Anime/ Manga crossover

Death Note/ InuYasha

Pairing: Kagome/ L

Rating: K+/ T/ M

Language: English

Main Characters: Kagome, L, Light, Kira Investigation Team, Japanese Police, Shippou, Misa, Sayu

Minor Characters: InuYasha, Sesshoumaru, Sango, Miroku, etc.

Summery: Interception: n. (American football) the act of catching a football by a player on the opposing team. She didn't always agree on what was being done by the one who called himself "Kira", or the mysterious being who called himself "L", but with everyone choosing sides and only a select few who are "indecisive", the odds are stacking up against her- and with a threat on her life, her grandfather contacts an old friend of his, and next thing she knows she's right in the middle of the two opposing forces.

Though she sees good in everyone, she's having a hard time deciding which side to fight for…. Kira's sense of "Justice"? Or the "Justice" that has been used by human's for generations? Decisions, decisions…


Chapter 13:

You may lend the DEATH NOTE to another person while maintaining its ownership. Subletting it to yet another person is possible, too.

The borrower of the DEATH NOTE will not be followed by a god of death.

The god of death always remains with the owner of the DEATH NOTE. Also, the borrower cannot trade the eyesight of the death.

December 21:

At the Higurashi Shrine:

Hoshi and Jiro (the first set of Shippou's and his mate's twins) were hugging their grandmother's waist as they sat on the slowly dipping couch. Their great grandmother (grandma Kagome wasn't at the shrine at this moment) stared at the cream colored carpet with dull brown eyes, her lips in a thin line that was surrounded by a few wrinkles.

Shippou sat on the chair next to the couch, holding his "5" year old female set of twins on his lap, he stared at the woman who he had come to call his grandmother worriedly.

Miki and Hana glanced at each other with a matching set of bright blue eyes, filled with worry and curiosity.

Shippou's mate, Nomi, another fox demon though from Germany, was in the kitchen, putting icing on a cake she had baked for her little nephew who was turning 103 this year. She hummed a tune, the only sound in the otherwise silent house.

"Grandmother?" Hoshi asked, his bright emerald eyes becoming covered in light blonde hair (which he and his twin had gotten from their mother, but Jiro's had a more reddish tint to it) that almost seemed white. His grip around her waist slackened slightly as he sat up to gaze at her.

The "7" year old tilted his head slightly, his pointed fox ears twitching slightly at the sensitive sounds of his mother humming, and the skipping beat of his grandmothers heart.

"Grandma." Shippou spoke up, one of his larger hands reaching over to be placed on her knee gently, she looked at him, her shoulders slumping more as her hands came up to cover her eyes.

"Momma!" Kagome said, bursting through the front door. She glanced at Shippou and nodded in greeting before making it in front of her mother. Kagome bowed before her mother, grasping her mother's hands as she stared pleadingly into her mother's eyes.

"Momma, I'm here, please." Kagome begged, her miko powers flowing through her finger tips into her mother's stiff body. Kagome's eyes were wide and pleading, begging to know what was wrong with her mother.

"K-Kagome…" Her mother's voice sounded so broken, so much so that Kagome could almost feel tears spring to her eyes. Her mother was so strong, so loving! She shouldn't be so broken, the only other time she sounded this broken is when she received the news that her husband was dead!


"Momma… D-did you witness a murder?" Kagome asked, clicking the pieces together. Her mother's lips trembled before a broken whimper escaped her lips. She held a hand to her mouth as tears leaked from her tightly closed eyes, her head nodding.

Kagome's heart sunk in her chest, she knew what it felt like to witness someone die for the first time- it wasn't something she recommended for everyone.

"Mother… What happened?" Kagome asked, her thumb rubbing soothing circles in the one hand she still held, her miko energy continuing to flow into her mother's shaking form, hopefully to help calm her down.

"I-it was horrible, Kagome." Her mother whispered, her brown eyes glazing over slightly as she stared into Kagome's own blue orbs. "I-I killed him…." She broke down into sobs again, her grip on Kagome's hand tightening considerably, her shoulders shook as she sobbed into the hand that was covering her mouth.

Kagome's eyes widened, her grip on her mother's hand slaking only slightly.

Her mother…. Killed someone?

"What? How?" Kagome turned her eyes on Shippou, who lowered his own gaze to the ground.

"She ran him over- he was a criminal, but he didn't deserve that of all ways to go." Shippou cringed slightly; being on the receiving end of being ran over by a car more than a couple of different occasions.

Shippou grabbed both of the female set of twins and sat them down in the chair he was just occupying, he nodded his head to the door, requesting Kagome's attention. Kagome nodded, letting go of her mother's hand.

Once the two were at the safety of the outside world, Shippou crossed his arms over his chest, Kagome did the same. They stood there on the shrine grounds, staring the other down with crossed arms.

"You know who Kira is by now, do you not?" Shippou asked. Kagome's eyebrow's furrowed, but she gave a weak nod, how would Shippou know that?

"Who is he?"

"I'm not exactly sure, but I have a pretty strong feeling that this guy is Kira. Ryuk is very careless, or he's very bored. Either way we cannot get involved-"

"Too late, I'm a suspect of being an associate of Kira's, remember?" Shippou snorted, running a hand through his short bangs. Kagome sighed and nodded weakly.

"Yeah, I remember. I wonder why-"

"Because I'm associated with you." Shippou spoke up, his temper showing (he was raised by her, for Kami's sake!) "You're friends with Kouga and Ayame, two people in the police force! You talk to them constantly!"

"So? A lot of people talk to them-"

"Okaa-san-" Shippou stretched, needing her attention. "-You're under suspicion of being an associate of Kira's too, if not Kira himself."

Kagome's jaw dropped, her words dying on her tongue.

"Under suspicion of being associated with, if not Kira?" Kagome thought, her shoulder's slumping as she slowly fell to the coble stone area around her. Her eyes focused on tiny weeds that poked out of the stones.

"What a way of receiving that type of news." Kagome murmured humorlessly, a cold breeze brushing her bangs into her eyes- she didn't care.

She needed answers.

December 23:

Kagome was once again at her mother's house, helping her set up decorations for the Christmas Eve Dinner they have every year with the family (being her, momma, Souta, grandpa, and aunt and uncle Misora.)

This year her cousin Naomi was coming with her Fiancé from America, also Ryuzaki and Watari were coming as well (oh joy.)

Kagome sighed as she tacked the paper snowflakes her grandchildren made (it was funny to think of them her grandchildren when they were older than her.)

Miki was the most artistic one of the four children, a trait she got from her mother, and her snowflakes stood out against the others, though Kagome hung them all up anyways.

She stood away from the window and smiled warmly at the snowflakes as they littered the window in random places- what they say is true, no two snowflakes look alike.

Kagome sighed in contempt, enjoying how her mother seemed to have calmed down from the fact that 1) she killed someone on accident, and 2) the police weren't going to charge her for man slaughter (but they would suspend her license for a while.)

The home seemed to have a more… Uplifting feeling and Kagome could only hope that by tomorrow, her mother wouldn't cause a scene. Of course she was worried about her mother, who wouldn't be?

"Kagome, can you help me reach this?" Her mother called out for her from the second floor, Kagome called a "hai" right back as she moved to go up the stairs.

She casted a quick glance to the already decorated tree that sat in the living room by the television and fireplace, presents already littered the ground underneath, many different colors.

Kagome sighed again, only hoping beyond hope that her mother would truly be ok.

Tomorrow would truly be a test of strength.