Maddie Dunn


Melina's music hit, the crowd was roaring, all screaming her name. She would be facing Kelly for her title, just returning from injury, she was the wild card no one was expecting. Melina knew that taking that title would not be easy, or wait... Yes it would. She was Melina, sexy, smart, and powerful. She would take that title and revel in the hate and admiration pouring out of the crowd, Kelly, and the other divas. She walked onto the apron, up she went, into her signature split.

"The Sunset Split!"


"Melina has won the Divas Championship!" Michael Cole yelled.

The referee brought Melina her title, Melina glanced down at it, she had returned home. She was back where she belonged. All the fans roared, the ones she could count on to love her, even the ones who loved her as a spur of the moment. She knew what she wanted, she now knew that she would become the longest reigning divas champ ever. That was her goal, and she would be ruthless in obtaining it.

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