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The sky turned red with warning and announcement signs everyone stood rooted in place by the shock of this omen, there were only a few who watched this go down not with panic or fear but curiosity as to what was going to happen. One such man was Christopher Storm or Deen as his gamer tag read, though when he looked into that mirror and his appearance changed to his real life form panic began to set it, he could feel its icy fingers crawling up his through his veins, he clenched his hands and teeth to fight back. As he calmed down he listened to the final ranting's of this mad man, they were trapped in this game where death meant the end and the only way to get out was to win, to go all the way and kill the final boss. He raised his hand gripping his chin between his forefinger and thumb while crossing his right arm over his chest letting his mind take over to prevent rash action. He was glad he caught that episode of Man, Woman, Wild he implemented the S.T.O.P tactic, Situation, Threat, Observe, and Plan, the situation was being stuck in a game of death, threat, monsters everywhere that were out for blood and dying meant real death plan, survival was the top priority and being a RPG veteran the key to survive is gaining as many levels as he could in a short amount of time.

He waved his hand in front of himself opening his inventory his weapon of choice was a bastard sword or more commonly known as a hand and half long sword he was going to add a shield when he could. As the monster that claimed to be the creator lifted the barrier that surrounded the coliseum Deen turned and left calmly to rush meant panic and he could afford to panic as it would only lead to deadly choices and decisions. As he neared the exit he lifted up the mirror again, he had short brown hair that seemed to float over his forehead he wore a red shirt brown pants and boot the standard for starting the game, his sword was attached his back. He calmly walked out of the town intent on heading for the next as the hunting grounds here were about to overwhelmed and there wouldn't be anything to give him XP, he looked from his left to his right to see several people using the same idea he had, but not many out of nearly 10,000 maybe 30 had the same idea. He would take his time getting to the next town to see how far he could get in levels. By the time he arrived in the next town panting heavily the sky was already black due to night fall, and with all the fighting he had done he had gained several levels on the way earning enough money for a room, new equipment, items and food.

He opened the game clock and groaned as it read 21:58 that being in Japan's time zone, with him being in the United States it was 08:58 in the morning. He was glad that he learned world time thought he was exhausted mentally, emotionally, and physically first and foremost on his list of things to do was sleep. He stumbled around town until he came across a cheap looking inn, as far as he was concerned it was better than nothing, he stepped into the room dragging his feet barely having the mind to remove his equipment before falling on to the bed face first and passing out right there. That night he dreamt of the world he had to leave behind, he dreamt of friends and loved ones, he dreamt of his reality for only God knows.

Deen woke the next morning to sunlight pouring in through the window he groaned softly, he never was a morning person and for a moment he believed for a moment he was back in his own room but when his vision cleared he remembered he was stuck in this god forsaken game. Getting out of bed was a little harder than anticipated seeing how it was difficult to stretch his arms before he activating his clothing and weapons, reaching for the knob he remembered what that nut job said as a final warning "If you family and loved ones try to forcefully take you out of this world the helmet will fry your brain", closing his eyes he sighed "If I'm still here that means they haven't tried anything" he thought with relief "and I hope they don't" he finished the thought looking to the ceiling. Him leaving the hotel was basically a blur, he didn't really pay attention to anything save his own thoughts which were wrapped up in how to survive in this world, it was then his stomach decided to protest and with it his mind went blank with the sole desire of seeking out sustenance. He grumbled stopping at a small stand, at first the NPC greeted him in Japanese "Umm, I don't speak Japanese" he said awkwardly.

The lady tending the stand tilted her head for a moment before smiling again "Welcome to Elle's meat pies, what can I get for you" she continued to smile at him.

He nodded looking the pies over finding one he like he read the price tag reading 10 col, paying the amount and waving good bye to her as she thanked him for his purchase, he strode down the street taking bites out of the pie looking for the armory if he couldn't buy new weapons he had to have his repaired. As he looked to villagers most of them were found to be NPC's that would make it a little easier to deal with the shop owners seeing how they seemed to be able to understand all languages, when he passed two players he could over hear their conversation, but what caused his brow to furrow was he could understand every word. He finished the pie licking his fingers clean before sitting down on bench trying to work things out in his mind and the only conclusion he came up with was since the game is connected to the Internet it could automatically interpret and translate all languages, in essence it was like the time before the tower Babel where man kind spoke only one language. He looked up watching the NPC's and few Players' run to and fro doing what they needed to do, with a nod he stood looking down both ends of the street before spotting the sign he was looking for the Smith's Shop.

