Chapter Five

I guess I have plans within plans, Princess Celestia thought amusingly to herself. She had just had a meeting with Trixie, apparently there was some progress being made. For Trixie's sake this "progress" better be enough. The wedding was very, very close now and the princess had worked hard to plan every small detail. She wanted perfection for the event and no less.

"Oh Twilight!" Celestia called when she walked into the castle library where the unicorn sat on a rug with a book in front of her. She turned away from her reading material to look at the princess.

"Yes Princess?" she replied.

"Well originally I was thinking of just having the wedding here but that would be a tad boring," Celestia explained, "So I've decided to have it at Sweet Apple Acres with permission of the apple family of course."Although the family did not have much choice in the matter, a fact that they were intelligent enough to understand. "I currently have ponies over at the location preparing everything but I'll have to go over later to make sure they did everything right."

Twilight looked down clearly trying to hide her reaction. "You'll be shy or embarrassed getting married in front of all your friends, I assume?" the princess observed.

"No..." the unicorn answered flatly.

"All your friends were personally invited, even Rarity." Celestia said, smiling. Twilight seemed to tense up and soon she stood from the rug. "The invitations were very carefully made on the most lovely stationary."

The young pony scowled, "Why would you invite her? Just to make her jealous? Do you realize how childish that is Princess Celestia!"

Celestia remained calm despite Twilight's anger, "No it's not to make her jealous. I've decided I want you to see her again but I want you to see that she's moved on. From what I hear she's taken a liking to that rather arrogant pony, Trixie. Remember her?"

Twilight's eyes widened for a moment but then she shook her head. "I don't believe you. Rarity would never do that, especially with somepony like Trixie!" she stated with complete confidence. The princess stepped closer to the younger pony as her eyes narrowed slightly.

"You will see at the wedding," she said with great confidence.

Remaining stubborn Twilight still didn't seem to believe. That was fine with the princess, it would only make the revelation at the wedding even more satisfying. "But let's not argue now. What are you reading anyway?" Celestia said, looking to Twilight's book. When she didn't receive an answer she flipped the book closed with her hoof so she could see the title.

"Fillies in Love" Celestia read aloud and then smirked. "So you've visited my romance section."

"Yes I did," Twilight admitted, "I've never read books so...explicit."

The princess grinned modestly, "Well what can I say."

"By the way Twilight, Luna will be returning from her trip with Cadence." Celestia said, as if she had just remembered the fact. She couldn't say she was exactly happy about her sister's return.

Twilight seemed to light up at the revelation, a reaction that caused the princess to frown. "Remember you have to be a nice little pony. Don't go telling my sister things about me!" she said firmly. "You tell her you're happy with me, understand Twilight Sparkle?"

"Yes, I understand." the young pony replied but Celestia was not fully convinced from her simple statement.

"You know what will happen if you do." the alicorn reminded her.

"I know, I won't say anything that would turn Princess Luna against you." Twilight assured.

"That's all I ask for," Celestia said and gave the the unicorn a loving kiss.


Wedding Of Princess Celestia And Twilight Sparkle To Be Held At Sweet Apple Acres. The headline said in big block letters. Rainbow Dash turned away from the newsstand and grunted. She had been surprised to receive an invitation, she would now have no problem getting into the wedding. But what would she do when she was there? Would she, a mere pegasus, attack an alicorn head on? Pfft! Dash thought, Alicorn, unicorn, earth pony, whatever! Whatever they are I'll give them a run for their money! Besides, she would just have to be a distraction long enough to encourage Rarity and Twilight Sparkle to run off so they could be together. That is what they would want, wasn't it? They would be grateful.

"Hey Rainbow Dash!"

The pegasus turned to see Spike walking towards her. "Oh hey Spike," she said.

"Can we talk for a bit?" he asked.


"Well I was a little mad at Twilight for being with Rarity but now I feel bad and I really miss her!" he said with sadness in his voice. "And to be honest, Twi being with Princess Celestia is kind of creepy." the little dragon added glancing over at the newspaper.

"Look Spike I understand how you're feeling but I'm going to make things right." Dash said.

"Well that's great! And guess what? I've seen Rarity hanging out with that loud mouth show-off Trixie!" he said, a look of disdain coming to his face.

"What?!" Rainbow Dash cried a bit too loudly. Quickly regretting her outburst she looked around to see several ponies glancing at her. "I mean, what?" she said in a harsh whisper.

"Whoa, whoa calm down RD I didn't say they were dating or anything, just hanging out." Spike said.

Rainbow Dash sighed in relief.


On the floor, Rarity let out soft whimpers as tears fell from her eyes. In front of her laid the wedding invitation. They expected her to attend the wedding of the one she loved? It seemed so cruel. Surely Twilight Sparkle wasn't the one who would send such a thing. Just as she was about to slump down even more a thought came to her. Maybe the event would serve to reunite them, they would some how run away together. But how would we ever get away from Princess Celestia? She asked herself.

Just then she heard the sound of Trixie's hooves coming towards her. "Are you okay?" she asked, with a look of worry. Her attention turned to the invitation in front of Rarity. "They would dare send you invitation? That's just heartless!"

"No darling." Rarity said, sniffling as she stood up from the floor. "Don't you see this is where Twilight and I will be together again!"

Trixie immediately looked incredulous, "No Rarity, Twilight's going to be with the princess that's the point of a wedding."

"I know the point of a wedding!" Rarity cried, "they're not really going to get married, the only thing that will happen at this event is the reunion of me and my Twilight!"

The other unicorn frowned it was clear that she was becoming impatient. "You're delusional! Celestia will never allow you and whats-her-name to get back together! Why can't you just move on?"

A deep scowl came to Rarity's face. "Do you expect-" she was cut off when Trixie suddenly kissed her. For a moment she stood frozen with shock, her eyes wide open. As soon as she recovered from the surprise she jerked herself away.

"Trixie what in Equestria!" she exclaimed. "I didn't say you could kiss me!"

"You don't need permission to kiss someone." Trixie told her in a matter-of-fact tone, "I-I love you Rarity and I know you're attracted to me!"

"That is completely absurd Trixie." said Rarity, "Do you think I've forgotten about the whole Great and Powerful Trixie ordeal?"

"Well you should forget about it," Trixie replied, "that was a long time ago."

The white unicorn looked down, "I'm sorry, you and I could never work out. I just can't let my feelings for Twilight go, I love her. I've only felt lust for you Trixie and I'm even beginning to view you as a friend but I could never love you."

"But you have to love me..." Trixie said her eyes blurring with tears. "I'll die!"

Rarity just blinked for a moment but then placed a comforting hoof on the other pony, "Come now darling, don't be so dramatic."

"No you don't understand. Celestia will kill me." That was when Trixie would then tell the truth.