Chapter 10: The Pheasant and the Dog

Bonbon and Rose were nervous. After all they had to deal several Devil's Reincarnations. They did almost betray the town after all.

"Don't worry we're not angry…" said Twilight.

"They know you were just trying to rescue us." Said Daisy.

"That's right." Said Lyra.

"So you all know about it?" asked Applejack.

"I didn't want to keep it a secret from Lyra." Answered Bonbon.

"We grew up together, I couldn't keep it a secret that I turn into spikes…" said Rose.

"Please Twilight… please just let us live our lives… I don't want to get dragged into this again!" said Bonbon.

"Me neither…" said Rose.

"You will have to resister with my brother." Said Lady Bluebell, "But if you do register and you feel you or your loved ones are in danger a member of the Fruit Brigade will be sent."

"Really? I thought registering was a bad thing." Said Bonbon.

"It's just a rumor started by this one pony that they constantly watch you." Said Bombs Away.

"Why?" asked Rose.

"Well everything is okay now." Twilight said quickly as if to change the subject.

"Yes everything is okay…" muttered Sandy who was tired up with some sort of glowing rope, "Or are you just trying to change to subject…"

"Let's just ignore them." Said Pinkie.

That was when there was a knock on the door, Spike answered it and it was Rusty.

"I'm here to transfer the prisoners." Said Rusty.

"They sent you again?" asked Steel.

"I'm here to deal with you… I should point out the Brigadier came himself." Said Rusty.

"What?" asked Sandy, "He came."

There was an awkward silence.

Rusty poked his out the door.

"Great…" he muttered.

They all looked out side and saw a rather large blue Pegasus with a snowflake as a cutie mark… sleeping.

"Come on wake up!" said Rusty.

That was when Bombs Away showed up with a big stick.

"You can't wake him like that, you have to poke him with a stick." Said Bombs Away.

"I didn't know…" mumbled Rusty.

"Your still new." Said Bombs Away.

Bombs Away began to poke the Pegasus with the big stick.

"What?" asked the Pegasus waking up, "Oh yes, the prisoners…"

"Is he for real?" asked Applejack.

"Yes… answered Twilight.

The Pegasus entered the room.

Sandy remanded silent, knowing it would probably a good idea not to say anything in front of the pony who was the brigadier of the Fruit Brigade.

The pony walked over to Sandy he created a block of ice that acted like handcuffs around her hooves.

"Do you still need the diamond filament tether?" asked Rusty.

"Oh no I made that in case he ever showed up again." Said Rarity.

"We would have brought Starshine, but she threatened to tied up Prince Blueblood if she saw him." Said the Pegasus, "If I heard what he said was true then I can't blame her…"

"Who are you anyways?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"I am Glacier, Brigadier of the Fruit Brigade, it means I'm the leader if you couldn't figure it out." Said the Pegasus named Glacier.

"Wait… are you…" said Pinkie.

"I'm his reincarnation…" said Glacier.

Pinkie's eyes winded.

"Sorry, but I can't really talk I have my duty." Said Glacier.

He dragged away Sandy while Rusty dragged away Steel.

"How powerful is he?" asked Applejack.

"He's one of the most powerful Devil's Reincarnations there are." Said Twilight, "That combined with his sense of duty and loyalty he was given leadership…"

"He's still lazy isn't he?" asked Pinkie.

"He was asleep at the door, that's a given." Said Spitfire.

"I hate it when I'm not in the loop." Said Rainbow Dash.

"I know…" said Rarity.

Meanwhile n the Devil's Alliance HQ, they talked to a dark red Earth Pony stallion with a flaming rock for a cutie mark.

"Why did you ask me to come." Said the earth pony.

"We allies, aren't we?" asked the black unicorn.

"I thought the deal was unless I was needed you would not summon me." Said dark red stallion.

"Sandy was captured and we're sure they're sending in a Logia to guard her and Steel." Said the black unicorn, "And they're expecting lighting…"

"Why can you do it?" asked the dark red earth pony.

Before she could answer.

"Before you could turn us down I think you should know that Glacier is the one doing transport." Said the light blue Pegasus entering the room.

