Naruto stood still, not believing what his eyes showed him. It couldn't be true, it was all a dream. He kept repeating that in his mind, trying to convince himself that his daughter wasn't dead. His wife's scream jolted him out of it.

He saw her fall to her knees, covering her face in her hands, sobbing and screaming. Naruto stepped forward, staring at the man with the swirling orange mask, not believing what the man had just done, to his daughter, to the rest of his friends children.

"Nakato?" He mumbled, as if saying her name aloud would bring her back. As if it would give his little girl back to her.

Sasuke shook slightly beside him, "You… you just, you killed my son."

The man chuckled, despite his critical condition, giving a light shrug, "It would seem that way."

Sakura choked back a sob, trying her best not to cry, and pay attention to Temari, who had many violent lacerations up and down her arms. She had to focus, she had to heal Temari. No amount of crying or screaming would bring back her and Sasuke's son. After Temari she had to heal TenTen, then she could pay attention to the man who had just taken her son, Ichiro, from her.

Her and Sasuke's son, Naruto and Hinata's daughter, Shikamaru and Temari's daughter, Gaara and Matsuri's daughter, Neji and TenTen's son… all of them, dead. None of them had even been a full year old… and Madara had killed them.

Shikamaru was the first to snap out of it, launching himself at Madara, tackling the nearly dead mad to the ground. "You!" Madara tried to push Shikamaru off of him, but he was to weak. Shikamaru latched onto Madara's neck, choking him, "You killed my little girl!"

Madara just grinned, and Shikamaru screamed in rage, squeezing his neck tighter, "I'll kill you!"

Naruto snapped out of it, rushing forward, and grabbing Shikamaru, trying to get him to let go. "Leave him alone Shikamaru! We need him!"

Shikamaru fought against Naruto's grip, "Don't tell me that! He killed my child! You saw it happen!"

"I know!" Naruto said, "But you need to get off of him! We need him-"

Shikamaru released Madara, grabbing the front of Naruto's shirt, "Why!? You look me in the eyes, and you tell me why I can kill him!"

Sasuke gripped Shikamaru's shoulder, "Because, he didn't kill her. He didn't kill any of them."

Everyone froze, looking up at Sasuke, eyes wide.

He nodded, "I saw it all, with my sharingan. That wasn't an attack, none of his jutsu's were."

Shikamaru stood up slowly letting Naruto go and looking at Sasuke's desperately, "Then… then what did he do to her?"

Sasuke glared down at Madara, showing nothing but pure hate for the man. "He teleported them away."

Hinata stood up shakily, wiping her eyes, "Where? Where are they?"

Sasuke closed his eyes, a deep sadness taking over his being, "I don't know."

Sakura took her hands away from Temari, knowing she would be fine. Her wounds were gone, but she was still unconscious. She wouldn't be awake for a few hours.

"Shikamaru." She said softly, a gentle command, telling him that for now, he needed to be with his wife. They would find his daughter later.

He walked over, kneeling next to his wife, cradling her head in his arms. She was all he had right now, and he willed her to wake up, to comfort him, to tell him their newborn daughter would be fine, that everything would be okay.

Sakura went to TenTen, who was being held by Neji gently. Neji had been surprisingly quiet, and Sakura had a feeling his byakugan had told him also that it hadn't been an attack. TenTen was badly injured, a huge hole ripped through her leg, and a deep cut in her abdomen. Sakura took a deep breath, focusing on her task.

Gaara quietly brooded, glaring at Madara, "So, where did you send them?"

Madara chuckled, "Do you think I'm going to tell you lot that? You kids… you all may have stopped my plans for Konoha, may have killed me, but I, I've taken away your children, and you'll never get them back."