Deen opened the door and the bell above started to ring signaling the arrival of a customer, the shop owner looked up, he was a burly man with his hair was graying at the temples along with his long white beard. He smiled "Welcome to Allevoy's smith shop" he spoke in a baritone voice "what are you looking for good sir?"

He smiled looking over each piece of weaponry and at the price tags, everything here was in reasonable pricing though they weren't much better than his starter equipment, one sword caught his attention. He moved over to it and after appraising it he nodded, he also noted another icon at the top of it when he activated it a shield popped up "That item is a Sword Shield combo, the only one left in stock" the shop keeper said.

He smiled "I'll take it" Deen said quickly as he paid for the items immediately equipping them the sword was longer than the starter sword made with the hilt and handle as one piece, the shield was regular steel and triangular in shape just a little shorter than the sword. He attached the weapons to his back before thanking the man and waving goodbye leaving the store, he looked down either side of the street looking for the general items shop, for most of the day this was his objective obtain items that would help him in his journey to win the game. When Deen finally finished gathering the items he needed the sun was already high in the sky, raising his hand to block most of the light he judged the time to be around noon which meant he had about half a day to get in some XP and replenish his col. He stepped out of the towns safe zone to travel out on to the plains, there on a high hill is where he ran into his first enemy, a wind wasp glared angrily at him for invading its territory drawing his sword and shield he prepared to take it on. When it got close enough he raised the shield taking the brunt of the attack and when the skills menu opened showing 'Bash' he activated it pushing the wasp back before swinging the shield, as it connected the wasp dropped the ground stunned allowing him to kill it in a few slash unhindered.

Deen continued to repeat this process adamant on getting his level high enough where he wouldn't have much trouble later on, when night fell it was time to return to town and wound up staying in the same inn renting the same room. He removed his weapons and clothing before falling face first on to the bed, turning his head to side so he could breath his body was tired but his mind continued to wander trying to process and come up with a logical reason for all of this and to come up with an idea for what was in store for him. He closed his eyes clearing his mind and it wasn't long before sleep claimed him, though sleep wouldn't be able to keep it hands on him long.

Amber Jordan aka 'Angel' A girl with dark brown hair tied back into a ponytail with a green ribbon rode atop a massive beast, she smiled lightly thinking about her trip here and meeting her partner a tiger she named Remy. She leaned forward resting against his warm fur fighting to keep her eyes open, it had tiring to fight and bind him. She was terrified when she found out she would be stuck in this game for the foreseeable future, she had broken down crying wondering what to do, in the real world she was a cheerleader. She had heard about the game from her brother who was a geek, she hadn't paid much attention to him on the matter she wasn't into that stuff. She was about going to the mall to spend or waste time with her friends, she sighed remembering what had happened the night before she was went into the game. Her mother and father had just had a fight that ended with her father leaving and taking her brother with him, he didn't have time to pack his things up before he was dragged out of the house and into the night.

It was at that moment she realized just how much she loved her brother, and only when he was gone did she understand that having a younger brother is a blessing rather than a curse. Her so called friends as well as herself used to pick on him about how he would play video games all the time, so that night to better understand him she went into his room turned on the computer. The disc drive was open with the disc in it waiting to be entered, closing the tray she put the helmet on and calibrated it "Link activate" she said letting the machine do its work. Angel was now stuck in this death trap doing something she never thought possible riding atop a monster tiger, her green eyes sparkled accenting her dark tanned skin. Her clothing was the same thing everyone started out with except her color was green, at her waist as a black whip. As she neared the inn she found her self surrounded by several players with Orange Icons, she tried to spur her partner on but he groaned and fell to the ground paralyzed. She stood pulling the whip from her waist when they started laughing "What's this little girl going to do with a whip?"

"I guess she is the dominatix type" another chuckled.

"Ooh if thats the case I can't wait to have my turn with her" the first one said.

The one she supposed was the leader stepped forward a malicious smile painted on his face "Don't worry boys every one will get a turn with this fine young thing."

