Eric Taylor POV

We were all in a private jet Macey had suggested. I really liked private jets; we can have weapons on it. James, even though our friend was missing, was eagerly comparing notes with Liz about some science thing. Lucas was sitting in the corner, staring out the window. Cammie was flying it with Zach in the front. Macey was trying to get Bex to heal the scar, and Winnie was talking with Ava. Roni looked almost as wistful as Lucas, talking with Mason. Cammie comes from the front. "Guys, we are here."


No one POV

Kat was running; running as hard and as fast as she could. Legs pumping, heart pounding. Alex followed behind her. She was led to cliff, and stopped short. He had and evil gleam in his eye.

"You won't give it up, huh? I know it will be passed on!" he holds a silver dagger. Her eyes widen, and in her fear, she finds her voice.

"You'll never get it! I swore on my life I wouldn't let anyone take it!" he laughs an evil laugh; she holds her breath as the silver dagger impales her chest. She falls to the ground, as the Alex walks away.

"No! Kat!" cries a desperate voice. It's Hawk. She brushes Kat's hair away from her face. Kat holds hold her hand and Hawk grabs it like a life time.

"Hey, Hawk, I'm not gonna make it." She gives a shudder.

"No, no! You are Kat! You are!" tears stream from her cheeks.

"Your hand." Mutters Kat. She hands her right hand over. Kat takes a breath and pulls the dagger out of her chest. Kat take her friends hand and slices a mark just underneath her right hand, same as Kat.

"Your turn..." Kat hold the dagger and places it back in the wound. She rips her hair band out of her hair and places it onto the palm of her friend's hand.

"Do me favor, yeah? Kick some Caven ** for me." she nods brushing tear out of her eyes and smearing blood on her face.

"Guys Kat is over here!" cries Winnie. Hawk looks up fast.

"Goodbye, Kat." Even on the brink of death Kat smiles.

"See ya around Trish."

Winnie Sanders POV

"Guys Kat is over here!" I yell we all run over and stop short. Kat was on the ground, hair down, with a dagger in her chest. "Kat?" I mutter. We all stare at our friend on the ground, blood coming out from her chest. Mason clenches his fists.

"That's my cousin's knife in her." The world twirls around me. Kat. Her mom rushes to her. "Kat, honey it will be okay, we'll get you-"

"No." she looks startled.

"No? It will be okay Kat-"

"Mom, I'm dying, and it's too late." Her mother frowns.

"Kathryn Rachel Morgan you are NOT giving out on me!" Kat shakes her head.

"No." Cammie looks at her daughter's hair.

"Your hair…" she reaches on her wrist to pull a band out but Kat stops her.

"I'm sorry mom. I never liked having my hair up. Being down is so much freer. Winnie I'm sorry I put in danger, Lucas; I love you, and don't forget it. I'm so sorry everyone, but my hair is free. So free. Free." She drops her hand that her mother was grasping. Her eyes fluttered closed.

"No! Kat no!" the world is fuzzy. Kat Morgan was dead. My best friend was dead. Roni fell on her knees, tears streaming down her face. I remember writing in this report, that the day Roni cries is the day the world comes crashing down, and you know what? I think it had. There are many things I wished had happened that day. That we could have saved Kat. That I knew what had happened, but I really wish I saw girl trembling in the bushes, hand covering a cut, hold up her wrist to her mouth and utter these words:

"Mockingbird has flown for the last time, it is time for Hawk to soar."

Ava Williams POV

It was a small funeral. The boys were there, as were the others that night. Quinn, Rachel, Sarah and Mr. S were there. We buried her on school grounds, and there were daises on her grave. I couldn't believe she was really dead. Roni buried her face in her hands and cried. It was a horrible day. Roni NEVER cried. It was bad. Afterwards, we all went back to the room, but Lucas, he said he needed time alone. We sat in the room and I stared at her empty bed, thinking in a minute she would open the door and slam snowballs at us. Her bright happy face, laughing. But it would never be. My friend was gone forever.

No one POV

"You didn't go." Lucas looks down. She shakes her head.

"I couldn't do it." He slides down next to her in the musty passage way.

"I know, but you should have." She shakes her head again.

"No." she leans on the wall. "It hurts so bad Lucas." He nods.

"I know." He says and leans with her. He would do anything to protect the girl with Black hair.

***The end***


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