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After I shot Jackson, he lay in the floor blood starting to pool around him. The sirens grew closer and he struggled to breathe. My dad and I didn't take our eyes off of him afraid he would just disappear into thin air. The police and ambulance arrived and loaded him into the ambulance taking him off to the hospital to receive treatment from the pen and bullets. The quickly taped up the small cut on my forehead and took our statements and I went to the hotel. The Lux was trashed but Cynthia reported that nobody was killed even though Mrs. Taylor insisted that she could have died from an asthma attack. Keefe and his family stopped on their way out of the destroyed hotel and thanked me.

I felt safe for the first time in awhile. As I undressed to shower that night I looked into the mirror at the many bruises that peppered my body. The hot water felt tremendous on my aching body, I never wanted to get out. Eventually the water turned cold and I decided to get out. I pulled on my clothes, brushed my teeth and twisted my damp hair into a tight bun and went to bed. I stared up at the ceiling too afraid to fall asleep, afraid that I would only see his beautiful eyes. Hours passed of me just looking up at my ceiling before I finally fell asleep in a dream that Jackson didn't occupy.

I woke up at six thinking I was going to be late for work and got dressed quickly before realizing that the hotel was going to be closed for an extensive two to three weeks while they renovated the hotel that was now nonexistent. Already in my slacks and dress shirt I sighed and went to make some breakfast for myself. Without even realizing it I grabbed the carton of eggs, milk, and cheese out of the refrigerator and set them on the counter so I could grab a mixing bowl and whisk. I switched the kitchen tv on and changed the channel to Good Morning America. Mixing the milk and eggs together I listened to the smaller stories; a monkey escaping (yet again) and causing terror to fill a small suburb in California, more news about the Royals, when a new story caught my attention.

"And now, earlier yesterday morning an attempt to assassin Homeland Security official, Charles Keefe, in Miami at the Lux Atlantic Hotel. Luckily nobody was hurt and we have just received word that the assassin who sustained two gunshot wounds to the chest died today at 5:13am from complications caused by the wounds." The anchor said into the screen.

Oh my God, I killed a man. Even if it was purely self-defense I still killed a man. And not just A man, but Jackson Rippner. The man that before even getting onto that damn flight I started to really like. And I killed him.

I suddenly wasn't hungry anymore so I dumped the ingredients into the trashcan besides the refrigerator. I went into the living room and sat down on my cream colored couch and just stared off into space. I vaguely remember the telephone ringing or hearing the answering machine play the message from my dad asking if I was okay, surprise surprise. I didn't move from that spot until I finally came out of my trance and saw it was already dark. I had sat there all day in a comatose state just replaying the past 48 hours in my head from the funeral to the fight with Jackson. I retreated into my bedroom and flopped onto my bed once again just staring up at the ceiling. This time it wasn't the fact that I was afraid I would see his face again in my dreams tormenting me, but it was that I was afraid that if I closed my eyes I would see me shooting him and then him dying in a hospital bed.

Killer. Murderer. Lisa killed a man.

I couldn't shake those thoughts from my head. Silent tears slid down my face as I thought of the life I had taken. It may not have been the most innocent life, but it was one none the less. Jackson still had hobbies, likes, dislikes, family maybe. I had taken that all away from him. Before I could even registering what was happening a damp cloth was placed over my mouth and nose and I smelled the strong scent of chemicals as my eyes began to droop and the darkness edge around my vision I saw the blue eyes I thought I would never see again.

I heard the soft purr of an engine as it continued down the road it was driving down. I twisted my hands and felt the zip tie that bound my hands and then I felt the one around my ankles. I slowly opened my eyes trying to make out any road signs but I couldn't with my vision being as blurry as it was. I turned to look at the driver. His shaggy dark brown hair hid his eyes, but I didn't need to know what color they were. I already knew.

"Good morning Leese." He sneered.

"Wh- How? You're supposed to be dead." I whimpered realizing my worst fear had just come true.

"Yeah, about that, turns out one of those doctor's works for my boss and so he called my time of death. So I'm back from what the entire nation thinks as the dead." He chuckled. I looked away from him and felt a small tear slide down my cheek.

"What not happy to see me?" he teased looking at me.

"Actually, just the opposite." I stated truthfully.

