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Chapter 29: Battles…

All though out Canterlot there were battles. One practically strange one was flying giraffe.

And it wasn't a zombie, it was one of the members of the Fruit Brigade.

Why is there a flying giraffe!" yelled one of the zombie.

His name was Tempus Blade and his past life ate the Cow Cow Fruit Model Giraffe. He was also a skilled swords stallion…

So yeah a flying giraffe with swords!

With Trixie she diced to try to trick any zombies she could find.

When she found some, she yelled out, "It's time for you to meet The Great and Powerful Trixie and be amazed!"

The zombies stared at her.

"Something tells me that you're nothing but a fraud." Said one of the zombies.

Trixie sighed and took out her knives and started to chop them up as best she could.

Elsewhere with Cheerilee and Big Macintosh they became sounded by zombies, Big Macintosh managed to buck them away while Cherie hung them out to dry.

Elsewhere with Nurse Red Hearts group most of them were sitting around while Red Mist just tore into zombies.

"And so this unicorn showed up one day with a bow on his horn saying he heard it was Bluebell's birthday…" said Golden Field telling them a story about something that happened during one of Bluebell's tours…

That was hewn more zombies showed up.

"Hey guys! I need help." Said Red Mist.

"Looks like it's time for us to fight." Said the green stallion.

The green stallion began to turn into a bison, yes he was born a pony, his past life ate the Cow Cow Fruit Model Bison, the beige pony turned into a jackal and Golden Field turned into her snake form.

"Let's go!" said the green pony.

The three of them joined the fighting while Nurse Red Heart watched.

Up in the air, Spring Breeze managed to attack several zombies in the air.

Elsewhere in the sky Rainbow Dash and Falcon Wing teamed up to take down the zombies.

Elsewhere Rarity watched as Fleur De Lee rubbed the zombies with her soap casing them to fall to the ground powerless.

"I have to say that is a fantastic power." Said Rarity.

"It is very useful." Said Fleur Dee Lee.

That was when they heard something.

"Let's go." Said Fleur.

Meanwhile Glimmer was running from some zombies, that was when she lead them an area of Canterlot that was filled with many store fronts… particularly those with large windows.

"I think you should knew I wasn't running away…" said Glimmer, "I was leading you here!"

Elsewhere, Lace and Hollow Air knew it was time for their great move.

"All right! Time you know what!" said Hollow Air.

Lace turned her entire body into a giant gun while Hollow Air turned both himself and Lace invisible.

Hollow Air flew them towards to where two certain Pegasi were having an aerial battle.

Elsewhere Glacier as he currently didn't have any leader ship duty joined in on the fighting.

Any flying zombie would either fly away or engaged him.

However those that were dumb enough to fight her shattered into thousands of little pieces.

On the ground, Applejack and Golden Delicious fought off zombies.

While they were doing it Applejack finally decided to ask Golden Delicious the question.

What question, well it was one that plagued many members of the Apple family for a while.

"Why didn't you join the Fruit Brigade?" asked Applejack.

"Now not the time…" mumbled Golden Delicious.

Golden Delicious had engulfed several zombies wish his smoke.

"You don't seem to be having a hard time." Said Applejack.

"I don't want to talk about it right now." Said Golden Delicious.

That was when they were sprayed with guts from destroyed zombies.

"Sorry!" called out Boulder Crash who was nearby and who was the cause of the zombie's guts.

"I'll tell you after when this is all over." Said Golden Delicious.

Spitfire was dodging the zombie's attacks while muttered under her breath.

"You okay?" asked Soarin'.

"I'm fine." Sighed Spitfire.

The zombies came at them however one of Perona's ghosts showed up and the zombies when through them.

"You for I was in this fight didn't you?" asked Perona who then laughed.

Both of them stared at Perona.

"I never met you in a past life so…" said Spitfire.

Perona muttered something under her breath.

Elsewhere Muddy Bog searched Canterlot, he sighed.

"When am I going to find somepony to fight?" He muttered.

He continued his search.

Meanwhile Full Plate was eating any leftovers from a bakery. That was when Aurora ran past it and saw him doing that.

