevent myself from being a klutz! In front of the school, I could see limos and cars dropping girls off. The window was floor length so I sat down, aimlessly picking at the floor. I ran my hand across the floor, back and forth, looking for my friends. Just then *clink* "Huh?" I thought *clink* I pushed my thumb over the clicking noise.*pop!* the floor swung upwards, leaving a hollow space, with a roll-up ladder and an old note, written on a sheet of real paper, not the vapor kind.

Use when time is right, C

Huh. I wondered who C was. I decided I would come back later. I shut the door and looked out the window once more and saw the car with Winnie Sanders and Roni Knox. Its bullet proof and it has tinted windows. No duh, they're Gallagher Girls. I quickly got up, ready to welcome them home the Kat way.

Winnie Sanders POV

I yawned yet again, rubbing my eyes. I should not have watched that movie marathon, 'cause boy was I wiped! "Man you look wiped." stated Roni. I nodded

"Totally, but it was worth it. Thanks for letting me stay with you over the summer." She nods.

"No problem, you're my friend." I smiled and she went back to her book. I gave a little sigh and glanced out the window. Her folks were nice; I wish I knew mine, or my mother. We pulled up to the school, and it took my breath away. It could use some windows in the front though. I twisted my honey blonde hair nervously between my fingers, a bad habit of mine. The car pulls up to the driveway and Roni pushes open the door I follow her out and we grab our bags from the trunk. I lug them onto the curb as Roni pays the driver. She hefts her duffle bag over her shoulder and moves to the school. She has always been a loner. I bet half the stuff is comics and hockey stuff. I nearly tipped as I tried to not to break my back lifting the heavy bag over my shoulder. I trudged inside the school. 10 minutes later I had finally made it to our room. I collapsed on the bed panting and sweating while Roni lay on her bed, unpacked, reading her book. "A little help would have been nice!" I proclaimed. She looked up.

"Oh sorry Winnie, this book is really good."

"What's it called?" she fumbles with the pages.

"Casino Royale" I rack my brain, thinking.

"That James Bond book?"

"Yup" She replied and I began to unpack when all of the sudden.


Roni barely looks up while I jumped.

"Come on out Kat." she mutters. Kat comes out from the shadows, her brown hair swaying in her ponytail. Let me get things straight, Kat's hair never, I mean NEVER leaves a ponytail, ever. In all the years I have known her, never has her hair been down. Her hair is medium, like always, so sometimes I wonder, "What does she do?" she even sleeps with her hair in a ponytail. Her hair is usually covered in cobwebs and dust, so will mine in about an hour.

"AW Roni's never scared." I laughed.

"The day she is scared is the day the world comes crashing down." Ava shows up out of know where and nods in agreement, and for the first time in a long time, I feel like I'm home.

Roni Knox's POV

After Winnie came up and Kat (tried) to scare me we all went down to the grand hall, hoping to see the headmistress. You have to know something about her. She went to this school and got a job in CIA. She was amazing, but when a mission in a state that no longer exists, something went wrong. She was badly hurt. She got a scar on her face and was no longer able to work for the CIA. She got offered a job here, and she took it. She still walks with a limp, but runs fine. Next year she might get back to the CIA or MI6 or something. She liked Kat because she and her mother went to school together or something. We were looking for her when we hear the *click, click* of her heels we turned to see her head buried in a long list. "Hello girls!" she said

"Hello headmistress!" we all chirped. She lifted her head out from the list, her face beautiful, but jarred by that scar. She is also known as the first and only British Gallagher girl. That's right, Bex Baxter, is working here. The Bex Baxter, the women who bugged the entire Berlin embassy!

"Have you seen Onyx?" she asked. Onyx was Mrs. Buck's cat. Ava pipes up. "She's in the library." Bex smiles (She insists we all call her Bex.) and said

"Good" she checks off something on her list. "Dinner's at six girls!" she calls waving her hand as she walks away.

"Anything seem different about her?" asks Winnie. I frown.

"Yeah, she seems… happier?" Kat nods

"Yeah, her old CovOps teacher is coming back. He taught my mom too. Mr.… Solomon or something?" my frown gets deeper.

"Where have I heard that name before?" I asked. Winnie bites her lip.

"I don't know." I'm sure I'd heard his name before…..

Ava Williams POV

I'm Cat-like. I admit, I have these really thick glasses I wear sometimes, so my eyes get huge. I even blink slowly like a cat. I tend to sense stuff, like I sensed I knew that man. "I'll be back guys." I say and disappear in to my secret passageway. I move through the wood and cobwebs until I reach the shelf. I found it when I first got here in seventh grade. On it was a bunch of books like journals and such. I stood on a wood block and reached for the book that marks "Circle of Cavan, A History" I pull it out and dust off the cover. I pull open the musty cover and begin to read.

"The circle is infamous. Started by Iavan Caven, the man who tried to kill the 15th president. He was defeated my Gillian Gallagher. In present day, the circle tried to kidnap Cameron Morgan, but she ran away before they could. She fled to Rome, but the circle caught up with her. They tried to get information from her. She then-"

Huh, a ripped page. I turned to the next page.

"-In fact was defeated. Mr. Joe Solomon- thought to be a double agent- helped in the defeat in the circle, the former CovOps teacher at Gallagher. He went to Blackthorn and-"

AGAIN! A ripped page, and that's all there was! I snorted in frustration. Who would rip out a book page? I pushed the book back onto the shelf. I thought I might have some answers.