So I have dipped my toes into this side of the Sherlock fandom. I have to admit I am already addicted to writing it. Also first story I have published in years. Anyhoo! I have nearly finished this story already so I thought I should begin posting chapters. Any crits would be great! Have to quickly add that John is named John Trevor at the start, but his last name will be changed to 'Watson' by the end of the chapter.

This first chapter really just setting up John's life and how it has played out till the present day. Enjoy. Will be posting chapter two as well today. You can find this on AO3 as well.

The day John Trevor accidentally figured out that he was an Omega, he felt like he wanted to die. John had presented earlier than what was considered 'normal'. Thanks to the use of the bathroom mirror and a stolen medical book from the library, the life-changing deduction had been made.

The 'great discovery' occurred a month before his thirteenth birthday, the compulsory legal age of testing for every Lower-Class child to see if they had either Beta or Omega qualities.

All Alpha families were Upper Class and therefore never required the test. It was scientific knowledge that the Alpha genes ran dominant through all children produced in their bloodlines. Thus there was the systematic testing to always know the exact number of omegas being produced so they could be paired up with an Alpha the moment they turned 18. Breeding and producing children as soon as possible was of the utmost importance to try and keep the ratio balance between Alphas and Omegas.

But as each generation passed, Omega numbers were becoming fewer and fewer and more and more Alphas were being matched with Betas instead. The few Omegas who were being produced were immediately removed from their families and sent to a special inst to learn the customs and laws of being an Omega. Families would never see their child again and it soon became seen as a curse to be an Omega. Those who were bore the slang name "Chosen Ones" instead. It was meant to be an honour and a privilege, but instead it was something to be hated and resented. But all Betas and bonded Omegas never spoke out for fear of their lives.

The powerful Alpha families, the Lords of London, were ultimately the law and no family was more powerful than the Holmes clan. The Lower-Class feared all of them and so on the day John discovered that he was an Omega, he decided to take matters into his own hands and control his own destiny.

That night when his family was asleep, John packed his duffel bag with some clothes, all of his savings and few meagre personal belongings and ran away. Disappearing completely. He left a note on the table for his family saying he would return one day and to never tell anyone that he existed. He knew his parents would understand what he meant. It worked in their favour that their family was living in the slums of Manchester. Everyone kept to them selves and children went missing all the time, never to be found again. But every Lower-Class there knew those children were trucked off to the factories for work. That was the way of life.

The punishment for run away Omegas though once identified, was to have their whole family arrested and used as bait. They would then be tortured until they were either killed or the Omega would come into custody. John knew his parents would be heartbroken he had left without saying goodbye, but this is exactly what they would have wanted for him to do. He could slip through the cracks in the system and remain unidentified. If he was careful enough he could live a free live in disguise as a Beta. He wouldn't get his first 'heat' until he was 18 so that gave him a few years to get his life in order.

Until then his scent would remain unchanged which gave him an even greater advantage.

He would figure something out but thankfully he looked older than most boys his age and could pass by for someone at who looked at least 15. As he ran through the night through streets and further and further away, John knew he would need somewhere to work where he could save up get out of England and go to America. That would be the only way to escape and America had a medical treatment, which helped Omegas be able to contain their heat and delayed their fertility.

Everywhere else in the world had this treatment available to the public but Omegas were so rare in England that it was illegal for Omegas to take any form of birth control. Betas were exempt from this rule though. It just wasn't fair in any form whatsoever.

John hated it and he hated himself that he was a Chosen One. What had he done to deserve this? What had his parents done to deserve this?

Wiping unwanted tears as they ran down his face, John was determined that he was never going to be found out. That he was going to somehow make his way and be ok.

Fate turned out to be kind to him. Escaping the city had been easier than John had expected. A kind, middle-aged truck driver had taken pity on him and given him a lift from the outskirts of Manchester. They drove all throughout the night and when morning came and John woke up in the passenger seat, the driver let him at a crossroad. He wished him luck and drove off. It wasn't until the truck had disappeared off into the horizon that John had no idea where he was.

Turning a slow circle, taking in the lush green hills of the countryside, John couldn't remember ever seeing such a beautiful sight. Or breathing in such clean air. He missed home.

A lump rose in his throat, but John clenched his hands and swallowed it. There was no point on dwelling on the past when he had to look to the future. It didn't make it hurt any less as he picked a random road and began to walk down it.

The hours began to slowly trail by and John had not seen a single car, truck or tractor. There seemed to be no sign of any human life.

A terrifying thought of not reaching another human being again entered John's mind as he began to walk past a particularly large paddock. Glancing at it out of the corner of his eye he noticed it was filled with cattle. The noise the livestock was making was a rather nice way to fill in the silence as he walked.

Then something happened.

The fence was old and very damaged and with loud 'CRACK' suddenly half the herd was on the road and running amuck everywhere. John paused as he suddenly found himself completely surrounded by cows. Having never been close to a real cow in his life, John was slightly nervous to say the least, but the large animals certainly did not seem interested in him in the slightest. It seemed the large lines of flowers on the sides of the road was the cause of the sudden stampede.

"Come back 'ere ye bastards!" a loud voice suddenly called out.

John turned his head to surprisingly see a rather spry elderly man running across the paddock out of nowhere, waving a wooden cane over his head in exasperation.

Uncertain as to how to act, John repressed the automatic urge to wave back in greeting. "Do you need any help?" he called back loudly.

The strange man simply yelled back as he ran closer, "Oi! You! Boy! We need to get 'em back inside the fence!"

John nodded, tightening his bag strap around him and immediately set himself to work.