Sasuke growled, stomping down on Madara's hand, pulling a cry of pain from the old man. "You son of a-"

"I could have simply killed them, you know." Madara smirked. "I could have ripped all of them to shreds right before your eyes. But what would that have done? You could have more children, partially replace the void in your lives I would have created. But this, it's better. You will spend all of your lives, hoping, and wishing, and searching. Praying to find them. But you know what? None of you ever will. Just know this, they're alive, for now. I guarantee they'll all live for a few years, they'll be old enough, old enough to wonder who their parents are, and why they would condemn them to this fate they now all have. And trust me when I tell you, where I've sent them it's horrible. They'll never live to adulthood. None of them will even make it to age twenty. I promise you this."

Madara coughed, blood pouring from his mouth as he went stiff. Madara Uchiha was finally dead.

One by one, the ninja of Konoha and Sunagakure rose up, determination in their eyes. All eyes turned to Sasuke, and Naruto was the first to speak, "Can you bring them back?"

Sasuke took a deep breath, his fists shaking in anger, "No."

TenTen grabbed the front of Sasuke's robe, glaring at him, "Don't you tell me that! You use your eyes, and you bring back my son right now!"

Neji grabbed TenTen's shoulders, pulling her away from Sasuke, "TenTen if there was a way to bring any of our children back, Sasuke would do it. Hear him out."

Sasuke nodded, "The jutsu he preformed, it was a one way type teleportation. I can only send things to our children, I can't bring them, or anything back through the rift Madara created."

Sakura took a deep breath, looking around at her friends, the other parents who'd lost their children just as she had. "So, there's only one question left…"

Temari nodded, "What do we send with them?"

Gaara closed his eyes, overwhelmed with loss, "What could we possibly send, to make it so they could ever find their way back to us?"

Hinata shivered, "What could we give our children to help them survive, wherever they are?"

Everyone was silent contemplating this.

Several hours later, they were all gathered in Naruto's office, ever since he had become Hokage, the office had seemed just a bit… smaller.

Every couple held a small bundle, containing items specific to their child. Some had packed medical equipment, others scrolls, or small trinkets or toys. But everyone had packed one thing in particular, a headband of their child's village, and a letter some were longer than others. All but Gaara's was a leaf headband, the one he was sending of course, was sand.

Hinata looked up at Naruto, "And, if we send them these things, are we sure, that they'll survive?"

Naruto shook his head sadly, "We can't be sure of anything."

Sasuke nodded, "We can hope. Now, everyone be quiet. This is a complicated technique, and I need to focus. Place your packages in front of me, and stand back. I can't afford a misfire."

Every did as they were told, And Sasuke closed his eyes, holding up his hands and flying through the signs, pushing his chacra towards his center. His eyes suddenly shot open, and he thrust his hands forward, fingers curled, palms outstretched towards the bundles.

Just as their young children had not long ago, the bundles vanished.

Everyone was silent, all staring at Sasuke as he stood there, staring at where the bundles had once been. Seconds ticked by, until he nodded, "Yes, I'm sure of it, they reached them."

Everyone heaved a sigh of slightly uneasy relief, and Gaara walked around everyone, heading for the door.

Naruto looked up, "Gaara, where are you going?"

Gaara paused, hand on the door knob. "To tell Matsuri."

Each of the couples went home, and cried together.

Gaara held Matsuri close that night as she screamed at him, accusing him, saying it was his fault their daughter was now gone. He let her scream, and he let a few tears run down his own face.

Naruto and Hinata curled up together, sobbing softly together, trying to hold each other together with their arms. "It'll be okay." Naruto promised, and Hinata just kept crying, because not even he could promise that.

Sasuke held Sakura as she cried into his shoulder, stroking her hair softly, not allowing himself to cry. His son could make it, he knew he could. He was an Uchiha after all.

Neji and TenTen wept together, screamed together, held each other, not leaving their room for days.

Shikamaru locked himself in his study, playing game after game of Shogi, and Temari laid in their bed alone for days.

Eventually, they all managed to step out, to walk around, to accept people condolences, and after a very long time, to actually smile together, to act like they were healing, and eventually, move on as well as they could. Some had other children, one, maybe two others. But none of them would ever be able to replace their first born.

And somewhere, far across the world, their children grew.