The dark red earth pony's face darkened.

"I see…" he muttered.

He began to leave.

"I'm going OT rescue them, don't contact me for a while though…" said the earth pony as he left.

"So are you making it up?" asked the black unicorn.

"No way…" said the blue Pegasus, "He's the one handling it."

"Oh… I see…" said the black unicorn, "We'll just have to wait and see if it's a success…"

Back in Ponyville, Bonbon, Lyra, Rose, Lily and Daisy all left to find Blueblood.

"Well I made a decision." Said Spitfire, "I think it's a good idea to move to Ponyville."

"Really?" asked Pinkie.

Spitfire nodded, "You need all the help you can, and I think I should spend time getting to know Pinkie. Besides I wouldn't be the first Wonder Bolt member to commute."

"Do you have at least a good excuse to keep quiet?" asked Lady Bluebell; "I mean brother will hound you if you don't come up with a good one."

"There needs to be at least member of the Wonder Bolts here in case of emergency." Said Spitfire.

"Is that even a good excuse?" asked Twilight.

"This town has been attacked by Nightmare Moon, Discord and a giant rampaging dragon…" pointed out Spitfire.

"That was me…" mumbled Spike.

Spitfire winced, "Sorry." She whispered.

"Awkward…" said Pinkie.

"I'm, moving here too." Said Soarin'.

"Why?" asked Lady Bluebell.

"Spitfire's like a sister to me." Said Soarin', "I'm not letting her doing it alone."

Soarin' looked at Pinkie and began to blush a little.

Lady Bluebell narrowed her eyes…

"So…" whispered Spring Breeze to Golden Field.

"No… not yet…" said Golden Field, "Let's wait until everything's revealed."

"I have to go run some errands." sighed Lady Bluebell, she looked at Spitfire, "I'm so glad you two getting along!

She glared at Soarin' then left.

"Did she just glare at me?" asked Soarin'.

"Maybe it has to do with latent feelings for Pinkie Pie." Said Golden Field.

"Yeah,…" said Soarin', "Wait? What?"

"Don't ask." Said Spring Breeze.

In the air between Ponyville and Canterlot. Two regular royal guard pulled the chariot with the prisoners and the members of the Fruit Brigade.

Glacier was just napping.

"Seriously? How can he just be napping. He knows a Logia will rescue us." Said Sandy.

"You know there's not many that can match his strength." Pointed out Rusty.

That was when a flaming rock barely missed the chariot.

Glacier woke up.

"What's going on?" asked Glacier.

"You never changed." Yelled a voice under them.

Glacier looked down and paled, it was the dark red earth pony.

"Fire Stone." Said Glacier.

Fire Stone was a former member of the Fruit Brigade, he joined when it was first forming and wanted to be the Brigadier.

However the method of trying to impress Princess Celestia was well was not only violent but also permanently left both of them a bad impression of each other.

Princess Celestia expelled him from the Fruit Brigade and put him under watch.

While Fire Stone felt that Princess Celestia was an incompetent ruler who ignored what Devil's Reincarnations did in their past lives.

He hated working for the Devil's Alliance that is why he will only help them if they need it, he also hated that he owed them because they helped him get free of the surveillance.

But he knew when this was all over that he could form his country one filled with absolute justice…

One where his ideals reigned supreme…

After all the ends justified the means… right?

Glacier flew down to Fire Stone.

"What do you want?" asked Glacier.

"I think you should know I'm an ally of the Devil Alliance." Said Fire Stone.

"Wait… you're working with them?" asked Glacier, "Doesn't that make you a hypocrite?"

"No it doesn't." said Fire Stone, "I'm barely just working for them to get of that Unjust Ruler."

"I see." Sighed Glacier.

"Tell me Glacier do you want to fight me?" asked Fire Stone.

Glacier narrowed his eyes.

"If you just give me the prisoners then we don't need to fight." Said Fire Stone, "After all we both know what kind of deviation will come about with us fighting."

Glacier gritted his teeth.

