To paraphrase "Poltergeist: I'm Baaaaack! :o)

For the next three weeks Emily and JJ experience the wonder of the ever-growing Rocky. The team had gone away on two cases. One just lasted 2 days. The other kept them away for 6. True to her word, Emily had not even left the precinct to interview witnesses or family members. It surprised even her when she did not miss being out in the mix at all.

Having arrived home late Friday night, this Saturday morning JJ actually wakes up before her wife. She is listening to Henry making his content morning sounds on the baby monitor while tracing her hand over the now very obvious bump on her wife's stomach. She leans down, eases up her wife's sleep shirt and gives the bump a kiss.

"Hi, Rocky. It's your Mommy here. I just want to say how much I love you and hope you are doing good. I also want to let you know I appreciate you getting off the fish kick for a few days. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to enjoy a fish dinner again, little one. And I used to love a good tuna steak."

She rubs her hand over the bump again…and it kicks her. She sits up.

"Rocky…did you just kick me?"

This time she definitely feels the kick. She quickly shakes Emily.

"Em! Rocky is kicking!" she says excitedly.

Emily's eyes pop open. "What? She's wha—oh!" She feels the sensation wash over her again. She whispers wondrously, "Whoa…that's freaky!"

JJ and Emily lock eyes and begin to chuckle as Rocky appears to be going through a morning calisthenics routine. After a few minutes she calms back down. Emily pulls JJ up into a hug.

"Oh, God, Jen! I remember the first time I felt your stomach when Henry was kicking. I had no idea it felt that…that weird from your side of it!"

JJ chuckles. "Yeah, it takes some getting used to."

"So, uh, how exactly did you figure out she was kicking. She didn't try to punt you out of bed, did she?" Emily teases.

JJ grins. "Nope. She and I were talking. I was thanking her for getting off the fish kick, even though I'm pretty sure she's already ruined fish for me."

Emily smiles and runs her hand through JJ's soft, golden hair. "Did you get to finish your talk?"

JJ leans over and kisses her wife. "It can be continued later."

Emily moans as JJ kisses her again, her tongue begging entrance into the brunette's mouth. Emily happily allows it. JJ slides Emily's sleep shirt up higher, her hand cupping a perfect breast.

"St—stop, J—Jen…please…" Emily suddenly pleads.

JJ leans up and studies her wife with concern. "Did I hurt you, baby?"

Emily shakes her head. "No…Rocky is kicking my bladder. Move!"

She scrambles out of the bed towards the bathroom followed by the sounds of her wife's laughter. By the time she finishes, Henry's content sounds had turned to "I'm wet and hungry" sounds. JJ is stretching as Emily walks back into the bedroom.

"Sorry, sweetheart," the brunette apologizes.

JJ shakes her head. "Don't be. Little Man would have interrupted us anyway. You still look tired, honey. Why don't you lie down again? Even if you don't go to sleep you can rest a little."

Emily nods. "Yeah, I think I will."

"Can I bring you anything?"

"Anchovy milkshake?" Emily asks with a serious face. As soon as JJ looks fully sick, Emily starts to laugh. "Just kidding. How about some orange juice?"

JJ is shaking her head. "After that smartass comment I oughtto bring you an anchovy milkshake. I am never going to be able to get the thought of that disgusting concoction out of my head," she mutters as she walks off.

Emily chuckles and crawls back into bed. She snuggles up with JJ's pillow, letting the scent of her wife sooth her back to sleep.

Emily feels small fingers lift her eyelid. Henry is practically standing on his head as he looks into her forced open eye.


Emily chuckles and opens both eyes. "Hi, Champ."

He giggles. "MAMA!"

Emily rolls to her back as he pounces on her, giving her a big hug. "Good morning, Henry. Oh you do give the best hugs." He sits up and just smiles at her. "Where's your mommy?"

He points towards the door. A moment later JJ walks in with a tray containing breakfast in bed for Emily.

"Tell Mama to sit up, Henry."

"Up! Mama, up!" he commands.

Emily smiles. "Yes, sir." She plumps her pillows up to cushion her as she sits up. JJ puts the tray across her lap. "What did I do to deserve this?"

JJ gives her a quick kiss. "That hotel bed was horrible. I know you're achy from it and didn't sleep well all week. Just wanted you to rest a little longer but I figured Rocky would be hungry." She ruffles Henry's hair. "So Henry and I thought you might want breakfast in bed, right Henry?"

Henry nods happily. "Yummm!"

Emily smiles. "Well, it looks wonderful. I love pancakes. Did you get some, Henry?"

He shakes his head, his face sad. JJ looks at him.

"Henry Alan LaMontagne! You most certainly did get pancakes!"

Henry looks from JJ to Emily. His sad face turns into a devilish grin. "Yummm!"

Emily busts out laughing. "Yep, Jen, your mother is being avenged."

JJ glares at her wife, a twinkle in her eyes. "You better hope Rocky doesn't avenge your parents."

Emily blanches. "Ugh! That is just too scary to contemplate!"

They both laugh. So does Henry…though he has no idea why. As Emily starts to eat, she cuts off a bit of pancake and offers it to Henry. He gobbles it down. Emily looks at JJ, who just smiles. JJ lifts her mug of coffee off the tray and sits down in the recliner in the bedroom.

"So, what should we do today?"

"Laundry," Emily says with a laugh.

JJ nods. "Good idea. But maybe we can also head to the mall. Henry needs some new clothes for summer and we can look at more baby things."

Emily nod. "Sounds good. Want to call Declan and see if he wants to join us?"

JJ grins. "Already did. We'll pick him up on the way and he'll stay over tonight. He wants to get off campus for a while."

Emily smiles, hit once again by the love she feels for her wife. "I love you, Jen. Not many people could have accepted him so easily."

JJ shrugs. "He's a good kid. Tom is obviously a remarkable father."

Emily nods as she finishes her breakfast. "Yeah. I'm just glad the treatments are going so well. Dec doesn't need to lose him."

"I agree with that." She stands and lifts the tray off of Emily's lap. "Let me run this downstairs then I'll come back and get Henry so I can get him dressed while you shower."

"Okay." She lifts Henry up and cuddles him beside her. "How about a story, Champ?"

He nods and she launches into a fairy tale, complete with silly voices just to make him laugh. JJ watches a moment, knowing she could never love anyone as much as she loves Emily Prentiss.