"None of you are going to touch me" she growled out pulling the whip tight in her hands "and you will pay for what you did to Remy." The leaders smile fell quickly as he drew a pair of daggers and rushed her. Angel lashed out trying to hit him with the whip but he was too fast dodging the sharp end of the whip and grabbing it in the center, with an evil smile he ran to her cutting her across the chest, when he struck her the recoil effect cause her to cry out more in fear than of pain and her reaction of fear gave him the opening he needed to land a powerful kick to her stomach sending her backwards where she was now resting against Remy. Due to the safe zone she didn't lose any health but when she looked up a lone tear of fear fell from her eye, she closed her eyes wrapping her arms around her pet, before they could grab her a voice broke the still and silence of the night "What the hell do you think your doing" his voiced boomed.

All eyes turned the new arrival at the entrance to the alley way, the three men looked to him with scorn being that he interrupted their fun. Angel watched him as his eyes took in the scene and from the ever growing fire in his eyes he was beyond pissed, he began to move toward the group with them circling around him. His path was straight and narrow when he stopped to study her, he knelt down "Are you ok" his voice was soft and comforting.

She smiled with nod "Yes" her eyes shifted as she heard the sounds of weapons being drawn. She tried to warn him of the impending attack but he was already ahead of her. He drew his sword and shield in one quick motion blocking an attack from both sides, before pushing them away and ducking under the strike the leader intended for him he stood quickly swinging the shield and when it connected with his jaw there was a resounding crack as it sent him into the side of a building. He turned quickly glaring at the last two, he raised the shield and sword preparing for his attack the one with the short sword attacked first aiming sword side for an opening. The man blocked but let the weapon slide across his shield, the attacker stood there for a moment before the blade slammed into the side of his head sending him in to the next building.

He turned to the final man who had seized Angel she struggled for a moment looking to the man for support, her captor growled out "Drop your weapons, equipment, items and walk away."

Angel watched in horror as he complied though that same glare rested on the man she saw his mouth move, she squinted trying to read his lip. Her eyes started to hurt from the strain but she finally made out the words 'solar plexus, instep, nose, groin' he continued to mouth those words like a mantra. Her eyebrows went up as she realized what he was telling her, she growled before ramming her elbow into his stomach, to stepping on his toes, to turning and punching him on the nose, and finally a power kick to his groin. He dropped to the ground and what should have been pain but when he realized there was no pain he found her standing over him with her whip out and ready. He tried to turn and run but he came face to face with the guy who was helping her.

He stood there with his arms crossed glaring at him before pointing, he gulped and turned to find a very pissed off Angel there. After dealing with the three criminals Angel looked over to see the man walking away, feeling a nudge from behind her she turned to find Remy nuzzling her, smiling she scratched his head before calling out "Hey, who are you?" When he didn't answer she growled chasing after him grabbing him by the straps of his breast plate forcing him to look at her "I asked you a question."

He just stared at her opening his mouth several times before the words came out of his mouth "My name is Deen" he said with some difficulty.

She smiled letting go "My name is Angel" she held out her hand "its nice to meet you."

He slowly took it "The pleasures all mine" he looked to the very large cat next to her "and who is this?"

She smiled wrapping her arms around his neck "This is my partner Remy" the Tiger nuzzled his master.

Deen crossed his arms "A beast tamer huh, your the first I have seen so far." It was then he felt the effect of the adrenaline wearing off and lack of sleep catching up with him, fighting back a yawn his eyes drifted to Angel who was yawning widely, he chuckled "Come on" he said motioning for her to follow. She gave him a confused look before seeing the dark circles under his eyes, she followed him into the hotel and to the room. The room was small a bed by the wall and a small sofa, he pointed to the sofa "I'll take the couch you can have the bed." He removed his shirt while moving to the couch, he laid down his back toward the bed so she could get comfortable.

Angel smiled at his generosity and him turning away so she could get ready for bed, before she could start removing her clothes she heard his breathing become even with sleep. She removed her clothes and crawled into bed all the while thinking about how he came out of the shadows to help her when no one else did. She didn't want to think of what they were going to do to her and she didn't want to as she pulled the covers up to her chin closing her eyes banishing all thoughts letting sleep take her into its warm embrace.

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