"Morning Sis." said a 16 year old girl as she jumped down the stairs.

The girl had blonde and brown eyes was cut into layers and in a ponytail. The girl was also wearing a white shirt with pink polka dots and pink shorts.

"Morning" Answered the other sister to her twin with a mouth full of food.

This girl was also 16 years old but she has dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. This girls hair was laying down her back. She was in a green tank top and purple shorts.

"Ew! Mom didn't you teach this girl to not talk with food in her mouth?" asked the first girl.

"Cassie please don't talk with your mouth open. Emma you know you do it sometimes too." answered their mother. Their mother had bright blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. She was very tall and about 32 years old.

"I so do not!" Emma shouted back at her mother.

"Oh yes you do and don't talk to your mother like that missy." A man said.

"Yes Uncle John." Emma mumbled.

The man is John Cambers one of the richest men in the whole world. He was also Allie's uncle. When Kim was around 18 she had moved from Seaford, California to New York, New York and moved in with John in his mansion. The only other people living there were his butler Anthony and the maid Claire. He was in a suit and carrying a case with him.

"Kim I need to talk to you." John told the girls mother.

"Oh no what did they do this time?" Kim said looking at the girls. Which made the girls look like each other confused. They couldn't think of anything they'd done wrong….lately.

"No that's wrong with the girls or with anyone for that matter. As you know I adopted you when you were 18 years old." Kim said then smiled at the thought. Kori smiling back nodded her head. "Well next week is the company's big get together as you all know." John continued.

"Yes the one that quote on quote Molly and Mckenna along with their amazingly talent mother Star are singing at?" Cassie said smirking.

"Also known as the amazingly talent Kim and her beautiful daughters Cassie and Emma." Emma said smirking along with Cassie. John laughed.

"Yes that one. The one my talented girls will be singing at." John said with a smile. Cassie, Emma, and Kim are all famous singers but are only famous under code names.

"Anyway you were saying John?" Kim asked sweetly.

"Yes so I have asked Allie and Jerry to come to concert as Allie is my niece and your like my niece too but I also have someone who's like my nephew so as you can- " John started to explain but Kim cut him off.

"Oh no! John you can't!" Kim shouted.

"Kim he's like my nephew and like Allie's brother it would be rude and awful if I didn't ask him to come like I always do." John said in a clam voice.

"It's not like he even shows up anyway." Emma mumbled stirring her cereal.

"Yeah mom face it our quote on quote dad will never be here." Cassie said in the same voice as Emma.

"Girls now if he knew about you I'm sure he'd love you just as much as I do. And you both understand I why I left and I never told him." Kim told the girls in a motherly voice.

"Yeah he cheated on you" Cassie said.

"And probably would have had us killed" Emma added.

"Girls! Jack would have never had me take the morning after pill even if he knew about you and well … it isn't even an issue cause he never comes anyway."

"But this time is different." John started. This made all 3 girls look up at him. "Jack is coming. Along with Milton, Julie, Eddie, and Grace." Kim's mouth at this point was open. The girls eyes were wide.

"So we're gonna meet dad?" Cassie asked softly.

"And all your old friends?" Emma asked also but a little louder than Cassie.

The twins faces had two very different expressions on their faces. Cassie was excited while Emma was upset. Kim noticed this and understood what was going on. Kim always had said how much Cassie is like her father and how she looks so much like him. It's not uncommon for her to want to him but Emma. Emma besides her deep brown eyes was nothing like her father.

"Does Jack know I'm ….me?" Kim asked shakily.

"No he doesn't. You ran away when you were 18 most 19 when you found out your were pregnant and though Jack was cheating on you right?" Kim nodded "I think he might think your who you are until I tell him that your Allie's best friend who parents died so I took you when you were about to turn 19. And since Allie lived with her parents til she was about 19 and half it works. Plus Kim is a popular name."

"Yeah I guess your right." Kim answered nodded her head sadly. Her parents really did die when she was 18 years old a car crash but that wasn't why she was living with John. She was going to live with Jack and his family since Allie had moved back to New York but she's pretty sure he was cheating on her. She heard him talking to another girl about how much he loved the other and then she called Allie and the rest is history.

"Come on mom when isn't Uncle John right?" Emma asked giggling. Kim along with John and Cassie joined in.

"Do they know about Star, Molly and Mckenna?" asked Cassie.

"Well I would think so. Who doesn't know about Molly and Mckenna?" John said teasingly.

"Uncle John!" Cassie wined. John laughed and shook his head.

"But you guys should probably tell them." John added. Cassie look to Emma who looked to Kim and they all shrugged.

"Cassie your peanut better pancakes are ready." Anthony said as he put them in front of her.

"Yum! Thanks Anthony!" Cassie said as she stuffed the pancake in her mouth.

"Ew." Emma said turning up her nose "I don't know how you can eat that stuff."

"Really Cass I love you but gross. I know only one other person who likes those" Kim added. Emma shrugged and keep on eating. John and Anthony nodded remembering who else likes peanut better pancakes. "Oh John when are the others coming?"

"Oh in about 6 hours." John asked taking a sip of coffee "which reminds me-"

"AAAAHHHH!" Kim screamed "6 hours ?! I'm not dressed I haven't showered and your just telling me this ?! I've gotta go!" Kim then runs up the stairs.

"Would now be a bad time to say that their bring their kids too?" John asked.

"Probably." Emma replied as she stole her mother's coffee.

"So who's kid is how old and what are their names?" Cassie asked.

"Well Milton and Julie's twin boys are Tyler and Richard both are 16 or 17 and Eddie and Grace have a little girl Brooke who's about one and Jack doesn't have any kids besides your selfs." John explained.

"Plus Stella." Said Cassie

"And Daniel." added Emma. Both girls said referring to Allie and Jerry's kids.

"Oh god." John started about put his face in his hands then looked up to 2 very confused teenagers "I have asked 4 teenagers and a 1 year old with their parents to stay with me along with Jack, Allie, Jerry on top of the 3 teenagers staying with me."

"Heard that!" Kim yelled from upstairs. The girls began to laugh as John put his face back into his hand.