"Tell me what's more important getting the prisoners to the Princess or ensuing the safety of all Equestria?" asked Fire Stone.

"Rusty!" yelled Glacier, "Let the prisoners free!"

Rusty sighed then nodded, he knew the deviation the two could unleash if they fought.

The two gauds flying the chariot, flew down.

"You let us go despite how powerful we are." Mocked Sandy.

"Shut up…" muttered Fire Stone, "I don't want to hear from you."

Sandy froze, "Yes, I understand." She said.

Firestone touched the ice handcuffs and they melted.

The three then ran off.

"Sir! What do we do now?" asked Rusty.

"I think we should return to Ponyville, it's much closer and I can inform the Princess from there." Explained Glacier.

In Ponyville…

"All right!" cheered Pinkie, "We have to have a welcome to Ponyville party for you two!"

"How about when they actually move into town." Said Twilight.

"We also have to tell the others about it, and still have to figure out whether not we should forced with the show after the sand storm." Said Spitfire.

"Seriously?" asked Pinkie.

"Don't worry, we'll have one!" said Spitfire.

"All right!" cheered Pinkie.

That was when there was a knock on the door, Twilight went to get it, it was Glacier.

"What's wrong?" asked Twilight.

"Something happened." Said Glacier, "I need to send a letter to Princess Celestia and talk to Twilight Sparkle and Spitfire alone."

Twilight and Spitfire looked at each other.

Everyone but Spike left the library.

"What do they need to talk about?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"Is it obvious?" asked Spring Breeze, "They escaped again…"

"Why that…" muttered Pinkie.

"It's worse than that…" said Golden Field, "There is only one pony that can break them free."

Soarin's eyes widened.

"No…" he said.

They all looked inside… Spitfire looked worried while Twilight appeared utterly deviated.

"What happened?" thought Pinkie.

Meanwhile in the Devil's Alliance HQ…

Fire Stone brought in Sandy and Steel.

"Don't bother me until you have the thing you want." Said Fire Stone leaving right away.

"Oh so you don't want some of this pie?" asked the black unicorn.

Fire Stone glared at her.

"Besides we don't need you." Said the light bleu Pegasus, "By breaking out those two, you broke the princess' student… good job."

"I see…" muttered Fire Stone leaving.

In Canterlot, Princess Celestia looked at the letter she received. It was a report about the break out.

She couldn't blame Glacier for not fighting, she knew the kind of deviation it would bring.

However she was more concerned about Twilight and her history with Fire Stone.

That was when there was a knock on her door.

"Come in." said Princess Celestia.

It was Princess Luna.

"Sister…" said Princess Luna coming in.

The older princess looked at her younger sister.

"What's wrong?" asked Princess Celestia.

"I have you tell something." Said Princess Luna, "About the ponies known as Devil's Reincarnations."

"What is it?" asked Princess Celestia.

"I am the cause of phenomena." Said Princess Luna.

"What?" asked Princess Celestia, "How?"

"Actually it's a rather interesting story." Said Princess Luna's ghost friend appearing.

Princess Celestia stared at the ghost.

"What's that?" she asked.

"Oh do not alarmed, this is my friend Brook." Said Princess Luna, "He ate a Devil Fruit when he was a alive but due to it's powers he can't be reincarnated."

"It a pleasure to finally meet you." Said the ghost named Brook, "By the way can I barrow some money."

Princess Celestia looked at the ghost then it hit her, and she started laughing, "I guess it's because ponies don't wear panties…"

"Twilight Sparkle must have told her about me." Said Brook.

However the younger Princess became series.

"Sister, but still I am the cause of the Devil's Reincarnation…" said Princess Luna, "I need to tell why I did it…"

Princess Celestia looked at her sister, after all it was the biggest mystery in Equestria…

For the past 1,000 years what was the cause of the Devil's Reincarnations…

And now she would finally know…

Next Time: Princess Luna and Brook tells Princess Celestia the origin of the Devil's Reincarnations. Why did Princess Luna do such a thing? Also Spitfire tells the others about Twilight and her own history with Fire Stone. What did he do that was so terrible? Find out next time!