"Seriously?" she asked.

"I'm still trying to get the taste out of my mouth." Said Full Plate."

"I see." Mumbled Aurora.

Aura decided to just ignore this and go elsewhere.

Elsewhere Coil was leading a group of zombies.

He knew he had to avoid where the fight between Pinkie and Darkness Horizon was happening.

"Who can I defeat?" he thought.

He contented his search.

Elsewhere Princess Candace watched from the castle she sighed heavily.

She wanted to join in the fighting but wasn't due to her stalker it was too dangerous at the moment.

"Are you all right?" asked Princess Luna appearing behind her.

"Shouldn't you be fighting?" asked Princess Cadance.

"I have something planned" said Princess Luna.

"I see." Said Princess Cadance.

"I was asleep at the time." Said Princess Luna.

"What?" asked Princess Cadance.

"That's what I was doing during the Changeling Attack." Sighed Princess Luna, "Had I known what was going on, I would have tired to help."

"I see." Whispered Princess Cadance.

"If any of the zombies get into the palace it will be you job to try to stop them." Said Princess Luna, "In a particular room."

"What do you mean?" asked Princess Candace.

"I will be performing a spell, at the time of the casting I will be completely vulnerable, and I will need your help to protect me." Explained Princess Luna.

"All right." Said Princess Cadance.

Elsewhere in Canterlot, Gaseous State managed to take down many of the Guards.

He smirked evilly…

Elsewhere Thunder Cloud looked up at the sky, since Darkness Horizon would be the one to fight Pinkie first he decided to kick back for a while.

Sometimes he would get second thoughts about his goal. He was lighting itself, he should be the one that ruled and sun and moon.

But why would he get these thoughts sometimes… why would he sometimes second guess himself.

"I think I should find one of the members of the Fruit Brigade or something…" he muttered to himself.

He began to fly around and that was when he saw Glacier.

"He's the one I should take down." Thought Thunder Cloud.

Elsewhere Boulder Crash joined the fighting with Applejack and Golden Delicious.

"And that's why I joined the Fruit Brigade." Said Boulder Crash finishing his story of why he joined the Fruit Brigade.

"You have that many siblings…" said Applejack in shock.

"Oh yeah." Laughed Boulder Crash.

To Clarify, Boulder Crash had 9 siblings and his parents sometimes urged him to join the guard to protect family. Boulder Crash being a pirate in his past life, wasn't sure until rumors came Princess Celestia protected two Devil's Reincarnations from Fire Stone… When he found out about this all 9 of his siblings inaugural him to go for various reasons, but 3 of sisters and two of his brother said to "Protect his family."

After all, Boulder Crash's family might become a target.

That was when it was getting hard to breathe.

Golden Delicious had a bad feeling, he turned to see Gaseous State.

"I've heard about you, the reincarnation of Vice Admiral Smoker… who in this life is just a simple farmer." Mocked Gaseous State.

Golden Delicious glared at him.

"Boulder Crash…" said Golden Delicious, "Take Applejack and get her out of here!"

"WHAT!" yelled Applejack.

"Applejack, he's a logia, I know you're strong but brute force won't beat him." Said Golden Delicious.

Applejack was about to say something Boulder Crash said, "I'll proved a distraction."

"What?" asked Applejack.

That was when cracks appeared in the air itself and everything began to tremble, like an earthquake.

Golden Delicious pushed Applejack to Boulder Crush just was a large chimney fell between them.

"I really hope I don't get a pay cut muttered Boulder Crash.

Applejack stared at him.

"Come on let's go." He said, "We have to get out of here."

Applejack sighed and went with him. She knew her cousin was trying to protect her.

Up in the air both Falcon Wing and Rainbow Dash hear the earthquake.

"What was that?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"Oh just Boulder Crash." Said Falcon Wing.

"I see…" mumbled Rainbow Dash.

That was when there was a loud band and something his Falcon Wing's leg.

"Ow!" he yelled.

"What happened?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"I was shot…" said Falcon wing.

