The next day, the person who was to scout for the day went to Slender's Pit, and found that the fence was off again already. He quickly ran back to town and told everyone, and the next sacrifice - a man in his thirties - went in.

The man wandered aimlessly in Slender's Pit for a while, until he came upon the wooden walls. There, in one of the corners - the very spot in which the Slender Man met his end - the newcomer found a note, with several lines scratched onto it in black ink:

It is over.

I am no more.

The Tulpa Effect has created several more of me, though.

They are scattered all over the world.

Most of the others don't want to go back into nonbeing.

But at least this place is safe now.

I hope the others don't find you.

The man stood in place, rereading the note again and again, for several minutes. Finally, he decided to go back and see if the fence was still off and he could get out.

It was, so he did.

The townspeople were all perplexed by the note, but the Slender Man never took any more of them ever again, so they eventually decided it wasn't important. What they couldn't know was that many Slender Men all over the world continued to take victims of their own, in their own territories, all over the world, every day…nor could they have known that more Slender Men were coming into being all the time through the Tulpa Effect.

To whoever reads this: Do not fear the dark; for if you do, your fears will create a new nightmare.