Chapter Three

Princess Celestia smiled when she saw the young unicorn approaching. "So you've finally come." she said, observing the pony. She concluded that this pony was attractive enough, but it would take more than looks to complete the task of seducing Rarity.

"Yes, I would never miss out on an opportunity to work with the Princess," the younger pony said, bowing before the alicorn. "The great and powerful Trixie at your service." Celestia knew this pony was very confident. Confidence that had long reached the point of arrogance. She gazed at Trixie intensely for a few moments longer and then smiled.

"First, tell me exactly how you want to go about this." Celestia ordered.

"Well first I'll go to Rarity and give her a convincing sob story which will make her take me in," Trixie explained, "Then eventually she fall hopelessly in love with me." The pony raised her head in triumph as if she had already completed the task.

"Do you think it will be that easy?" The princess moved her face close to Trixie's and scowled, "If you mess up, I will kill you by the way. So you better hope that Rarity is so in love with you she won't remember Twilight's name." she whispered. Trixie gulped as she began to tremble, she had never thought the beautiful and kind princess could be anything like this. Perhaps this is just what loves does to a pony Trixie thought to herself.

"I'm absolutely sure it will work." Trixie told her, attempting to hide her nervousness.

The princess let out a girlish giggle then kissed the younger pony on the cheek, "You better hope so, little pony."


Rainbow Dash sobbed loudly as she dumped out the pictures from the small wooden box. They were various pictures of Rarity, some that the unicorn would hate her for taking. "I loved you...and you betrayed me!" Rainbow cried. It wasn't necessarily true that Rarity had betrayed her, the other pony hadn't even been aware of Rainbow's feelings at all. She had loved the pretty white unicorn for some time now, but had been too nervous to tell of her true feelings.

Stupid Twilight Rainbow thought angrily. She'd been suspicious of the two of them and confirming her suspicions was heartbreaking. Even now that Twilight Sparkle was gone, Rainbow Dash still wouldn't have a chance. Rarity was furious at her, even with that big newspaper article about Celestia's engagement to Twilight. She was already regretting telling the princess about the two unicorns but she had just been so jealous.

She looked at one of the photographs, it was her favorite that showed Rarity with a very wet mane. Rainbow's eyes sparkled with desire as she gazed at the image. She almost found herself drooling before she snapped out of it. "I'm going to fix everything!" she said to herself.


Celestia dragged Twilight Sparkle into her bedroom by the tail, the younger pony was still being stubborn. "No, no, no." Twilight kept repeating while she shook her head in protest. The princess just grunted and gave her a hard shove through the door.

After slamming the door behind her, Celestia cast a very frustrated gaze at the unicorn. "You're behavior is really starting to get on my nerves." the princess said firmly.

"Then let me go." Twilight said with a scowl.

Celestia laughed and poked at Twilight's side with her horn. The younger pony cringed in pain, then backed away slowly from the princess. "That will never happen, but you will treat me better Twilight. I don't deserve the kind of treatment you have been giving me." Twilight looked to the princess, her scowl deepening. Did the princess not understand how cruel it was to steal somepony from the one they loved? The admiration she used to have for Princess Celestia was a distant memory and was almost becoming painful to her.

"Listen here Twilight," the princess said, her expression darkening. "I can be nice and sweet to you or I can torture you in unimaginable ways, got it?"

Twilight felt a shiver go throughout her body, the look in Celestia's eyes was rather terrifying. "I just can't do this..." she whispers, bowing her head sadly.

"Yes you can, but I guess your own suffering isn't enough to convince you," Celestia said, "But I'm sure Rarity's suffering will, so Twilight if you don't start acting like a nice little pony, I'll kill her."

Twilight's eyes widened "You can't do that Princess!" she cried, tears beginning to fill her eyes.

"Just be sweet and loving, like I know you can be and I'll leave her be." the princess then smirks, "You'll soon see that Rarity doesn't love you as much as you thought anyway."

The unicorn looked to the floor, tears streaking her face. "If you leave Rarity alone, princess I'll marry you and be a loving wife."

Celestia grinned and nuzzled against the younger pony. "Sure thing." she said. Twilight forced a smile and reluctantly returned her affections. She could pretend to be happy and win the princess over, perhaps doing so could lead to her freedom.


"Trixie...?" Rarity said in confusion when she saw who was at the door of her botique. It was the last pony she had expected to be at the door, she wasn't happy about seeing her either. Not many guests had stopped by because they knew of her relationship with Twilight and how sad she was now. The upcoming marriage of Princess Celestia and Twilight Sparkle was what everypony in Ponyville was talking about. As a way to escape from her sorrow Rarity had found herself making garment after garment in the botique, it helped a little but not quite enough.

"Yes, Rarity it's me." the pony said, her voice filled with sadness. "I need help, I have nowhere to go! I know we're not exactly friends but please, please help me."

"But Trixie, I'm quite busy at the moment and I'm not sure how exactly I could help." Rarity told her. As she observed Trixie, she saw something very different about the pony. She remembered her as being confident and sure of herself, but right now she was seeming weak, fragile and helpless. Rarity couldn't help but feel sympathy for the other unicorn.

"I just need somewhere to stay for a while," Trixie replied. "That's all, just for awhile until I can get back on my hooves."

Rarity really didn't want to have any guests, but she couldn't just leave a troubled pony out on her own, "What has happened Trixie?"

"I was attacked by this rampant group of heathen ponies...they did awful things to me and took all my things!" she explained. beginning to tremble.

"Oh you poor thing, come on in." Rarity said. She lead Trixie into the botique unaware that as soon as she had turned around a triumphant smile formed on the other unicorn's face.