Monday the defense ties up the court's time with another round of motions, all of which are denied. At 4 p.m. he finally rests his case…without having ever called another BAU team member back to the stand.

JJ just shakes her head as the prosecutor's assistant says they are free to leave. "If our section chief figures out a way to charge this guy for our extra expenses she will. There was no reason for us to stay the weekend and I bet that bastard knew it."

The assistant just chuckles. "Yes, I can assure you he did. Can't prove it but I knowit."

JJ smiles and nods. "Thank you for everything. We'll be flying back east tomorrow. Good luck with the closing arguments. I hope Shields never takes another breath as a free man."

"From your mouth to the jury's ears," he jokes as he takes his leave.

JJ heads into the conference room. "Sorry, guys, doesn't look like any more of us get to testify."

The team exchanges looks. Morgan stands. "So…the defense rested?"

JJ nods. "Yep."

"So, we stayed here for nothing," Garcia confirms.

"Yep. Straus is going to want that jerk's balls in a sling," JJ states.

Reid shakes his head. "I am going to be very happy to kiss Alaska goodbye." The puppy in the corner whines. He looks over and grins. "Uh, the state. Not you," he clarifies.

JJ just chuckles. "Okay, I'll call to get the jet ready. I'll let you all know when we're leaving. The sooner the better so make sure you get packed up tonight. I want to get home to my own bed so don't think for a second I won't leave your ass behind if you're late."

Garcia giggles. "Geez…I thought it was the pregnant one that was supposed to get grumpy and hormonal."

At 8 p.m. on Tuesday Emily, JJ, Henry and Alaska walk in the door of their house. Between the long flight and the time changes, the two agents had never been so happy to get home.

During the flight JJ had gotten a text: Shields was guilty on all counts and sentenced to 5 consecutive life sentences plus 20 years. And just as good: a formal complaint against the defense attorney had been filed with the ABA and he was going to be hard-pressed to keep his license after the shit he had pulled.

JJ sets their suitcases near the steps to the basement. Everything in them needs to be washed so it was pointless to carry them upstairs. Emily carries a sleeping Henry right up to his bedroom. She quickly changes his diaper and gets him into pajamas. She kisses him goodnight, though he never does wake up.

"Goodnight, Champ. I love you."

She heads back downstairs to find JJ introducing Francesca to Alaska. The nanny looks at Emily and smiles.

"You saved him. He will be a good, loyal dog because of that. But next time, ask your wife."

Emily chuckles. "I will. Promise."

Suddenly a horrible hissing is heard and Alaska starts to bark. Sergio sits on the banister, his tail fluffed out and his eyes black with anger. Emily steps towards him.

"Hey, Serg, it's okay, buddy."

He hisses at her and takes off upstairs. JJ looks at Emily and grins.

"Told you Sergio would hate you."

"Thanks, Jen," Emily grumbles.

Francesca laughs. "It will be okay, cara. They just have to get to know each other. You will see. This is a house of love, for people and animals both. Now, off to bed with you both. You must rest as I am sure your team will need to go on a case soon since it has been so long since you have."

"Ugh. I can't even consider having to deal with a hotel bed again soon," Emily gripes. "I want my nice, comfy bed."

JJ nods. "Me, too. But, where is Alaska going to sleep?"

Emily stares at the pup that seems to be smiling up at her. She chuckles. "I have an old pillow he can use as a bed until we get him a real dog bed. He can sleep in our room for now so we can start housetraining him."

"Ugh," JJ mumbles. "Housetraining. Where's Mark when I need to foist a puppy off onto him."

Emily and Francesca laugh. The happy couple heads upstairs with Alaska following them. As they get into their bedroom, JJ pulls Emily close.

"I know I've said it but I have to say it again. Thank you so much for the wonderful surprises. You make me feel so…so incredible. I love you so much."

Emily smiles. "I love you, too. I'm glad you got to spend some fun time with your parents and Henry. And I'm glad you get to hold your Dad's black eye over him for a while, too," she says with a wink.

JJ laughs. "Oh, yeah. That was one of the best surprises." Just then a small paw taps JJ's leg. She looks down into ice blue eyes. She sighs. "Okay…you were a good surprise, too, Alaska."

The pup seems to understand. He wags his tail and heads over to the bed. He tries to jump up but can't make it.

"Uh, you were a good surprise but you are so not sleeping in my bed," JJ informs him.

Emily laughs and gets a pillow out of her closet for him. She sets it at the foot of the bed and sets Alaska on it. The pup curls up on it and is quickly asleep. It had been a tiring week for the puppy, too.

Twenty minutes later the agents are crawling into their bed. They both breathe a sigh of contentment as they settle into the covers. JJ cuddles up to her wife.

"Good night, sweetheart."

"Night, Jen."

With a quick kiss they are soon asleep. The trip had been fun but it was ever so good to be home.

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