Title: "No Condemnation"

Disclaimer: I do not own any person, place or thing you may recognize. I do, however, own Rhett Bartlett; the Dorsey case, including Kasey Henson and his mother, Jillian; and the name Silene Marie Black.

Rating: T

Warnings: language; case related violence; mentions of past character death; female Harry

Fandoms: Harry Potter and NCIS

Characters: Silene Black, LJ Gibbs, Chris Pacci, Cassie Yates, an OC agent, Kreacher and an unnamed observation room tech, with background appearances by Stan Burley and Brett Langer; mentions of Director Morrow, Ducky, Vernon Dursley, Severus Snape, Shannon and Kelly Gibbs, Pedro Hernandez, Abby Scuito, Sirius Black, Lily Potter and a reference to Bellatrix Lestrange, though she isn't specifically named.

Spoilers: set pre-series, but with spoilers for Gibbs' backstory, and a minor spoiler for SWAK; all 7 Harry Potter books, specifically Order of the Phoenix.

Summary: Agent Gibbs is being even more of a bastard than normal. Pacci's new Probie isn't willing to let it go with the accepted reasoning that that was just how he always got the last week in February, and goes digging into the past. How will Gibbs react when he finds out what she's discovered?

Word Count: 1,818/4,243

Author's Note: So, I recently got an idea for a larger crossover between these two fandoms. For part of that story, I needed to come up with a reason why Gibbs would choose Silene over Ziva if it came down to a choice like the one she forced between herself and Tony at the end of season 6. Seeing as Silene doesn't have any half-siblings to kill in order to gain Gibbs' trust, it had to be something else. I figured something to do with Shannon and Kelly is really the only thing that would compare to Ziva killing Ari.

Anyway, there may be other short background pieces as I work on the larger crossover set in mid-season 8. The second chapter will be posted on Thursday. Let me know what y'all think.


Chapter 01

Silene watched from her desk as Agent Gibbs snapped something at his agents, sending them scrambling for something that would appease their boss. In the two months since she had started at NCIS, she had noticed that most people tended to avoid Gibbs if at all possible, but it seemed to her that everyone in the building was giving him an even wider berth than normal, even her boss.

If she had had to guess, she would have said that Chris was the closest thing to a friend that Gibbs had at NCIS, with the possible exception of Director Morrow, or maybe the ME, Dr. Mallard. But even Chris was being extra wary when approaching the other team lead.

After watching Gibbs snap something else at Burley and Langer that sent both agents scrambling for the elevator, Silene turned to Chris.

"Is there a reason Gibbs seems extra testy today?" she asked.

Chris looked at her for a moment before turning to look over at the other team's bullpen. He regarded Gibbs thoughtfully until the other man smacked his computer angrily, and stormed towards the back elevator.

"No one knows exactly why, but rumor is that he's always more of a bastard the last couple of days of February than he is at any other time throughout the year," Chris said. "Been like that since he first started ten years ago."

"Has anyone tried talking to him about it?"

Chris turned back to her with one eyebrow raised while Rhett snorted. "You have met Agent Gibbs, right?" Rhett asked. "Agent Grumpy, Irritable, Bearish Bastard? He doesn't talk. He growls. He snaps. He orders. He demands. Usually with just a look. But he doesn't talk. But if you want to try, by all means, try. Just let me know. I'd love to be there."

Silene bit her lip, unsure. There was something else going on here. She was certain of it. There was an aura of sadness around Agent Gibbs. She recognized it, because it was one that she carried around with her.

"Ignore Rhett," Cassie said, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Agent Gibbs isn't anywhere near as bad with the female agents as he is with the males. Just don't expect an answer."

"Cassie's right," Chris said. "You have a better chance than most of the agents with NCIS. But save it for later, okay? How's that cold case looking?"

"I think I may have something, but I'm not sure."

"Yeah? Rhett, take a look. If it pans out, you and Silene check it out. Cassie, you're with me."

Cassie grabbed her gun and followed Chris to the elevator while Rhett rolled his chair over to sit next to her.

"What do you got, Silene?" he asked.

"Well, on the surface, this case looks like a standard kidnapping slash ransom demand, where the vic was taken from a popular teen hangout with no witnesses, and the only clue left behind was a single red rose petal. The parents paid the ransom and they got their daughter back, along with a bouquet of roses. The girl was kept in what she described as a fully furnished one bedroom apartment and she never saw her attacker. There were no fingerprints at the scene, nor any other trace of forensics evidence. The team in charge of the investigation had no leads and no evidence. They couldn't even trace the roses."


"Well." Silene took a breath. "I have a friend who lives in Northern Maryland and he mentioned something about a case very similar to this one, where a girl was kidnapped from a popular teen hangout with no witnesses and no evidence. I got curious, so I pulled up the police report, and it turns out that-"

"The kidnapper left a rose petal at the scene, and sent the girl home with a bouquet of roses."

"Yeah. I checked a couple of other precincts in the tri-states. There have been seven other cases with that exact same MO over the course of the last nine years, one case a year. The NCIS case was the third and no one had ever made the connection because they were all small towns, local jurisdiction."

