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Chapter 32: Invisibility and Spikes

Up in the air, two of the fastest fliers (if not the two fastest) were in the air. They heard a shot and dodged.

"Oh man… you have got to be kidding me"! yelled Rainbow Dash.

"Tell me have you learned Haki yet?" asked Falcon Wing.

"No…" said Rainbow Dash.

Falcon Wing sighed, he had heard rumors about dream training, then again, if she trained with Zoro then it was doubtful that she would learn Haki.

That was when they heard more gunshot and they had to dodge them.

"You can't fight what you can't see!" laughed Hollow Air.

"You know can still hear you." Said Rainbow Dash.

"You knew that right?" asked Falcon Wing.

"Honey…" sighed Lace.

"We can hear you too!" said Rainbow Dash.

"Oh man…" said Lace.

"This is bad if we have to talk they can hear us." Said Hollow Air.

"We have to stop talking." Said Lace, "Or at least whisper like we were earlier."

"I know that." Said Hollow Air.

"But you're still speaking out loud." Said Lace.

"So are you!" said Hollow Air.

Both Rainbow Dash and Falcon Wing stared at where the sounds were coming from. They looked at each other in confusion.

"So should you or should I?" asked Falcon Wing.

"I'll do it." Said Rainbow Dash.

She flew towards them tackling where the sounds were coming from, it hit and in his surprise Hollow Air turned visible.

"Oh yeah!" yelled Rainbow Dash.

"That won't be a enough!" said Hollow Air quickly recovering.

He turned invisible again along with Lace.

"At least we got a hit in." said Rainbow Dash.

He shot at them again, and the two had to dodge.

"Have you com up with a plan yet?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"Right now I think the only option is to separate the two." Said Falcon Wing.

"Yeah, I guess that makes sense." Said Rainbow Dash.

"You can never separate the bond we share!" yelled Hollow Air.

Rainbow Dash flew towards the shout very quickly but it was clear that he had dodged.

"Oh man!" yelled Rainbow Dash.

"Just be patient." Said Falcon Wing.

"Seriously?" asked Rainbow Dash.

That was when Rainbow Dash sensed something try to attack her. She unsheathed her swords and blocked the attack from the invisible opposition.

"You got a sword on your too?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"Of course not… I just turned into a sword." Said Lace.

"Seriously?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"What I can't turned into a sword?" asked Lace.

Before Rainbow Dash could respond Falcon Wing swooped in and tackled where Hollow Air was.

This caused Hollow Air to drop Lace.

"No!" she yelled out in shock.

"Lace!" yelled Hollow Air.

However Rainbow Dash managed to catch her first.

"You made a mistake." Said Lace.

She turned her horn into a gun.

Rainbow Dash's eye widened and she had to dodge the bullet while still holding her.

"How long can you hold onto me though?" asked Lace.

"So you want me to drop you?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"I'm sure Hollow Air will catch me…" said Lace.

"I doubt he will." Said Rainbow Dash, "I think Falcon Wing would cat you first."

Lace paled realizing that Falcon Wing was much faster than her fiancé.

"I will save her before you can even catch her." Called out Hollow Air.

Lace did decided to try to see if this could work.

She turned her forelegs into guns and shot them.

"Hot!" yelled Rainbow Dash dropping her in shock

Falcon Wing Dove to catch her and was able to do so before Hollow Air could.

"Seriously." Said Hollow Air.

Rainbow Dahs flew towards where his voice came from, and managed to tackle him good.

Hollow Air decided to reveal himself.

"You know… you've been brainwashed." Laughed Hollow Air.

"What?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"I mean come on! Princess Celestia is powerful that I'm sure she brainwashes every pony!" said Hollow Air.

"What?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"You see Princess Celestia is so powerful I'm sure that she can control nay pony to be fiercely loyal to her… you're merely one of those ponies who are under her control! Fight this off and join us!" said Hollow Air.

"So I should join your group because you think that Princess Celestia brainwashes us?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"That's right!" laughed Hollow Air while thinking, "She'll buy it."

"When your group outright brainwashed one of my best friends to work for you?" asked Rainbow Dash.

Hollow Air gaped, somehow forgetting that fact.

"Not to mention the fact that if she could do that then we would have had to deal with Discord or Chrysalis… or that Princess Celestia could have a brainwashed Princess Luna into not becoming Nightmare Moon." Pointed out Rainbow Dash.

Hollow Air hovered in the air in shock that his plan failed…

Though to be fair it wasn't a very good plan to begin with. Especially what was going on with Fluttershy.

However Hollow Air was in such shock that gave Rainbow Dash a opening. She once again unsheathed her swords and flew towards Hollow Air slashing him and knocking him out of the air.

"No!" cried Lace.

She turned her horn to a gun once again.


"You are aware if you shoot me, no will save you." Pointed out Falcon Wing.

Lace glared at him.

"I'll only surrender if he's alive!" yelled Lace.

Rainbow Dash sighed and flew down to where Hollow Air landed.

She checked and he was breathing.

"He's alive!" called out Rainbow Dash.

"Well that means you have to surrender." Pointed out Falcon Wing.

Lace began to pout.

"Fine…" she muttered.

They flew down to where Hollow Air laud on the ground unconscious.

Once they landed Rainbow Dahs noticed Falcon Wing's leg which was still bleeding from earlier.

"Are you okay?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"I've had worse and it was just a graze." Said Falcon Wing.

"Okay then! We're both awesome!" cheered Rainbow Dash giving him a hoof bump.

Falcon Wing laughed at that.

"My fiancé is unconscious because you!" said Lace.

"You're trying to take over the country!" yelled both Rainbow Dahs and Falcon at the same time.