"Really?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, I thought I had actually killed someone. Well that settles my worries." I said shrugging my shoulders lightly.

"You know you missed me." He said.

"Don't flatter yourself, Jack." I snapped.

"Ouch. Gotten a little snappy over the two days I was out of your life." He said shaking his head.

"Why did you take me?" I asked.

"Doesn't matter."

"Yes, it does."

"Why is that?" he asked looking at me again.

"If you're going to kill me, at least let me know what I ever did to deserve it." I growled.

"Whoever said I was going to kill you, Leese?" He laughed.

"Enough games. I want to know why you took me." I snapped causing him to look at me. Before I knew what was happening he backhanded me. My head snapped the other way. I brought my hands up to my cheek that felt like it was suddenly on fire.

"I have to go to the bathroom." I blurted.

"What, can't hold your piss in?" he growled.

"I haven't gone since I woke up this morning." I said softly afraid he would lash out again.

"Well that was a stupid thing to do. Don't you know you could get a kidney infection?" he asked looking at me.

"Look I have to go. Please pull into the next gas station, Jackson." I said getting irritated. He slowed down and pulled over pulling to a stop on a dirt road.

"Go." He said gesturing to the fields.

"In the field?"

"No, the car. Yes the field." He snapped.

"No, I refuse to go in the field." I said sticking my nose in the air.

"Fine then hold it." He said starting to pull back onto the road.

"But it's daylight. If I pee in a field then people will see me." I said.

"And if I go to a gas station you will try to pull something cute." He said tightening his hands on the steering wheel.

"No, I swear I won't." I said turning to him.

"Nice try."

"Fine, I guess I will pee on your lovely leather seats." I coax.

"You do and I will strangle the fucking life out of you." He snaps at me. I raise an eyebrow and feel a slight grin slide across my face.

"Oh really?"

"Don't toy with me Leese. You really don't want to go there." He said in a low and dark tone.

"Then pull into a goddamn gas station, please." I said through gritted teeth. He let out a stressful sigh and took a sharp right turn down a dirt road. We drove for a few miles before a small town came into view. He pulled into a small run down gas station and got out and came to my side. I moved as far away from him as I could when he opened my door and pulled out a knife. I opened my mouth to scream but he quickly slapped his hand over my mouth.

"I'm just cutting the zip ties off of you." He hissed against my ear.

"I'm going to take my hand of your mouth, promise not to scream?" he asked, his breath tickling my ear making me mentally shiver. I nodded my head slowly. He took his hand off of my mouth never taking his eyes off of mine. He picked up my wrist and cutting the zip tie. Then he bent down and cut the tie off of my ankles. He took my elbow in his hand and pulled me out of the car.

"Nothing cute, Leese. Remember I will check the bathroom after you're done." He said quietly.

"What, not going to follow me into the bathroom?" I snapped.

"I wasn't but if you insist-"

"No. I won't try anything 'cute'." I said cutting him off.

"Make up your mind, Leese. Do you want me or not?" he teased.

"Not even in your dreams." I growled as we walked into the station.

"Excuse me sir, where is your restroom?" Jackson asked the older man behind the counter.

"'Round back. You need the key." He said grabbing something from under the counter. Jackson took the key and led me outside around back to the restroom and unlocked the door. He pushed me in but not before glaring at me telling me with his blue eyes that if I did anything stupid it could very well be the last thing I ever do. Once the door was closed I turned around and looked in the filthy mirror at my reflection. There was a bright red mark on the side of my face where Jackson had slapped me earlier still lingering on my face. I had dark bags hanging under my eyes and my eyes were bloodshot. I went to the bathroom and then ran the cold water and splashed some water on my face trying to wash off the tiredness from my eyes.

"Hurry up Leese. What did you do, die?" he shouted banging on the door. I wiped my hands off on a paper towel and emerged from the bathroom. Jackson barged into the bathroom dragging me back in as he searched for anything that I may have left in there alerting somebody that I had been kidnapped. Once he decided that the bathroom was clear he pulled me back to the car.

"Thank you for making everything easier, Lisa." He said as we pulled back onto the interstate. I only nodded a reply.

"Can I ask you one thing and can you please answer honestly, Jackson?" I asked turning towards him.

"What might that question be?" he asked.

"Why did you come back for me?" I ask so softly it only comes out as a whisper.

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