AN: Hey guys! I forgot how Zakuro looked like and I found that Gorudo doesn't look a thing like him! Instead he actually looks like Romeo with both eyes open and a creepy Mukuro face without the different eyes.

Gokudera wakes up squinting against the harsh sunlight. His surroundings being a lush forest which he immediately identified as Namimori Park.

He looks to the playground to find Tsuna and his other guardians laying on the ground, beginning to wake from unconsciousness.

Gokudera was behind the tree at the current time and found it took a lot of his will to make sure he wouldn't rush to his boss's aid but he felt ashamed and unworthy.

"I'm sorry boss," he silently thought as continued to watch his family pick themselves up, " I cannot face you right now. I have ultimately failed you, Juudaime..."

Gokudera knew he was to bear the burden of memory, remembering happy times that never happened, fighting alongside comrades were only times illusions, eating meals made by Tsuna's mom seemed so distant, as it all came crashing down on him.

But despite this, he knew he must live for some reason.

"That's because you are cursed to survive, hahaha~"

Gokudera turns to find himself face to face with Gorudo.

"How the hell did you know what I was thinking?" Gokudera asked ever so cautiously.

"It was written aaalllll over you face,"answered Gorudo, thoroughly amused, "And besides, I'm a demon, you can't expect any less from me."

"Che," the storm guardian said, "I suppose you're right... so what now?"

Gorudo looked at the right hand man and smiled as though it were obvious, "Simply live, right?"

Gokudera simply smiled a simple and sad smile. "I suppose you're right."

With that, the storm guardian left before the others noticed except Tsuna who caught the smallest glint of silver.

AN: Also I will have to choose Gokudera's new lifestyle and whether or not to keep Gorudo around to help/bother Gokudera. I need to come up with the reasons to why I'll do each choice and play with combinations sooooo... yeah, but his new lifestyle is obviously illegal and he will stay in Namimori because he just can't stay away from his precious juudaime~