Hi! Sorry is is so short. My computer got it all choppy. So here it is!

"Man I am steamed about my laptop!" I protested going to the make your own sandwich section of the buffet. Eric, Lucas and Mason watched me make the angriest Peanut Butter sandwich in the world.
"Hey man, it was worth it." says Eric, sitting down with me.
"Why?" I sat taking a bite out of my angry food. He grins at me, looks around and pulls out his iPhone. He taps a video on YouTube, and it starts.
"That's right Bob, a fire was at cause by and accident in a chem lab, at Gallagher Academy. It was said a student knocked over vials of chemicals and their reaction caused an explosion." It shows the west part of the school on fire. A brown haired girl with a ponytail is yelling at a girl with light brown hair. A girl right next to her is biting her nail and the next one couldn't care because she was reading. A lean, red head woman in a lab coat comes up to them and starts to talk but is stopped by a middle-aged man. It cuts off.
"That's all what is left of the school's west wing." Eric shuts the phone off.
"A chem accident? I ask. He nods
"Yep! It was crazy!" just then the world seems to stop. A large CRASH! We all look up to see a honey blonde haired girl (The same one at the mall) fall through the glass roof. "EEEEEEEEEE!" she calls. It looks like she is about to crash on to the table but is pulled to a stop last minute. She is wearing all black her hair hanging. She blinks.
"Heheā€¦" she laughs nervously. We are all to in shock to do anything. Then a loud CRASH again. A girl flies down and stops hanging upside down on a wire. Her hair is black and curly.
"Come on Bear" she says. She cuts the line and hold on to her feet and they are both whooshed up. I look at Lucas. What was that?