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Chapter 30: Bogs and Eating

Glimmer was one of the most powerful Devil Reincarnations. After all she had the power of the Glint Glint fruit. She was also an admiral in her past life.

Muddy Bog was an idiom of varying luck in this life in this life and the last.

Muddy Bog decided then that it was probably best to bluff his way out.

"How do you know you can defeat me?" asked Muddy Bog, "We're both Logia."

"I can use Haki… and your weakness is air tight seals." Said Glimmer.

"Plus light can't escape swamps." Said Muddy Bog creating the bog all around him.

"That's a black hole." Said Glimmer.

"There is no way you can stop me!" said Muddy Bog trying hard to convince himself he was going to win (and he was succession a bit).

That was when Glimmer used the spell to turn all of the buildings nearby into glass.

"What's that going to do?" asked Muddy Bog.

The truth was that Muddy Bog knew what that could do… and he was freaking out on the inside.

"If don't know, then you'll just have to see." Said Glimmer.

Glimmer turned into a beam of light, she bounced off one of the buildings and smashed into Muddy Bog. However he turned into some swamp and absorbed the blast.

"That didn't work." Said Muddy Bog.

That was when Muddy Bog decided to absorb her. He regained his normal shape and began to laugh evilly.

"That was easy! I thought it was going to be a pain but I wrong!" he gloated.

That was when suddenly he explode with a bright flash of light. The light reformed into Glimmer.

"That was gross, please don't do that again." Sighed Glimmer.

Muddy Bog also reformed.

"I don't think I will…" mumbled Muddy Bog.

"I should tell you I'm only getting started." Said Glimmer.

That was when Glimmer disappeared in a flash of light, however Muddy Bog was taking hits.

"This isn't fair!" yelled Muddy Bog, "I shouldn't be taking these hit!"

"What?" asked Glimmer.

"Ha! Fell for it!" said Muddy Bog.

Once again he enveloped her into himself.

"Why didn't I do this before?" asked Muddy Bog, then he remember, "Oh… right…"

That was when Muddy Bog suddenly exploded. Glimmer reformed in a bright flash of light.

"How did you forget?" asked Glimmer.

"I have no idea…" mumbled Muddy Bog.

"You're a bit of an idiot, aren't you?" asked Glimmer.

"You're one to talk." Said Muddy Bog, "I've that you're the dumbest of all of the Admirals."

"I'm a bit of a ditz, I'll admit that. But I'm only dumb compared to the other two." Said Glimmer.

"Oh really? What else do you have?" asked Muddy Bog.

"Did you know that a Logia Unicorn can combine their powers with magic?" asked Glimmer.

"What?" asked Muddy Bog, "Oh mud pie."

"Oh mud pie indeed." Said Glimmer.

That was when she created two sword made of light from her horn and used her magic to make them hover.

"I'm just getting warmed up." Said Glimmer.

She launched all of the swords all over the placed, thanks to the now buildings they bounced all over.

However thanks to the fact both were Logia users the swords did nothing it seemed like.

"What was that supposed to do!" said Muddy Bog.

However Glimmer was looking around, that was when noticed a barrel.

"That's it." She thought.

She ran over to him and used her sword against him, however he kept creating more and more swamp to adsorb the attack.

"I have to step this up then!" said Glimmer.

She created more light swords.

"What are you going to reach your limit?" mocked Muddy Bog.

"I'm nowhere near my limit." Bragged Glimmer.

That was when her hooves turned shiny and black.

Muddy Bog decided it was best to run but suddenly hit a barrier.

"I'm a member of the Royal Guard, all unicorns are taught how to use this spell easily." Said Glimmer.

"Look I'm sorry!" cried Muddy Bog, "I just wanted to take down Celestia! Is that really a crime."

Glimmer stared at him.

"Yes… yes it is." Mumbled Glimmer.

"But is it really?" asked Muddy Bog.