Meanwhile with Rose and Steel the two of them looked at each other.

"You're pathetic." Said Steel.

"Why?" asked Rose.

"Do I have to explain it?" asked Steel.

"Yes, you do…" said Rose.

Steel turned his forelegs into blades, blades that he began to attack Rose with.

However Rose turned her forelegs into spike and used them to block with.

"You were my partner! You were the second most powerful woman in Baroque Works! Yet you just want a normal life." Said Steel.

"I'm not a Paula!" yelled Rose, "And you know nothing about the person Paula was!"

Steel switched over to the buzz saw like blade however Rose ran an away over to a building and using her spikes limbs to climb the walls.

"I knew Pula!" yelled Steel.

"No… you didn't." said Rose from the roof, "You might have been partners, but you didn't really know her!"

"What makes you say that!" yelled Steel.

"You seriously don't know?" asked Rose.

"Don't know what?" asked Steel.

"Paula wanted a normal life!" yelled Rose.

"What so you mean she wanted a normal life?" asked Steel.

"She just wanted a normal life, she bought into the whole utopia thing… that's all she wanted." Said Rose, "And that's all I want, a normal life with my friends."

Steel glared at her.

"Why would you want that?" he asked.

"Why would you want to be Crocodile's lap dog in this life too?" asked Rose.

Steel glared at her and cut down the building she was standing on.

She jumped off the building.

"Really shouldn't have said that." She said to herself.

"No you shouldn't have." Said Steel.

He moved the buzz saws towards her but she managed to dodge.

"For a florist you can still fight." Said Steel.

Rose merely gritted her teeth.

"You know how they treat us… take over the country with us." Said Steel.

"Didn't you notice that I have friends, friends who care about me… friends that Crocodile took hostage so I'd work for you." Said Rose.

"Her name is Sandy." Said Steel.

"I don't care!" said Rose, "She still hurt my friends."

Steel glared at her.

"What's so special about them?" he asked Rose.

"You want to know?" responded Rose.


A young Rose sighed. She knew she couldn't keep it a secret any more.

"Guys I have to tell you a big secret, you can't tell any pony!" said Rose.

"Sure what is it?" asked Daisy.

"You can tell us." Said Lily.

Rose sighed and turned her leg into a spike. Followed by her mane and tail.

"I do this to my whole body." Said Rose.

The two of them looked at Rose.

She looked down.

"That's amazing!" yelled Lily.

"How did you do that!" yelled Daisy.

"I heard I'm what called a Devil's Reincarnation." Said Rose.

"What?" asked both of them.

"I ate a magical fruit in a past life and now I can do this." Said Rose returning to normal.

"Oh wow…" said both of them at the same time.

"So you're not scared?" asked Rose.

" said Daisy.

"Of course not." Said Lily, "You're out best friend."

"Thank you." Cried Rose.

"Why are you crying?" asked Lily.

"Don't' cry." Said Daisy.

(End of Flashback)

"That is why I will continue to fight, to protect my friends who are in danger because you want to take over the world." Said Rose.

He entire body turned to spikes and she jumped to the air.

Steel covered himself with blades to block her attack. However both seemed to before at a stand still.

"Why would you care about those ponies?" asked Steel.

"I just told you, they stayed with me when I told them… "said Rose.

"Aren't you lucky." muttered Steel.

Rose didn't say anything in respond.

She turned her foreleg into a giant spike and the two began to fight as if they were swords.

"What happened to you?" asked Steel.

"Stop treating me like my past life." Said Rose, "I'm not Paula, you're not Mr. 1… and even then like I told you Paula wanted a normal life!"

Steel glared at her as they continued.

"Why can't you just accept that." Said Rose, "The same with Twilight Sparkle! And Bonbon!"

"Nico Robin joined Straw Hat's side!" said Steel, "I don't know about Ms. Valentines."

"You're right, you don't know what happened to her." Rose, "Or Mr. 5 or everyone you didn't know after you left with Crocodile… you didn't know…"

Steel gritted his teeth.

"It's as if we lived our lives away from Crocodile." Said Rose, "Living the peaceful lives we wanted to without the craziness of pirates and what not…"

"Will you shit up!" yelled Steel.

"I will when you get it through your thick skull that nothing is like how you remember it and it will never again…" muttered Rose.

The two looked at each other and realized that had to do happen… and all or nothing attack.

Rose turned her forelegs to very large spikes while Steel turned his forelegs into large blades.

The two of them ran towards each other with the attacks.

Both of them stood, gritting their teeth in pain.

Rose started bleeding… however Steel fell to the ground.

"You won?" asked Steel, "How?"

"I guess I had my heart more into it." Said Rose.

Rose began to walk away in search for some who could patch her up.

"So what you're just going back to your flower ship?" asked Steel.

"It's what makes me happy." Said Rose, "Maybe you should find something that will make you happy."

Steel didn't respond.

"Things will never be the way like they were in the past, it's something you have to accept…" said Rose, "If you're not put away for life, figure out it out and live for yourself… make some new friends… okay."

"How is that supposed to happen?" asked Steel.

"I have no idea." Said Rose with a shrug.

Steel then fell unconscious due to his injures and Rose sighed then started laughing.

"Why do I get the feeling like no one's going to be believe me about this fight?" asked Rose.

Meanwhile with Chaka's reincarnation and Sandy the fight was getting just started…

But considering what happened in they're past lives, Sandy figure that she had an easy fight ahead of her.

Next Time: Sandy's fight begins against the reincarnation of Chaka... wait... does he even have a name? Meanwhile Blueblood and Shinning Armor fight against their opponent... will they be able to team up and beat him? Find out next time!