"Other than the MO, were there any other similarities? Vic characteristics, parents, organizations?"

"All nine cases had three things in common: young women who had just graduated from high school, parents who made six figures a year, and-" She pulled out one of the crime scene photos. "-this man in at least one crime scene photo."

"He got a name?" Rhett asked, sounding impressed.

Silene smirked. "Kasey Henson, age thirty-nine. He lives just outside Moorefield, West Virginia, in the house he inherited from his parents eleven years ago when they died in a car accident. He was a loner growing up, with a sadistic streak suspected of torturing at least seven squirrels and two pet cats. He majored in forensics at the University of Charleston, but was unable to get a job because he failed the psych eval due to sociopathic tendencies. Here's the kicker, though. When she was alive, Jillian Henson won multiple blue ribbons at the county fair for her prized roses.

"Good work, Silene. I'm impressed. Get a warrant?"

"Working on it. Problem is, there's nine cases spread across three states, which technically makes it FBI jurisdiction."

"Yeah, that could be a problem. I'll talk to Chris when he gets back and he can approach the Director about jurisdiction. In the meantime, go ahead and type up your findings. I'm gonna go grab lunch. Want me to bring you back anything?"

She shook her head. "No, thanks," she said. "I have something from home."

"Fine. I'll see you in an hour."

Silene watched him go for a moment before she began typing up her notes from the cold case. She had become very proficient at typing in the last year, and it only took her twenty minutes to get it in proper form. As she collected the finished copy from the printer, she noticed that Agent Gibbs had come back and was glaring at something on his computer screen.

She studied him, trying to see if she could figure out what was bothering him. He must have sensed her staring at him because he looked up and glared at her. She had to admit, it was pretty impressive. If she hadn't grown up with Vernon Dursley, and suffered under Snape for six years at school, she would have taken a step back at the intensity.

As it was, compared to some of the things she had faced down over the years, she didn't find Gibbs to be the slightest bit intimidating. Well, maybe a little. But there was no way she was letting him know that.

She met his glare with a level look and held it for several moments to let him know that she wasn't looking away just because he caught her staring, then turned to walk back to her desk. She held the report to her chest, tapping the top edge against her bottom lip thoughtfully.

There was definitely something more going on with Agent Gibbs and she wanted to know what it was. She dropped the report on Chris' desk and sat down, hesitating only briefly before turning to her computer.

It didn't take much digging for her to discover he had been married one more time than everyone thought. A second search revealed that his first wife and their daughter had been killed ten years ago on the last day of February.

A glance at the calendar revealed that today was the twenty-eighth.

Well. That certainly explained why he was being even more of a bastard than usual. But it didn't explain why no one knew. It had been fairly easy for her to find out. It wasn't as if it was in a classified file somewhere. The marriage and birth announcements had been in the paper, as had the obits.

Additionally, there was a four inch article on the shooting and subsequent car accident that had killed Shannon and Kelly. A follow up article a few months later revealed that the man believed to be responsible had been found dead down in Mexico.

The Mexican police report said that he had died in a gang related shooting, but Silene would bet her Map that Gibbs had been the one to kill the man. If she had had the skill, she would have done the same after Sirius' death.

She looked over at the man again, and found him studying her intently. She kept her gaze open and non-confrontational, no trace of the knowledge in her eyes. He had been keeping this a secret, and she understood. He didn't want pity. He didn't want condemnation for his actions.

There was a reason she had never told anyone about her attempt to crucio that bitch.

His computer beeped and he looked away. She continued staring at him for a few moments longer before turning her gaze out the window, thoughtfully.

She wanted to do something to let him know that she knew, and to let him know that she understood how he was feeling. She became withdrawn and sullen on the eighteenth and twenty-fourth of June, as well as Halloween.

She was still sitting there, lost in thought, when Rhett returned.

"Penny for your thoughts, there, Probie," he said as he sat down at his desk.

"Huh?" she asked, looking over at him. "Oh." She shook her head with a soft smile. "It's not important," she said. "Is it okay if I take my dinner break now?"

"That report ready?"

"It's on Chris' desk, and I emailed you a copy."

"Great. Be back in an hour."

She nodded and headed for the elevator. There was a small park just outside the Yard that was perfect for what she needed. Once there, she glanced around to make sure she was alone and drew her wand, casting the same series of protective enchantments they had used on the tent, before casting several warming charms on the bubble she had created.

"Kreacher," she called, when she was satisfied.

The elf popped into the clearing. "Is Mistress ready for dinner?" he asked.

"Yes, Kreacher, I am."

Kreacher snapped his fingers and a small table appeared in the middle of the clearing, complete with her favorite meal and a pitcher of pumpkin juice. As she ate, she began mentally drafting the letter she wanted to send.

When she finished, Kreacher popped back in. "Is Mistress needing anything else?"

"My writing desk, please," she replied.

He snapped his fingers again and the dinner plates were replaced with her writing desk. She wrote a rough draft with pen and paper before taking out a piece of personalized stationary and a quill.

She selected an emerald green ink and, using her best calligraphy, began to write.