That was when his swamp enveloped her from behind and he absorbed her into him.

"She'll make an excellent captive." He taunted.

That was when for the third time that day, he exploded.

"How do you keep forgetting?" asked Glimmer.

"I don't' know…" said Muddy Bog.

That was when Glimmer upper cut him, sending him flying into the air, she turned much of the ground into glass.

He landed with a thud.

"Turn the ground into glass? Really?" asked Muddy Bog struggling to get up, "The ground has nothing to do with my power!"

"I know that! I'm just setting up my ultimate plan to defeat you!" said Glimmer.

"Oh really what it is?" asked Muddy Bog.

"You'll just have to wait and see." Responded Glimmer.

She ran over, with her Haki still activated and gave him a another punch… (or kick… whatever). It knocked him down. He then struggled to get up, but found himself suddenly in a net made of light.

"What's this supposed to do?" asked Muddy Bog.

"Distract you." Said Glimmer.

"Distract me how?" asked Muddy Bog.

Suddenly Glimmer grabbed a barrel using magic and trapped him in the barrel. She used a spell to make the ground turned glass into a new lid.

"Time to take you back to the Palace." Said Glimmer.

She saw him bang against the glass.

"Sorry it's reinforced, you're not getting out of there!" said Glimmer.

She lifted her opponent trapped in a barrel, headed to the palace as quickly as she could with out break the barrel, after all her spell allowed her to turn things into glass, not turning them back.

As she did however she was a target for a zombies. But she managed to defeat them.

Meanwhile Thundercloud sensed Muddy Bog's defeat.

"That's what he gets for taking her on." He thought as he countered to follow Glacier.

Meanwhile with Applejack, Boulder Crash and Full Plate. Boulder Crash found a place to sit down.

"You're just a normal earth pony, and I took out your friends easily!" said Full Plate.

"That was before we started training!" said Applejack.

"Oh start training... I'd like to see what that would entail." Mocked Full Plate.

That was when Applejack bucked him in the face.

"Ow! That hurt!" yelled Full Plate.

"What?" asked Applejack.

"I wasn't ready." Said Full Plate, "Let me eat something first!"

He then jumped through a window.

"Where in tarnation is he going?" asked Applejack.

"To eat." Said Boulder Crash, "Remember his power has to with eating."

"Oh yeah he ate a house, didn't he?" said Applejack.

"However he's very weak, I remember in the past life he ran away without a fight when Black Beard attacks his kingdom." Said Boulder Crash.

"Oh…" said Applejack, "Wait why aren't you helping me again."

"Crushing an ant." Said Boulder Crash.

"Oh… right…" said Applejack.

Inside the house Full Plate searched for something he could use again Applejack.

He then noticed a collection of swords on the walls.

"Well… that's lucky." Mumbled Full Plate.

He ate the swords when came outside.

"I have eaten something unexpected." He said with a sinister laugh.

"More cheap knives?" asked Applejack.

"No…" muttered Full Plate, "Wait were you even there at the time? Never mind…"

That was when the swords grew out of his skin.

"You haven't seen anything yet." He mocked.

"I'm going to go get a drink… there's a place nearby..." Said Boulder Crash, "Get me when you're done here."

"Hey! Aren't you going to help her?" asked Full Plate.

"She's angry about her cousin and you're not strong enough to take me…" said Boulder Crash, "Good luck Applejack."

Applejack sighed and kicked Full Plate finding a spot that wasn't covered in swords.

"Ow!" said Full Plate.

"You aren't taking over this city, you got it?" asked Applejack.

"Oh I get it, this has to with the Changeling invasion." Said Full Plate.

Applejack bucked him into the face, which caused him to fall on his butt, but he managed to get up.

"Sore spot… or does it have to with your cousin?" he asked.

Applejack found another spot to kick him seined him flying into a wall.

"My cousin can handle himself." Muttered Applejack.