It had taken a while to gently herd all of the cows into a new paddock, but John had stayed to help the old man fix the fence. After a chat and many grateful 'thank ye boy!' when all was mended, John suddenly found himself with an offer of a dinner invitation.

"But you don't know me. I could be a burglar for all you know."

The old man, who had introduced himself as Hamish Watson, had laughed. "Oh I have seen a few crooks in my time, boy. You definitely ain't one of 'em."

John just smiled. He did not say he was a runaway, but it hadn't been too hard for Hamish to guess it. Instead of letting John walk away when John did not want to cause the man any strain, Hamish instead lead the now exhausted boy back to his cottage on his farm. So John could rest up, and it was a token of appreciation for his help.

John happily accepted. This strange, eccentric man was excessively kind and John knew he would be stupid not to take up the offer.

When they reached Hamish's cottage, John then met Alice Watson, Hamish's wife of 62 years. She was just like her Hamish, completely bonkers. But the instant John stepped inside their home, he felt more safe and warm than what he ever had at his 'real' home. The thought made him want to cry as memories plagued him of his real family.

The pair fed John a hearty dinner and he ate till he was fit to burst. Afterwards they all sat in the lounge room in front of an open fire and John listened to tales of their life, stories of love, humour and some sadness. It was captivating. He fell asleep on the couch, listening to their rich voices as their words wrapped around him and followed him as he slipped into the realm of dreams.

In the morning Hamish offered John a job as a farmhand, to which the young boy accepted happily. John stayed there for the next three years.

He worked hard there and was quickly 'adopted' by the couple as the son they had never had. He grew to love them and, while they would never replace his parents, John was relieved to have them. He knew he would end up having to live alone so he enjoyed every moment he had with them.

The hard labour caused his body to get stronger and he learnt many important basic skills that ranged from mechanics to veterinary. During his sixteenth year though, Hamish died from pneumonia and Alice died only months later from a fever. John found himself alone once again in the world.

They had left everything to him though in their will and John suddenly found himself to be a very wealthy person. Their lawyer had discreetly forged a birth certificate claiming proof that John had been their grand-son, they had been his legal-guardians. John would be allowed instant access to his new fortune, so long as he adopted the last name 'Watson'.

So now he was legally known as 'John Hamish Watson'.

John knew that now was the time to go and begin his life in education.

He had not been to school since leaving home, so he hired a carefully selected group of people to look after the farm and cottage. Knowing it was now in safe hands, John packed up a suitcase and moved to London.

Although 16, people assumed his was at least 18 and John began attending classes again and worked so hard he had caught up in a year all he had missed and began to study subjects that would allow him to become eligible to study medicine.

When he turned 18, the day he had been dreading for the past 5 years, John had found the perfect place in London to hide away from everyone. A place long thought to have disappeared. Deep down in the ancient sewer pipes that ran under the city, John went into heat for the first time and it was absolute agony.

No amount of reading had prepared him for experiencing being so sexually aroused that it physically hurt. No amount of masturbation helped and each time he brought himself to orgasm it only made the burning, aching feeling of wanting to be fucked worse.

After the first few orgasms, John was whimpering on the stone floor in an old forgotten room and was unable to move for fear that if he moved anymore he would go insane with need. How could anybody go through this and enjoy it? The hormones running rampant through John severely questioned that if there was a God if he had a sick sense of humour to make being an Omega such an awful thing.

Social outcast from his fellow class, removed from his family, seen as nothing more than a breeding machine from the Upper class and put through this agony all because of his biology makeup.

Yes God must have a very cruel sense of humour and enjoyed to watch them suffer. No one had ever said how bad the heat was, or that it lasted 3 days.

By the time it had ended, John was starved and severely dehydrated that his body had nearly shut down. Thankfully he had already planned ahead and packed enough supplies to last a week. He had even brought an inflatable lilo to sleep on. But by the time he had the strength and felt well enough to make his way back to his small flat, John knew that from now on he was going to have to be careful and wash twice a day with the expensive Beta-scented body wash that all Betas were required to use.

To have a single scent for the sub-group made it easier to separate them from Omegas. But it hid John perfectly amongst them as the years passed and he eventually got into medical school and graduated as a licensed doctor.

Every 6 months he would go into heat and he would hide below London in the sewers and writhe in his aroused agony. But no one suspected him to be any different from any other Beta and John felt that he would be forever safe.

During his medical school years he did many experiments on himself to try and change his Omega physicality and hormone levels. But no matter what he tried he went into heat every six months still, but when he managed to ingest male hormone tablets from volunteering for a medical trial, John discovered his heat was actually manageable had been reduced to a mere ache that allowed him to actually function and remain himself.

It even helped make his scent become even less noticeable, but no matter what he tried he could not hide his overwhelmingly sweet scent whenever he went into heat so he still hid himself away from everyone.

John procured a job at St Barts hospital as a doctor, his specialty being trauma which allowed him to eventually become in charge of the emergency room and one of the best trauma doctors St Barts had ever seen. No one had ever questioned his week-long holiday every 6 months, and John thought that life was good. Even though the Omega laws were now harsher and stricter, John enjoyed being able to live a, mostly, free life.

He visited his farm every year at Christmas and was overjoyed that even after twenty years of being in hiding and being taken in by complete strangers, it was doing even better every year.

Life was indeed perfect, until someone was stabbed in the middle of the walkway near John's apartment and died under John's hands whilst he was putting pressure on the wound and not a day later an extremely arrogant Alpha by the name of Sherlock Holmes was bombarding him with questions about everything that had happened in exact detail.

And John found, to his absolute horror, that for the first time his body suddenly craved for another.