They looked at and saw nothing. That was when there was another bang and Rainbow turned around and defected the bullet with her swords.

"She deflected it." She headed Hollow Air say.

"Oh it's the one's that can turn invisible." Muttered Rainbow Dash.

"Great…" muttered Falcon Wing.

"They know who we are." Mumbled Hollow Air.

"Don't worry it will be fine, they will can't see us." Whispered Lace.

Elsewhere, Glimmer was trying to find more zombies pony, when she tripped. She saw her leg was engulfed with mud.

"Well ,well what do we have here?" asked Muddy Bog.

That was when Glimmer saw a window and bounced on.

"A very powerful member of the Fruit Brigade." Mumbled Muddy.

"Oh yeah." Said Glimmer.

"Well." Said Muddy, "mud pie."

Elsewhere Aurora continued to search for somepony to fight.

That was when a zombie pony fell from the sky, she managed to slide away, she looked up and saw Spring Breeze.

"Well I would have preferred Blueblood, but beggars can't be choosers." Mumbled Aurora.

Aurora looked at wall and used a spell developed to turn it into a sort of ramp, she slid up it and tired to attack Spring Breeze, however she just dodged.

"What was that?" asked Spring Breeze.

Meanwhile Aurora crashed into a pony and that pony happened to be Trixie.

"You!" yelled Trixie.

"Oh... I didn't mean to fight you." Said Aurora.

"Well too bad!" said Trixie, "You will know that you shouldn't insult the Great and Powerful Trixie!"

"Great…" muttered Aurora.

Spring Breeze saw what had just happened and breathed a sigh of relief.

"At least I don't have to fight anyone…" she mumbled.

She heard somepony clear her breath. She looked to see it was Shadow Streak.

"I see… it's because we're both Pegasi…" mumbled Spring Breeze who sighed.

Elsewhere Applejack and Boulder Crash fought off zombies, of course she was worried about Golden Delicious.

"You're worried about him…" said Boulder Crash.

"Of course I am!" yelled Applejack.

Okay! Okay! Need to bite my head off." Said Boulder Crash.

That was when they heard the sounds of eating. They saw Full Plate still eating.

"Take your anger out of him…" said Boulder Crash.

Applejack stared at Boulder Crash.

"Why?" she asked.

"He's pretty weak and I think it would be a good idea, besides we need to beat as many of the members… besides… if I beat him up it would be like using a large rock to smash ants." Said Boulder Crash.

Applejack stared at him, "Fine…" she mumbled.

Elsewhere Sandy was searching for somepony to fight, knowing that she would have to carry a fight. That was when she saw the ground based Zoan group.

"So this is rather interesting fighting like animals." Sandy.

"You're Crocodile's reincarnation, aren't you?" asked the beige pony/jackal.

"And you're Chaka's. You lost our fight in your past life." Mocked Sandy, "Do you honestly think you can win in this fight?"

The beige pony gritted his teeth.

Elsewhere Rose was exploring Canterlot.

"I should come here when the fate of the world isn't at stake." She mumbled to herself.

"There you are." Came a voice.

She turned around and saw Steel.

"You…" muttered Rose.

"I was wondering if I would find you." Said Steel.

Rose turned her mane and tail into spikes.

"You will pay for trying to hurt my friends!" yelled Rose.

With Pinkie and Darkness Horizon the two looked at each other.

"Let's not fight!" said Darkness Horizon."

"WHAT!" yelled Pinkie.

"I meant not yet…" said Darkness Horizon, "I mean most of the fights are only getting just started."

"Oh…" mumbled Pinkie.

"I brought Monopoly!" said Darkness Horizon.

"That joke's getting old." Said Pinkie.

"Fine." Said Darkness Horizon.

"I brought Guess Who!" said Pinkie.

"I guess we can do a few games of that." Said Darkness Horizon with a shrug.

And so with that many of the match up would be underway… though would be a while until the final battle would be underway.

Next time: Glimmer must fight Muddy Bog while Applejack must fight Full Plate... how will the battle go... who are we kidding... the Devil's Alliance will lose those fights... but how badly... find out next time!