"Oh let me guess he scarified himself to save you from a Logia… didn't he?" asked Full Plate, "I'm sure he will be missed."

Applejack managed to buck him in another open spot.

"How are you able to hit me?" asked Full Plate.

"Have you ever bucked a tree?" asked Applejack.

Full Plate gave her a look which said "I eat trees whole."

"In order to get all the apples you have to find the sweet spot on the tree." Explained Applejack.

"Wait are you comparing me to a tree?" asked Full Plate.

"You certainly have the branches." Said Applejack with a smirk.

He looked at the swords sticking out him.

"Okay… I admit it… that was a good burn." Said Full Plate.

Full Plate got an evil idea.

"Tell me do you have any what happens when I eat a Devil Reincarnation?" he asked.

"What?" asked Applejack.

"Do you want to know what sort destruction I can cause if I eat your little friends that came with you." Said Full Plate.

"Do you mean one of the Admirals of the Fruit Brigade?" asked Applejack.

"Yes… one of the…" said Full Plate who's eyes widened, "Okay… never mined eating him. Let's just continue our fight."

Applejack managed to kick him another time into a wall.

"Oh right… you're angry about your cousin." Said Full Plate.

Applejack rolled her eyes.

"Do you really think all this emotional manipulation will work?" asked Applejack.

"Well I heard that it worked with Discord so I figured." Said Full Plate.

Applejack performed the spinning kick that Sanji taught to send Full Plate flying.

"He showed me a fake future using talking apples!" yelled Applejack.

Full Plate got up and blinked, "What?" was all he could respond with, after all that was a rare sentence.

However he hadn't realized that his method of trying to break by talking her wasn't working at all.

"So tell me what opponent is your cousin facing?" asked Full Plate.

Applejack just kicked him another time.

"Oh let me guess he's facing Gaseous State, that creepy guy!" said Full Plate.

Applejack bucked him high into the air and landed with a couple of the swords breaking.

"Great…" he muttered but still he knew he hit a sore spot, "So your cousin is fighting Gaseous State… smoke is a type of gas I think… he won't be able to win."

"Will you shut you hole!" yelled Applejack giving him another kick.

"Yeah, you're not very good at trying to break her." Said Boulder Crash suddenly showing up.

"Locked?" asked Applejack.

"Very, very tight, it's my favorite place so I decided not to break in." Said Boulder Crash.

"Uh-huh." Said Applejack.

"You're not good at the whole breaking her thing, you'll only get her madder." Said Boulder Crash, "And you do not want to a see a member of the Apple Family angry…"

Applejack gave him a light glare.

"Oh please I have the power and she doesn't." said Full Plate.

Applejack gave him a hard kick.

"Weren't you a king who became a CEO?" asked Boulder Crash.

"Wrong." Said Full Plate, "I was a king who became a CEO who bake a king again… also I was briefly a pirate."

"Maybe you should finish him. He might not be a zombie, but we still need to defeat him." Said Boulder Crash.

"Fine…" sighed Applejack.

She ran towards full plate and did a very fast series of kicks, each other broke a sword or hit Full Plate hard. When it was over, Full Plate fell to the ground.

"Impressive." Said Boulder Crash applauding.

"I'm not done yet…" muttered Full Plate.

"I think it's time for you to take a nap." Said Boulder Crash.

Boulder Crash used Haoshoku Haki knocked him out.

"All right so let's find some zombies." Said Boulder Crash.

"I thought…" said Applejack.

"Sorry but he seemed to be the type to not give up easily…" said Boulder Crash, "Oh he had something up his sleeve… either or."

Applejack shrugged and the two went to find more zombies.

Elsewhere, Aurora groaned… she was going to hate this battle.

Trixie smirked, she knew when was going to win, one way or another.

Next Time: Trixie Faces Off Against Aurora, turns out she has a plan to surprise and wow her. Will it work? Meanwhile Spring Breeze faces off against Shadow Streak. Who will win? Find out next time!